How can you burst a blood vessel in your eye?

Have you ever looked in the mirror only to find a shocking red patch in your white of an eye? If so, then you’ve likely experienced subconjunctival hemorrhage – commonly known as ‘bursting blood vessel’ in your eye. While it may seem scary, a burst blood vessel usually doesn’t cause any serious harm and can heal itself in just weeks. However, have you ever wondered how this happens? What exactly causes these tiny veins to bust inside our eyes that make us look like we’ve had a rough night out with no memories?

In this article, we’ll explore everything from what subconjunctival hemorrhage is to why they occur… And most importantly – How Can You Burst A Blood Vessel In Your Eye.

Understanding Subconjunctival Hemorrhages

Before contemplating ways of bursting blood vessels in your eyes (you daredevil!), let’s start by understanding what exactly is happening when they do break. Typically when the body suffers from some sort of trauma or injury, small capillaries , which are elastic and fragile tubes responsible for transporting oxygenated blood throughout our tissues rupture resulting pooling of the samel beneath its surrounding conjunctiva.. This will have a bruising appearance underneath resembling something similar to petechiae ; however, there is just enough bleeding that makes it visible through giving an impression that there’s ink spilled under layers!

Causes Of Subconjunctival Hemorrhages

Now that we know WHAT happened when someone has an eye bursting moment … Let’s jump straight into the big deal: what CAUSES them?
As mentioned earlier- Trauma or Injury plays its role here but several other factors contribute:
High levels inflammations due to allergies
Strenuous physical activities such as weightlifting exercises lead pressure building conditions;
Using Medicines such as Blood Thinners can worsen the case.
Chronic coughing also forces pressure on ocular veins.

You don’t need to be James Bond to pull of an eye-bursting stunt but just simply sneezing, coughing or a quick dunk in a pool can cause enough pressure for the blood vessels to pop! You might get fooled into thinking that it is because you’ve been (stressfully) looking at your computer screen all day -but next thing you know- boom goes the parts of delicate capillaries of eyeball!

Can You Burst A Blood Vessel In Your Eye On Purpose?

Well, there isn’t any single way by which one may achieve their lifelong dream of bursting out vessels in eyes. Although people have asked Dr.Google about this and we found out numerous queries regarding ‘How To Do It Yourself?’ But guys – trust us; if you value having normal vision don’t do anything foolish :).
However, folks who struggle with various illnesses including hypertension and cardiovascular disease are more prone to getting broken blood vessel incidents so they needn’t put much effort. Trust nature – bad things happen when least expected.

Symptoms Of Subconjunctival Hemorrhages

This entire situation seems stressful till here right? Clearly it’s important we delve a little deeper so that everyone has clarity around what happens when our tiny silent soldiers running through our body burst open. Some may talk about pain behind splattered spots , however …what is true?
Good news: subconjunctival hemorrhage usually doesn’t bother anyone as symptoms are quite minimal like:
An obvious color change in white part of eye(red).
Low levels Discomfort(Not Pain Even winking counts as working those strained muscles)

There’s no denying though.. The whole look becomes something someone seeing you would imagine straight away some tragedy happened last night Yes – alarms going off everywhere in public transport – “look at the poor guy with no memory from last night, that’s why he has blood in his eyes!”

Duration Of Subconjunctival Hemorrhages

Now we get to the part where things start looking up. Everyone wants to know how long a broken blood vessel generally lasts in the eye :
The tissues surrounding our ocular veins have healing abilities so there’s usually no cause of concern – patience is all you need!Here is roughly timespan when below symptoms fade :
5-7 days: Colors begin fading(Pity…We were just beginning to like it!)
After A Week :It fades out mostly but some traces brownish or Reddish remains.

Relaxation techniques such as yoga can help unwind and decrease pressure around sensitive areas.

Treatment For Subconjunctive Hemorrhage

A condition without any particular treatment other than waiting? Praise heavens! You heard it right; subconjunctive hemorrhages do not require medical attention but these recommendations could aid Healing by fast-forwarding your body’: natural self-healing process:
A piece of ice will do magic on reducing tiny dilated capillaries(Bingo- now everyone your partner didn’t cheat)
Eye Drops (prepared solution) are available at drugstores worldwide ,really useful, after telling everything seems good).
Despite what Google might tell & scare you about this wound be calm we’ve already said earlier – nature heal itself over time!

When Should I See A Doctor?

As previously explained, sub conjunctival haemorrhage typically heals naturally and doesn’t require special treatments given enough rest and calmingthearea(looking away from mobile screens helps alleviate those annoying stings)! But under certain circumstances, seeing a physician or chat with them online becomes essential such as:

  • The spot appears very large that hinders vision worth seeking an ophthalmologist(one way to turn mandatory meetings into leisure time).
  • Conjunctivitis (no longer pink eyes like they were called) make your eyes itchy, sore and you feel the urge to rub them(sounds tempting?- you can schedule yourself an appointment with doc though 😉 ).
    • Blepharitis – sounding rather fancy term here but just usual inflammation usually taking form around eyelids.

Prevention For Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Here comes our section for a little sermon ! We’re assuming most reading this article want to prevent having those “red-winged” or “devil-eyed” moments ; so, we created some fun suggestions.
Please note that very often prevention isn’t possible especially when illness has full control over us This is how you may dodge its influx in 80% scenerios:
Take breaks from computer screens–if only more bosses thought about health of their employees than excel sheets(Talk about saving budgets)!
Good sleep cycles promote healthy blood circulation through all parts of your body.(You can get eye masks and wear one during night-time as extra measure alternatively).
BUT BUT Above All Else — given these days where everything takes places online: don’t forget the instant messaging socializing ain’t proper communicating! Meeting people in-person reduces screen-related problems plus strengthens relationships :D!


To summarise – burst blood vessels are generally harmless incidents unless they accompany severe symptoms. Still not sure what drives broken blood vessels phenomena? Stress no-more; aside from serious trauma there are several factors that contribute …… now remember we exposed the top-secret methods for bursting delicate telescopic-like vessel tubes of eyeball None documented #no new trends# because hopefully none wish to experience it(at least consciously)! Keep well-rested relaxed whether streaming favorite series/shows playing video-games or working on professional projects(Just use precautions wisely)-No More Reddish Eye-Patcheshappy healthier future ahead!

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