How can aids be prevented?

Looking to avoid getting caught with some pesky HIV virus? Good news friendo, we’ve got tips for y’all! Here is a guide on how you can prevent yourself from getting infected and trying your best not to transmit it if you have been intimated already.

Prevent Yourself From Getting Infected

Let’s try stopping this wolf at the farmhouse, instead of playing with him once he has entered. You know what I mean?

Condoms are Your Friends

You heard it right. The little buddy hiding in your wallet comes out when things get hotter than Hell’s boiled potatoes. And people say that they feel less pleasure while wearing one?! Lies, dammit! Always use a condom before indulging in any carnal activities – even if both parties show no symptoms beforehand. We know… no one likes them much but unless you fancy rolling like an incubator machine for sexually transmitted diseases – throw on that rubber my friend!

Take Precautions When Sharing Needles or Piercing Equipment

Sharing needles does not only means Heroin addicts sharing Manolo Blahnik-style high heels across the street (although please also don’t do that) but also applies to diabetics who share their injection equipment amongst friends or acquaintances who need insulin shots as well: Stop It! Or else go ahead and join naked werewolves running choirs at midnight under spooky full moons because frankly speaking switching fluids via shared apparatus splays plenty risk anyway.

Say “NO” To IV Drugs Use

Ain’t nothing stylish about shooting up hard drugs into your veins; just ask whoever gave Keith Richards his dealer number back in his heyday, hmphf. Nuh-uh babydoll – these actions introduce foreign substance straight into your bloodline which increases vulnerabilities cause vulnerability simply sucks.

If Already Affected – Decrease The Chances of Transmission

Now, let’s face the music; Shit Has Hit The Fan.⁽¹⁾ But don’t worry too much, we’ve got you covered.

Take Your Medicine To Avoid Passing It On

Once diagnosed with HIV remember to take your meds regularly to lessen chances of new transmissions from happening. According to UNAIDS —the accelerated changes protocol that can considerably slash transmission rates when taken continuously and as per instructions.

Cut Loose With You Alcohol & Drugs Dependency Habit

There ain’t nothing bad about kicking back a couple beers or trying a round or two of “Happy Hour”, but caution must be wielded folks especially if you are aware that activities tend to get rowdy and uncontrolled after indulging in substance abuse so it’s totally advisable/mandatory for those with HIV virus since intoxicants can blur judgment leading them down potential paths which ends up putting themselves or others at risk (plus no one looks good throwing up on their shirt either).

Get Regular Check-Ups To Track Progression

Going ahead for routine medical checks such as checking CD4 counts remains crucial while combating AIDS diagnosis while TB infection tests always come in handy given its high occurrence together with the chronic disease.

Staying Aware: What Are The Facts About AIDS?

Since knowledge is power:

Transmission – How does it Spread?

HIV entrée methods may vary depending on whether sexual terms intercourse, blood transfusion using untested equipment or IV drug usage prevail however Scientific evidence thoroughly propounds certain significant presence factors like intimate acts infectivity quotient regarding containment properties options etcetera, science-y talk!

Here are quick pointers;

  • Homosexual male intercourse has shown highest rates than vaginal sex
  • Open skin areas contacting infected individuals’ bodily fluids presents most hazardous situations.
  • Mother-to-child transmission happens via pregnancy or childbirth phase if steps aren’t taken beforehand i.e taking anti-viral medication

Additionally, certain myths also need dispelling, such as:

Exclusive To Sex Workers And Addicts

Gander at this: anyone can become a victim for this contagious disease; young or old, rich or poor. Guarding against it applies to one and all- queens/kings/itsy-bitsy-spider alike.

It’s Not Contagious Via Casual Contact

In plain human language contact with someone carrying the virus does not automatically spell out similar results of its spread because ain’t nothing going on here.

Bottom Line?

Let’s always uphold a healthy lifestyle but accidents do happen so don’t forget our remedies mentioned above should the need arise!

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