How can u tell if u have prostate cancer?

Listen up fellas, we need to have a serious talk about something that could potentially save your life. No, it’s not how to impress the ladies or how to grow the perfect beard (although those are important topics as well). We’re talking about prostate cancer.

Now don’t grimace and run away just yet! We know this isn’t the most fun topic in the world, but trust us; knowing whether you have prostate cancer or not is important for your health and wellbeing. So sit down, grab a cold one (non-alcoholic of course), and let’s dive into all things prostates!

What Is The Prostate?

First things first: what even is the prostate? Well boys, it’s an organ that sits right below your bladder and produces semen – yes, that kind of semen. Your prostate helps give sperm its swimming powers so they can travel on their way towards fertilizing an egg.

Who Gets It Anyway?

Unfortunately guys, no matter how old or young you are (ahem 18-25 year olds…), anyone with a prostate gland has the potential for getting diagnosed with prostate cancer. However gentlemen over 50 years old tend to be more at risk than younger age groups.

But never fear! By educating yourself on warning signs and symptoms now, you’ll be better equipped to handle any curveballs thrown your way by Mr.Prostate.

Symptoms That Will Make You Go “Hmmm…”

Now its time for some real talk; there are certain signs/symptoms you should always watch out for when dealing with mens’ nether regions:

1) Frequent Urination: Do trips to the bathroom feel like part-time job lately? This might be caused by swelling in/on/around that special little gland.
2) Difficulty Starting/Stopping Streams: Struggling while urinating? Unfortunately, this could be a symptom of prostate cancer.
3) Blood in Urine or Semen: Say what?! Okay okay, the idea of seeing blood down there is terrifying. But if it’s happened to you (or your bed-partner), it could be an indicator that something’s up with the ol’ prostate.

One thing to keep in mind: these signs might not 100% mean you have prostate cancer – only a medical professional can give a proper diagnosis after testing.

“But Wait There’s More!” Other Potential Symptoms

Hold onto your boxers ’cause we’re not done yet! Here are some other symptoms that might show up from time to time:

  • Painful Ejaculations
  • Weakness/Numbness in Legs and Feet
  • Erectile Dysfunction

None of those sound fun, amirite fellas?

What Causes It Anyway?

Okay guys, let’s take another quick detour for just one second so we can go over potential causes for getting diagnosed with prostate cancer (don’t worry we’ll get back on track quickly). Some say age is merely just a number but when it comes down getting problems down there; age actually does matter. The older you are the more chance you have at developing issues such as these.

Other factors include:

Risk Factors
Family history
Ethnicity (Are you African American?)
Diet Plan

If multiple men within your family tree have been diagnosed before their 60s then – sorry pal – chances are much higher for it happening to you too.

Can This Be Prevented?

Hmmm…prevention huh; now wouldn’t that kind of make things easier? Unfortunately guys while prevention isn’t exactly possible right now researchers state eating healthy whilst also engaging spiritually/physically active lifestyles may decrease odds considerably –

Have you heard of a magic pill being developed to stop it “down there”? Unfortunately, as much as we would love the idea of an easy solution…this isn’t quite the case yet.

The Final Verdict

Sips non-alcoholic drink

Alright guys; here’s what you need to know: always keep your eyes peeled for warning signs and symptoms. While nothing is one-hundred percent guaranteed , by catching potential trouble early on; it may make a big difference in treatment outcome – or just better peace of mind all around!

Plus, let’s face it , nobody wants to live daily life with weakness in certain extremities…

Remember the next time those PSA (prostate-specific antigen) screening appointments are available go ahead and schedule a visit!

Stay strong – physically moreso than usually meant 😉

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