How can i get rid of a uti fast?

Are you feeling the burn? Not in a good way, I mean. If you’re experiencing that oh-so-familiar sting when you pee and have an intense urge to empty your bladder, there’s a high chance that you have yourself a urinary tract infection (UTI). Whether it’s from drinking too much coffee or not peeing right after sex – this pesky condition is every woman’s nightmare. Well, not anymore! Here are some surefire ways to get rid of that dreaded UTI fast!

1. Know the Signs and Symptoms

Before jumping straight into treatment mode make sure what you’re dealing with! A UTI can often present symptoms like:

  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Having frequent urges to urinate
  • Foul smell down there
  • Lower back pain
    If these sound familiar already don’t waste any time scrolling through IG reels for diagnosing your situation. Get tested now!!

2. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Hydration is key! Drinking lots of water helps flush out the bacteria responsible for causing your woes (heating up the cauldron baby) . The more water you drink, the more urine produced, which leads to flushing away harmful microorganisms in larger quantities. So grab yourself a cute bottle & start chugging!

3. Cranberry Juice is Your Friend !! But wait?

Cranberries contain compounds called proanthocyanidins (try saying this five times), proven effective against E.coli(bacteria cause most cases of UTIs) but keep in mind they only help PREVENT recurring cases NOT CURE them!(sighs). Downing gallons worth thinking it will solve all problems isn’t going cut it folks.

##4.Drink Green Tea

A PhD said,”The antioxidants found in green tea are known as catechins which are what give green tea its healing power.”(yay science) These catechins have antimicrobial properties that aid in combating harmful UTI bacteria, making green tea an excellent beverage to include in your diet. Sip some hot steaming awesomness and see the magic happen!

5.Holy Basil aka Tulsi leaf

Holy basil (known as tulsi ) is a natural antibiotic herb that can help fight infections, improve gut health and promote overall well-being (go plantpower!!!!)which makes it stand out among other options for treating UTIs.Place some leaves or brew yourself a cup of holy basil wellness potion.

6. Probiotics For Gut Health

When your gut’s microbiome is healthy there’s less possibility of microbes working their way into other parts of your body (Here’s to happy stomachs!) Include fermented foods like yogurt,kimchi,sauerkraut,pickles,Miso soup etc.(alternatively probiotics’ capsules) rich in beneficial species Lactobacillus among others,replenish bacterial niches disrupted due to modern life habits.

7.Sexual activity – Practice Safe Habits & Urinate After Sex

Intoxicating pleasure comes with responsibility too,don’t it? If you’re not practicing safe sex,you’re inviting all sorts of microbe alliens…And make sure you pee after sex within at MOST(urine doesn’t need coffee breaks folks !) 15 minutes post intercourse because this flushes out any pesky germs that could have made their way up into your urinary tract. So ladies, don’t forget to run straight to the bathroom!

You know who hates cranberry juice more than anyone else ? People allergic to cranberries.. Shocking right?! Make sure you aren’t one before ordering gallons worth from amazon .(headdesk !!)

In Summary,

While UTIs are unpleasant and annoying, luckily there are a number of things you can do to fight the battle against that mean bacteria. Drinking lots of water, sipping green tea or holy basil tea, taking probiotics aiming to keep your gut healthy for increased immunity levels along with practicing safe sex all work together towards alleviating your discomforts.

So ladies (and gentlemen – this happens to men too fellas) if you find yourself feeling under the weather and suspecting a UTI take these steps effectively and become one step closer to being back in business!