How can i make my baby move?

Are you eagerly waiting for your baby to move inside your belly? Well, the good news is that there are some tricks that can help you make your little one shift around. From using sound and light to eating specific foods, here are some exciting ways to get your babe bouncing:

Dance It Out

Who said dancing was only meant for the nightclub? Put on some upbeat tunes and twist those hips! If nothing else works, this age-old trick is known to do wonders when it comes down to making babies move.

Pair Up

If you’re not feeling those solo dance moves, grab hold of a partner and sway along with them. Sometimes a change in pace or rhythm can set off an excitement within the little human growing inside you.

Recline And Relax

If all that grooving didn’t work, don’t worry – there’s still hope. Try lying down on your side or making yourself comfortable in a reclining chair so that the pressure shifts slightly; gravity might come into play if taking that comfy position leads baby towards movement!

Pillow Talk

Keep things even more relaxed by placing pillows under each hip; this slight tilt may encourage movement as well.

Go For A Walk

Treat yourself by stretching out with some fresh air! Putting one foot in front of another gets mama moving while also allowing gravity once again flow through nature’s course stimulating motion form within.

Step Up Your Game

To ramp up potentially sedentary walking results try climbing stairs instead of just sauntering mindlessly along sidewalks. Why take one step at a time when we can spice things up!

Get Flashy

Bright & shiny objects aren’t just appealing visually– they also hold immense power over most newborns still residing comfortably within their mother’s womb! Experiment with small torches shining upon designated areas around tummy area leading bub towards a direction you’d like them to go!

Use Light To Your Advantage

Shed some light on your sweet bundle by flashing across the belly in different directions, and eventually it may coax them into doing more than just lying there.

Give Yourself “The Bump”

To be as direct as possible, gently tap directly opposite parts of the baby’s foot with index and middle fingers causing it (the baby) to respond reflexively with jerking motions and reactions. This technique is an excellent way for dads-to-be or siblings to get involved!

Make It A Game

Try playing a rhythmic tapping pattern/sequence that leads from one part of your belly to another. Soon enough both mum’s & bub’s heart rates will start pumping even if all tickle-anticipating childlike giggles probably stem solely from within adult parents themselves.

Watch The Time Fly By

Not implying being distracted watching time pass; using recorded fetal sounds such as heartbeat doppler plays significantly when seeking movement encouraging interaction between mother and unborn Child means…time flies quickly!

Find Fetal Fun Tracks On Youtube

Alternatively dabble around YouTube for a variety of fetal sound compilations ranging from ocean waves, white static noise right down bouncing ball rhythms – yes they exist!!

## Switch Up Positioning
Sometimes it takes something as little as altering positions so that gravity gets creative trying out another angle before gaining access towards breaking free leading themselves beyond our bellies embracing their very first breaths. Consider;

### Lying Down With Knees Drawn Close Towards Chest

Having knees nearing chest provides pressure relief onto ribs offering almost womb-like surroundings

### Sitting Upright And Leaning Forward

Leaning confidently yet securely forward encourages weight distribution allowing signs/breezes/airs to flow distinctly motivating movement

Here are just some things one could try! There is definitely no shame in monitoring biological movements, but experimenting with baby movement techniques can be an exciting way of establishing healthy connections between mum and opposite womb visitors!