How can i treat a bartholin cyst?

You may feel uncomfortable if you have a Bartholin cyst. It affects women who are sexually active and can cause immense pain and discomfort if it is inflamed. There is no need to worry, though – in this article, we will discuss all the tips on how you can effectively treat a Bartholin cyst without having to go through surgery.

What is a Bartholin Cyst?

Bartholin glands are situated at the opening of your vagina where they secrete fluid that helps lubricate the area during sexual intercourse; sometimes, these glands get blocked due to bacteria causing fluid accumulation which leads to inflammation or infection forming what we call as Bartholin cysts.

What Are Its Symptoms?

Most commonly seen symptoms include-
redness around vaginal opening
Swelling near one of the labia (lips) with pain
Discomfort while sitting or walking
Painful Intercourse

When Should You See A Doctor?

It’s important to see your doctor, if
– The lump becomes increasingly painful.
– Pus starts discharging from it.
– Your fever spikes up suddenly.
At such times waiting won’t help you in resolving anything but worsen it further so don’t be hesitant to seek medical help.

Treating Without Surgery

Fortunately,’ most frequently’ bartholonian comrades (meaning sisters) respond magically well just by following home remedies so try them first before heading for any complex procedures whatsoever!

Here are some popular ways:

Sitz bath (A.K.A Happy Place)

This fancy word simply means taking short showers/baths with Epsom salt added in contrast warm water thrice daily for about 20 minutes every time after washing yourself thoroughly using mild soap/shampoo.
Doing so will not only relieve symptoms like itching discharge soreness even inflammation but also encourage natural drainage (+much more!) making your cysts ready for a finale.

Warm compresses

If following the first remedy sounds daunting, you could switch to this one where you just need warm water and some clean/washed clothes to witness similar outcomes. You have got to dip that cloth in hot water replacing it from time-to-time with new ones until satisfied (like how we chose shopping after a bad day). Do these every 3-4 hours daily for best results.

Over-the-counter painkillers

Sometimes these cysts may still cause immense discomfort, pain despite trying home remedies in which case relying on good old-fashioned painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen will be of great help.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oils not only soothe irritated skin areas but also fight bacteria leading towards faster resolution of Bartholin’s cyst by applying few drops directly onto the area after cleansing it well twice-daily till our friends leave!

Preventing Cyst Recurrence

Once we’ve overcome this tough battle let’s make sure they never return;
Here are some tips:

  1. Optimize hygiene by avoiding harsh soaps/perfumes down there
  2. Make sure there are no clogged pores as dirt contributes highly forming blockages causing infections.
  3. Wear cotton undergarments: Synthetic clothes restrict airflow thus creating excess sweat leading bacteria growth/ friction.
  4. Avoid douching as it disrupts natural flora plus pH balance around our sensitive area creating an environment likely to invite acne/folliculitis aka complications nobody wants.
    5.As they say “prevention is better than cure,” get checked annually if recurring frequently OR before starting any hormonal contraceptive/IUD use as that alters internal chemistry leading towards frequent episodes oftentimes.

When Surgery Becomes A Must

Although generally highly successful,sometimes even six weeks span proves useless putting us at high risk spreading infection further/necessitating need for incision/draining by a qualified medical professional resulting in pain relief (+saved memos). Suppose attending any changes/mass growths at this sensitive spot then one should never procrastinate reaching their OB/GYN and getting checked up. Local anesthesia is used depending upon the size/infection involved!

In conclusion

Even though Cysts can feel uncomfortable or simply put,make us want to call our grandma’s to make soup & take rest but they’ll soon become a thing of the past just following these simple remedies +prevention tips (plus laughs) All it takes is consistency plus patience.
Connect with your health care provider if symptoms persist or intensify!

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