How can rice be used?

Rice is one of the most versatile and widely consumed grains in the world. It’s a staple food for billions of people around the globe, with various ways to prepare it that suit different cultures and preferences.

Whether you’re using rice as a side dish or making it the star of your meal, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to cooking with rice! Let’s examine some creative ways to use this essential grain in your kitchen.

As an Ingredient in Baking

Did you know? Adding finely ground rice flour into baked goods can result in lighter textures and enhanced flavor profiles!

Add sprinkles of brown rice flour into bread dough or muffin mixes for added nutrition. Make delicious pancakes without gluten by substituting regular flour with white rice flour.

Intrigued about how much goodness brown rice can bring? Use brown instead of white. With distinctions across every element such as fiber (brown has significantly more), protein, carbs & fat content – shifting from white to brown could aid weight management. 

Brown Rice Flour Crackers


  • 1 cup finely ground brown rice flour
  • 1 tsp salt.
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • A pinch black pepper
  • Half Cup water


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
  2. Combine all ingredients together and knead till firmness is obtained.
  3. Dress lightly floured parchment paper onto baking tray
  4. Place ball-formed dough on top; then use another piece if parchment paper on top& roll out driugh until its thin.
    5.Cut dough into equal squares, season each square lightly with salt‚(or grinding spices you love)& poke small dotted holes through them so they don’t puff up while heating.
    6.Bake for approximately fifteen minutes – check constantly until light golden touch.�Serve immediately.

This treat is perfect as an appetizer or a side dish for dipping. Impress your guests with this easy and nutritious homemade snack!

As a Base for Stir Fry

Stir frying? Look no further than rice! Use either white or brown-steamed to perfection then add whichever fresh ingredients you desire.

Shrimp Fried Rice


  • 1 cup of rice cooked per instructions on the package
  • 1 egg, beaten,
  • Half Cup peas& carrots blended (frozen is okay)
  • Half Pound shrimps shelled.
  • Two spoonfuls cooking oil
  • Salt to taste.


Note: Cooked rice should be properly refrigerated overnight before use for best results. 

  1. Heat up saucepan with one tablespoonful of vegetable oil set at medium heat.
  2. Add beaten egg into hot pan; stir fry around till scrambled firm then transfer the eggs onto plate/ big bowl that’ll accommodate mixed fried-rice by recycling pot soon after leaving eggs aside.
    3.Pour remaining quantity of vegetable oil right over saucepan’s base ; ensure it is evenly spread out, afterwards raise warmth to high level prior adding in shrimp��stir-fry briskly until half-cooked..then include mixed veggies (&amp pea-carrots). Season these lightly�with salt & any other spice mixture+ continue frying earnestly (at high temp) while putting final touches like spices or little drops vinegar-soy sayce..
    4.Toss all recipe constituents well – mixing everything end-to-end via two wooden spatula / fork tools continuously until ideal doneness achieved… now ready-& serve promptly!.

This meal ensures delightful satisfaction whether served alone/as side vegetarian meals such as Bok Choy sautéd in garlic.

Trimmed broccoli florets sliced thinly produce ultra-crisp texture — ideal paring option worth trying on this very simple chop suey made perfect with sprouty ingredient!

As a Thickener

When compared to other staples such as wheat or corn, rice has unique thickening qualities. 

Did you know? Steamed short-grain white rice can be substituted instead of potatoes—offering delicious and nutritious results!

This ability is perfect for sauces like gravy. Rice flour can also be used in place of white flour& provides thicker consistency-friendly options.� Sprinkle flour atop already oily stir-fry pan then mix em’ together ��� for more homogeneous blend.

Homemade Tomato Sauce with Brown Rice Flour


  • Two pieces tomato puree (Canned version
  • A spoonful garlic powder
  • Half-teaspoon onion powder
  • Half tablespoon sugar.
  • A sprinkle salt & black pepper
  • One cup water
    -A quarter cup brown rice flour


  1. Blend all constituents save the brown-rice mixture till texture’s smooth are formed at medium level heat in a saucepan larger than pot..�Add tiny quantities of remaining ingredients often to integrate homogeneously across wet movie-like concoction being mixed gently on fire!���Lastly add remaining quantity of seasoned spices plus olive oil prior turning off hotplate; set aside until your BRF dries up!.
    2.Mix this paste with broth/water until consistent thickness reached-More stock added if thinner sauce preferred.

With great savories comes dirty pots but —do not fret much! With proper usage this saucepan could last long.

Bake some lasagna with homemade bolognese piled upon it freely or indulge in quick dinner that chicken pesto pasta holds when sprinkled over grated Parmesan cheese..

In Sushi Rolls

Do you crave Japanese food? The phenomenal sushi rolls filled with flavorf combinations may sound daunting to prepare particularly: but utilizing cooled rinsed white vinegar-infused sticky steamed grains makes it quite simple for everyone to deliver palatable ones at home!

Vegetable Sushi Rolls


  • Six Nori Sheets
  • Eight seaweed salad section.
  • A quarter pound mango sliced thinly.
    -Half-Avocado mashed lightly  
    -Six[weeks?] Shiitake mushrooms cooked in favorite broth (or together w/soy sauce)& chopped finely.�
    -One bowl about cooked rice flavored with white-ish vinegar from previous paragraph. 


  1. Shimmy down nori sheet into saran wrap then take around 2 tbsp of previously made sticky-steamed rice and spread atop sheet leaving a tiny margin that’s easy for folding at other rough ends.
    2.Take few slices of chosen fruits or spoonfuls ; slightly wet them, arrange the salivated avocado pieces on this envelope as well& finally layer your green veggies whichever order deemed right!
    3.Roll sufficiently tight according to preference; secure by applying small dash h20 towards the edge that lacks water already and dab finger till attached tightly!�
    4.Cut alongside roll forming even sizable rounds correspondingly.

Serve these marvelously refreshing vegan sushi rolls along with pickled ginger to maximize their taste intensity!.

In Soups

Rice is great in soups—thickens soup consistency’ while still maintaining healthy appeal, costing less compared with using heavy cream or white flour based products. 

Did you know? Rice also offers essential nutrients such fibers which aids digestion after meals.

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup


One cubed onion
Two garlic cloves minced finely
Half Cup cubed celery stalks  
Quarter cup mushroom slivers angled beautifully.��Half a teaspoon paprika/cumin powder each����Three tablespoons cooking oil mixtures���a quart or litres chicken broth – low-sodium level preferred.
A dozen fresh carrots cleaned properly&mushrooms similarly treated differently prior being sliced thinly.� salt to taste!
A spoonful black pepper
Half-pound cooked Long-grain wild rice(rinsed out)


  1. Follow butter oil mixture’s recipe for preparation of hot pot: ensure medium high heat maintained, thereafter adding garlic cloves followed by cubed onion- continue frying briskly till tender then toss in aromatic spices.
    2.Drop carrot and celery into your pre-heated cooker along with collected mushroom segments; cookup a storm sweat gently before pouring chicken stock at low sodium-level..don’t forget stirring this whole creation occasionally ensuring it is synchronized.
  2. Allow simmering of ingredients up-to twenty minutes whilst dried rice poured in& there afterwards all stirred complimentarily simultaneously on medium-heat so soupiness thickens a bit more..
    4.Serve when steamingly ready!

Enjoy the fulfilling character this soup has woven through its nutritional elements. 

As a Substitute for Noodles or Pasta

Using boiled white/grains as noodle/pasta alternatives can serve individuals concerned about reducing calorie intake from traditional noodles against less-obvious benefits like vitamin B complex that maintains energy level wellness while soothing nervousness brought upon stress levels.

Rice Vermicelli with Shrimps


Half packet Rice Vermicelli quite thin
Two Tablespoon veggie oil mixtures�� Quarter cup fresh green bean sections trimmed to size A dash raw shrimp (already peeled)
Stalks of scallions snipped finely Half Cup Crushed peanuts/ Fresh Squeezes Lemon Juice� Salt sprinkles 
One clove minced garlic &amp Ginger each.


1.Carbo-load! Cook vermicelli-noodles basing on guidelines indicated on package-packaging then rinse-off thoroughly using cold h20 long enough).
2.Heat-oil-mixture onto large saucepan located over average warmth setting prior embedding inside all salad-like constituents bringing everything into sync beginning w/mushroom which ever-prepped by you earlier on achieving preferred doneness.
3.Maintain frying rhythm once shrimp added; cookuntil they glow pink-&-curly-tight before whisking in the washed vermicelli-pasted.. add lemon juice/plus additional snipped scallions along salt & pepper for more personalized savour enriching presentation.

In conclusion, rice can play various roles in cooking while still providing fulfilling nutrition to individuals. The next time you are seeking a meal that consistently thrills your taste senses explore endless possibilities using versatile grain!

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