How big is an epipen needle?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been stuck in the arm (hopefully your own) with an Epipen® or two. Perhaps you have some unanswered questions about these handy little devices – like “How big is the needle?” and “Wait, what’s inside that thing anyway?”

Well folks, look no further! In this article we’ll explore everything you never knew you wanted to know about one of our best friends when a severe allergic reaction strikes: The epinephrine auto-injector aka EpiPen®.

What Exactly Is An EpiPen®

First off, let’s clarify what it actually does. The EpiPen® is an adrenaline-filled pre-loaded syringe used for emergency treatment of severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis.

These reactions can be triggered by foods like nuts or shellfish; insect stings; medications; latex; exercise – basically anything under the sun (or less literally, anything on earth).

For those who are prone to such responses, carrying around one (or more) of these bad boys can make all the difference in potentially life-threatening scenarios since time plays a critical factor.

The device has been approved since 1987 by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

So How Big is that Scary Needle?

Now down to business: Let’s talk straight into everyone’s biggest fear – just how huge is that prickly monster hiding behind the orange cap? Noddy fans rejoice because it isn’t giant-sized!

The size depends mostly upon specific models too.

Here’s information regarding common types of needles found amongst different brands:

Brand Gauge Length
Mylan ® 22G .15”
Adrenaclick™ 24G .15”
Auvi-Q™ 25G .274”

To put that in perspective – the gauges for these needles range from about a pin to an small sewing needle. In another way, they are similar to insulin syringe or TB (tuberculosis) syringe used by healthcare professionals in injecting certain medications (don’t worry – those nurses aren’t out there playing darts on us).

But Wait, Does it Hurt?

Now comes with the million-dollar question – does it hurt?

Well, everyone has different pain thresholds so it’s hard for anybody but yourself to actually know what you’ll feel. However most patients who’ve experienced said EpiPen® devices proclaim that while yes, they can definitely feel some stinging/soreness at the injection point, pain is usually not one of those “Oh my freakin’ God” scenarios.

With shorter lengths and finest gauge sizes being produced nowadays compared previous models since past few years,(definitely best moment of adulthood yet!) we now have more comfortable options available than before.

Plus when trying EpiPen injections under worst-case scenario situations such as extreme allergic reactions when airways tighten considerably & respiratory problems begin; adrenaline level itslef will make your focus less panicky over initial any fears about getting poked! That’s a win-win!

How Should You Use Your EpiPen

Once you move beyond fear of the needle itself and becomes confident with device safety issues (pay attention lazy heads minymalistic enough to skip anxiety part above); people frequently assume incorrectly regarding how exactly Epinephrine auto-injectors should be utilized under moments which matters greatest: when we need them right away!

Here is recommended procedure issued by Medical Expert Staffs regarding common model types:

Mylan ®

  1. At first symptoms/signs (swelling; itching; redness or other body aches): remove cap at end of EpiPen®.

  2. Inject the orange epipen end (needle tip) onto outer thigh’s fleshy portion with enough force until full syringe is completely emptied. Could still take up to 10 seconds!

  3. Hold for several more seconds before removal from leg.

  4. Seek immediate medical attention even after Epi-pening yourself!


  1. At first symptoms/signs: Remove Adrenaclick pen cover and hold vertically away from your hand (easy-peasy guys)

  2. Press black thumb-button because it releases spring trigger stroke in device which extends and injects sterile medication through patient’s muscle – no need to touch outside of pen anyways during whole duration!

  3. Wait few extra moments so you don’t accidently pull pen out too quick, also allowing pretty medicine juice mix within bloodstream better

  4. Once confirmed that patient feels fine without some changes returning swiftly, promptly visit hospital emergency room nearby while carrying your used/sticked pen along if possible as per recommendation given on package insert/box instructions!

Don’t be afraid to seek help from local EMS agency members once experiencing even slightest symptom above such as hives; elevated respiratory rate; raspy voice etc – this will guarantee best possible chance at riding out allergic reaction once and for all either solo or by team of experts’ assistance due to harrowing circumstances come with it!


1.Enter alphabets number sequence now displayed & message heard over mini speakers inside its packaging system throughout kit when encountering anaphylactic shock signs (or upon advice by doctor who prescribed product usually).

2.Once proper code combination gets inputted using alpha-numeric keypad correctly coupled alongside answering subsequent queries prompted across screen : Plunge Epinephrine straight into upper leg/thigh region plus personal preferences prior to auto injection into user’s “ASAP” points

3.Zero force needed during Auto-inject as it will seamlessly inject content by itself.

  1. Don’t forget to inform your medical professional on duty where they can find evidence of having injected yourself with medicine near time of emergency aid given previously too for proper follow-up & record-keeping (Laws are laws folks)!


In conclusion, while Epipen® needles might seem scary if you’ve never dealt with them before, they aren’t half bad when push come to shove – especially when living outlasts discomfort; trained staff handling crisis management shift lapses quickly between giving correct treatment even under most panicked moments! The needle sizes vary slightly among brands but overall same stuff inside does its trick effectively and efficiently. So make sure you are knowledgeable enough about how use preferences work surrounding particular model version(s) in moment’s notice…who knows what next second could bring epipen-help call sos message your way?

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