How can i keep my blood pressure down during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical experience, but it can also be stressful. There are so many things to think about and worry about, including your blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to serious complications for both you and your baby which is why it’s important to keep it down. In this article, we’ll explore some fun ways you can keep your blood pressure under control.

Put On Your Fun Hat: Understanding Why Blood Pressure Matters!

Before we dive into the tips on how you can lower your blood pressure when pregnant – let’s first talk about why-oh-why having high “blood stress” is bad news for Mommy & Baby!

Quick fact check: Did you know that high HPB (High Blood Pressure) or hypertension affects at least one woman out of every 12 women who get pregnant? Fret not though! With these practical tips, everything will fall in place as clear as day:

During pregnancy, HPB becomes more common due to the increased demand placed on the body from growing a tiny human inside plus changes within hormones too! If untreated, consistent raised HPB readings will double and sometimes upsurge triple risks like preterm labor pains – eekkkks no thank-you!!

Imagine carrying around an extra organ with its own set of vital organs whilst trying to function regularly each day –it’s quite exhausting!! HPB symptoms include headaches(lovely), sudden swelling plus blurred vision (you might just bump into walls!)and even nosebleeds! So now would be an excellent time to start tuning in; if any signs crop up please don’t sit patiently hoping they go away nor sweep them under the mat because these could very well be silent yet life-threatening danger signals.

Thankfully there are steps expecting Mums like yourself may take “To ensure” healthier versions of yourselves and your growing Baby without high-blood pressure becoming an issue. It’s time to rediscover ways to have fun whilst protecting yourself during this special period!

A Healthy Balanced Diet Is Actually Fun!

Yes, dieting can also be enjoyable!! There’s no chomp-munch-bite-frown –oh-no here though; in fact, it should be about pleasure, ingredients you love that bring magic & variety into your meals- reading labels or removing certain food groups isn’t always mandatory:-)

Now ladies don’t frown at me when I say keep away from those tempting ‘Golden Arches’…

What really matters is how much fresh fruit & veggies accompanied with wholesome home-cooked goodness are added onto our plates…all of which supply essential vitamins & minerals required for, not only a healthy pregnancy but one benefiting a decreased risk of HPB.

GO ON get creative – explore different tastes like exotic fruits (passionfruit anyone?) or never tried before vegetables (cabbage leaves takes the booby prize!): the trick is variety folks!

Here’s an extra tip if you’re struggling to meet your daily intake goals:

Avocado 1/2 medium Potassium,Folate,Vit C
Sweet Potato 1 small Calcium,Potassium& more
Yoghurt (plain) 6 fl oz container Protein,Potassium,Magnesium

There wow-done-and-dusted folks! This quick reference guide reveals some great star nutrition power-packed foods for every pregnant person – so give them all ago(pretty please):)

Isn’t balancing what we put inside our stomachs oh-so refreshing? Our body will thank us by remaining fully revved up and ready to respond healthily even amidst all the hormonal changes pregnancy brings!

Fitness: When We Say It’s Fun We Mean It!

Now this section may have some carrying a distant “uh-oh” feeling – but swap those apprehensive looks for happy-go-lucky ones because EXERCISE can honestly be way more fun than what we believe. (nope, I’m not kidding around here). So get eager about it – yes you really should.

The idea is to discover activities that make your heart sing… whether that’s:

1) Dancing: crank up the Tunes and Merengue with confidence in your front room-by yourself or alongside anyone else who wants to join (wohoo!)

2) Walking: . Enjoy nature walks &cycling if you like the open-air environment

[Insert Hilarious GIF of someone exercising]

I’m leaving these few examples above; there are many ways to incorporate less aggressive exercise types into our daily routine (reducing HPB for Motherhood reasons). Look at it as mini-pauses in-between busy days spent focusing on keeping us healthy during gestation period (for ourselves and baby 🙂 ).

Why not try brisk walking? (with small stops along scenic routes indicated?) Well when I say “try,” obviously ladies only do so under expert-approved guidance….but see there – yet another opportunity opened by taking care of yourselves plus little one inside too!

Relax……because It Really Is Fun After All 🙂

Before concluding this article let’s mention RELAXATION whose qualities can sometimes slip out without much notice.

Taking time out just-to-be tends to seemingly catapult women right back into their sense-of-life / soulfulness hence banishing any snippets unwanted HPB-raising anxieties they would struggle with otherwise.! –

It c could mean booking a message, spending time outdoors where living elements provide comforting tranquility, picking up an interesting/gentle novel (that thriller can surely come to a halt – hehe).

The footie team or bridge club will still be there post-gestation when your new body feels back into full swing: for now, cherish every step of the journey with positivity.


So ladies, have some fun and take care of yourselves whilst expecting. Maintaining accurate vitals crucial during this period but it’s not all dreary; through simple dietary plans & cleverly selected forms of exercise one can remain relaxed and healthy.

Now that you’re well-equipped- remember:

• Fresh fruit/veg provide necessary vitamins plus minerals important for lower HPB readings
• Exercising gets our hearts pumping – by picking enjoyable activities we’ll want to keep at it
• Lastly remember relaxation isn’t just an option, IT’S A MUST – giving yourself permission to relax tends to pays dividends too!

Remember as much flexibility as possible in whichever routine is created also offers more time doing what makes you happy! Gotta go lovelies…👋

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