How can i stop my mom from drinking?

Are you a child who is tired of constantly witnessing your mom indulge in alcohol? Do you feel like no matter what you say, she just won’t listen? Fear not, my young friend. In this guide, we will explore different ways that can help discourage Mom from drinking.

Significance of the Problem

Before we delve into how one can tackle their mother’s addiction towards alcohol, it’s important to understand why excessive drinking could be problematic. Here are some reasons:

  1. Physical and Mental Health:

    Drinking too much on a regular basis can eventually lead to severe physical health problems such as liver damage, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders etc. Also, consuming an unhealthy amount of alcohol elevates the risk of depression and anxiety.

  2. Family Woes:

    Alcoholism often leads to disputes within families.

  3. Bad Influence:

    Watching their parent consume so much alcohol could influence children negatively.

Armed with this knowledge, let’s jump right in!

Understanding Why Your Mother Drinks

The first step is trying to figure out why she drinks excessively. You need to diagnose her behavior by carefully observing patterns around when she starts drinking or what circumstances trigger her urge to drink excessively This way, you’ll be able to address root issues instead of dealing with surface level symptoms.

Symptoms vs Root Causes
Asking ‘Why?’ repeatedly helps identify root causes


  • When your mother consumes more than 4 glasses/mugs/bottles/cans of alcoholic beverages every day.
  • She becomes increasingly irritable if not given access or permission for liquor consumption.
  • She has frequent mood swings accompanied by slurred speech/bad breath.

Root Causes:

Some common triggers include stress from work or familial situations,a lack social interaction/engagement, boredom or establishing certain rituals which requires drinking such as watching TV after work.

Drawing attention to these root causes ensures efficient solutions.

Approach Ideas & Fixes

Now that you have identified the triggers, here are some ways to prevent your mother from drinking:

Introduce a Hobby

One of the most common reasons why people start abusing alcohol is boredom or lack of anything exciting happening in their life. Encourage Mom to pick up a new skill/hobby like knitting or baking bread. Once she’s mastered it, get her hooked on finding more complex projects for maximum engagement.

Family Therapy Sessions

If stress and familial issues happen to be causative factors behind her excessive drinking, book out family sessions with a trusted professional therapist certified in therapy specific towards addiction/abuse management.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing Family Conflict.
  • Regulating boundaries with parents and siblings concerning use of alcohol.
  • Improving communication between relationships among members concerned.

Get Her Hooked On Netflix

I know what you may be thinking: “This is ridiculous. How can sitting around binge-watching Scrubs and Seinfeld really solve my mom’s alcoholism issue.”

Well…actually,believe it or not,this tactic can unintentionally rectify excessive liquor consumption during media experiences because:

1) When engaged consumers of television/film enter into an immersive storytelling zone—alcoholic beverage pairings tend to fall by the wayside into obscurity if they’re not placed front-and-center amongst other refreshments;

2) Consuming content overworking-lunch hinders likelihood one might turn up for Happy Hour at local breweries/taverns later on versus everyone who tends skip those without purpose..

Furthermore, saying goodbye (temporarily)to normal daily procedures eventually results into additional time spent enjoying any form of newly acquired medial library stash—leading away from presence alcoholic beverages entirely whilst offering extra pockets sparely used resolving whatever blood boiler grievances ignited alcoholic consumptions.

Plan Bonding Experiences That do not Involve Alcohol

Take out some time to schedule an outdoor or indoor picnic, bike ride, camping trip or bowling night together. Spending quality time with you while remaining sober can be a healthy alternative for her in comparison to regular alcohol consumption.


If everything fails it might be necessary to hold an intervention- It’s never easy having a dialogue about the addiction issue one faces personally where their mood alters frequently and also are being asked very sensitive questions regarding predispositions leading them towards those habits. As drastic as this may seem an intervention will help bring into perspective that assistance may prove beneficial; starting with searching up rehab facilities nearby, therapy sessions coordinated specifically for recovery from substance abuse issues.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best approach is first identifying what triggers Mom’s excessive drinking habit and then finding holistic solutions like family therapy,countering boredom by boosting engagement levels on positive activities/hobbies such painting classes even learning instrument of choice! Creating fun-and-safe bonding experiences which add variety to your usual outings maybe skating rinks instead of pubs/bars followed Netflix n’ Pizzas at home..

You have put forward fair efforts in trying various strategies expressed previously—unfortunatelybesides wasting your personal stamina negative tendencies eventually wash up at somehow contributing more frustration than they were ever meant too

At times when all else fails don’t hesitate reaching out any form detoxification centre which offers initial 24/7 supervision/support lines.
Or talking face-to-face conversation undergoing reliable pals/family members concerning worries related addiction/similar health issues of parent concerned.

Finally, remember to take care of yourself & keep hope alive!.

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