How can you cure a hernia?

Are you sick and tired of your hernia getting in the way of everyday life? Have you been mocked for looking like you swallowed a basketball every time you walk around? Fear no more! In this article, we’ll take an amusing dive into 16 different ways for how to cure a hernia. Whether it’s through changing up your diet or finding the perfect bedside manner when surgery is needed, there is sure to be something here that will give you relief from your issues with gas and bowel movements.

What Exactly is a Hernia?

Before diving into cures, let’s talk about what exactly ‘hernias’ are. Simply put, they occur when an organ, usually part of the intestine, pushes against surrounding tissue or muscle where it doesn’t belong- essentially poking its head through weak spots along some other structure such as skin or bone.

While all types of hernias may be uncomfortable and annoying enough on their own accord (bars on vacation anyone?) rare cases can grow incredibly severe if left untreated at early stages apparently escalating mortality rates right beside contractions while giving birth!

If only fighting this medical issue was as easy as fighting off demons, but these few tips can come just under spot-on suggestions:

Diet Changes

Avoid anything that tends to trigger acid reflux, which can put added pressure on your lower stomach area including alcohol-rich extractions raisins tomatoes garlic onions peppers chili foods fats carbonated drinks smoke coffee tea chocolate mints citrus fruits. Rather than having small meals throughout the day opt-in multi-large ones regular times spaced apart evenly so juicy portions do not cause sudden increases in intra-abdominal pressure revealing itself as constipation pains over time.

Exercise & Fitness

If exercise-induced pain arises try low impact workouts sitting down like yoga aiming towards flexibility training to alleviate congestion and constipation while you’re at it generally improves core strength.

If the aforementioned tips leave you needing more, below are a few more unconventional ways to cure that hernia of yours.

There are many unusual yet entirely possible options for treating hernias- proof that humanity is always thinking up creative solutions! While some may be effective only in tandem with other treatments (such as surgery), others might just do the trick on their own. Let’s explore:


No, we’re not suggesting that letting someone stick needles in your stomach sounds like fun out of nowhere here! However, there exists some evidence showing acupuncture can help manage pains related to a bulge by adjusting energy flows throughout one’s body it doesn’t hurt also somehow this ended up being expensive…we don’t believe!


Although Western modern doctors may shun homeopathic remedies claiming they hold no scientific proof through randomized controlled trials; Fret not-the practice has traditionally targeted specific organs within bodies-including those affected by an irritatingly painful protrusion causing inconvenience!

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractors work tirelessly manipulating public perceptions about how easy it is knowledgable health professionals supposedly heal complex conditions giving them perfect opportunities to provide relief during events labeled what our readers here love: ‘spinal parties.’


Hernias could be severe if untreated early enough or even develop into life-threatening incidents but why worry when a vibrant array of choices including modifications to diet and exercise coupled with alternatives including chiropractic therapy exist which aim towards reducing discomfort from gas-related pouches under our skin? Always stay vigilant about new symptoms however we hope the pointers listed above will ease any worries munching away using entertaining language along the way!

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