How can i prevent raynaud’s?

Have you ever experienced the sensation of having fingers or toes that turn white and feel numb when exposed to cold temperatures? If so, you may be suffering from a condition known as Raynaud’s phenomenon. Though not life-threatening, Raynaud’s can be quite uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent its onset or reduce its severity.

Know Your Enemy

Before we delve into ways of preventing Raynaud’s attacks, let’s understand what it is.
Raynaud’s disease is a disorder in which spasms occur in small arteries that supply blood to your skin. Affected areas (fingers/toes) mostly change colors from pale (not freaky white), blue due impaired blood flow before turning red when the area warms again. This set-back reduces oxygen supply making affected areas experience numbing discomfort among many other symptoms including throbbing pain.

Although most cases aren’t severe (phenomenon), some people who have ulcerations on finger pads because they weren’t very careful about managing it develop gangrene (you don’t want this) Luckily,there are simple steps one can take (that does NOT include hexing anyone).

Here Are Some Quick & Easy Tips For Managing Symptons Of raynauds:

Dress Warmly

  • Layer up! Wearing loose layers would help trap warm air close enough your body keeping them insulated
  • When heading out always wear hats/gloves/scarfs/some smokin’ hot winter clothes!
  • Use high-quality woolen socks instead of cotton ones since these aren’t really good at insulation

Stay hydrated

Drinking water might seem trivial but water helps regulate temperature within our system . Hence drinking enough helps prevent loss of heat from the core. Flavored drinks such as adding Fresh lemon, honey or even spices such as clove can get you staying hydrated all day.

Keep Active

Exercising and keeping the blood flowing in your body makes it easy for adequate circulation of nutrients through the circulatory system.
Just like a car needs to be turned on so does one’s body (not revving) but with moderate exercise, you can improve circulation while also just improving general health.

Quit smoking & alcohol usage

Apart from affecting cardiovascular health via preventing proper blood flow/ oxygen supply throughout ones’ system excessively drinking is not really good at raising temperature within our bodies!

Understanding Triggers

There are known specific triggering factors which should help brace oneself and these include:

  • Exposure to cold temperatures (indoors/outdoor)
  • Emotional stress
  • Vibrational injury caused by machinery i.e devices that vibrate

Now we know some triggers that prompt a flare-up, let’s look into ways of proactively avoiding them and what works bests.

Look Into Hand-Warmers And Body-warmers

Body warmers work better underneath clothes – much more inconspicuous; BUT if hand discoloration occurs invest in warm woolen gloves/mitten-lined.

Wear mittens instead of gloves:

If regular old-fashioned gloves aren’t cutting it try wearing mittens they’re usually warmer because fingers touch each other generating heat between them!

These pair of Heat Generating Mittens (Jackets With built-in heating packs.) would keep hands nice ‘n’ toasty during chilly winter mornings.#(magical!)

Stay Indoors More.

Winter is harsh enough without having to tolerate frostbite/red palms/toes. it only means lotsa Netflix indoors under heavy blankets Watching Movies/Series (What luxury ! )

Stress management:

Engage in relaxation activities such meditations / Yoga breathing exercises! Reducing emotional stress helps reduce symptoms or prevent flares.

Physical Exercise

Sitting still and not exercising is a contributing factor for Raynauds Phenomenon. Trying out moderate exercises such as brisk walking, abdominal breathing, plank holds alongside healthy nutrition habits can go a long way in avoiding precipitating an episode.

Although Raynaud’s phenomenon cannot be completely cured once it has developed,you shouldn’t have to experience discomfort at all times because of poor management! Follow the above tips religiously but most importantly remember staying prepared always;proactive measures are key keeping severe cases at bay!

Thanks For Reading & Remember To Stay Toasted!