How beard changes face?

Beards, like any other hairstyle, can completely change the way a person looks. Whether you’re growing out your beard for the first time or are looking to change up your current facial hair situation, understanding how beards can affect and alter the shape of your face is paramount in making an informed decision. Let’s take a deep-dive into how beard habits influence our faces.

The Role of Genetics

Before we get started on discussing the various ways that having a beard affects appearances, let us remind ourselves that genetics play a significant role in determining what kind of facial hair one could sprout and which areas they might grow thicker than others. While some men experience early balding or patchy areas with their whiskers, hormones also have an impact on beard growth patterns – so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not able to sport ZZ top’s majestic furry curtains!

What Influences Facial Hair Growth Patterns?

Did you know why some dudes’ beards fill up at such impressive rates compared to others’ scruffy attempts? Testosterone plays an integral part here; males undergo more profound hormone activity during puberty, leading to denser facial bush following life stages where testosterone levels rose again (such as weightlifting). Research suggests that lifestyle choices like working outside under sunnier skies may also promote better chances at maturing robust fibers!

Types of Beards

No two whiskers are alike! As ladies tend to style their locks differently depending upon occasion and preference, males exhibit myriad styles when it comes to growing dynamic follicle fences.

Full Beard

One classic iteration is long enough for grandpas and hipsters alike: The full-on grizzly bear look! Paired with longer hairstyles often exhibiting rugged unkemptness yet somehow charming ends whippersnappers simply cannot replicate.

Stubble Beard

This choice suits folks who crave just a hint over whiskery texture without crossing the air of unkemptness once sported by your great-uncle who collected cobwebs in his beard.


A goatee is a more specific choice that involves growing hair under one’s chin fashioned into a neat “goat-like” style. Ideal if you’re needing some help hiding any potential double chins – we’ve all been there; especially after consuming an excessive amount of pizza.

How Beard Changes The Shape Of Your Face

Let’s dive deeper and observe how beards can change facial symmetry:

Thinner Jawlines

research indicates that when it comes to smaller face fluff, men with thin jaws and faces benefit from fuller texturized beards as this helps promote maximal thicccness throughout the jaw line! Growing whisker curtains aids in creating natural sources of shadows, giving even thinner cheeks’ impressions of strength… whilst keeping those ankles covered.

Making Round Faces Edgy

If genetics blessed you with round cheeks or squishy babyface aka skin untouched by razor blades aloof since adolescence, never fear: established researchers indicate that having rocking thick salt & pepper moss across wobbly contours promotes rugged manliness! Need inspiration? Craig David owns edgy full-beard styles so utterly streamlined they could slice through steel like butter!

Hiding Scars And Disfigurations

Are scarring or uneven skin tone stopping your self-confidence straightway bury? Broadside or vertical combs achieve excellent results when masking blemishes because minor imperfections don’t perform well against highly textured colors. Keep follicles shorter around areas where damages are minimal while allowing longer strands on differing terrain abutting said spot – cunning techniques exist for even more severe matters bothering testosterone injecting sons o guns!

Grooming Tips For Beards

It’s not just growing that brings about a formidable menagerie of benefits. Proper beard grooming holds the key to success in taming bushy beards, delivering next-level results sure to excite every woman seeking someone with softer patches than their Uncle Rico! Experts suggest utilizing beard oils and lotions armed with ingredients such as coconut oil or shea butter that smooth hairs down whilst adding volume – this reduces itchiness too.

Keeping Your Beard Clean

No one likes an unkempt look unless you’re Tyler Durden fanatic; keep those locks free of debris like food particles, dandruff or pesky insects by regularly washing it 2-3 times per week. Brush the fine fibers from top-to-bottom using high-caliber combs rather than masquerading bristly wire wolfman hair instead!

Trimming For A Sharp Silhouette

Beard lines should align closely with your face and jaw symmetry as fuller shoulders need shortening around necks for showing off maximum effect…or picking up onlookers glazed in awe at how suave they seem looking back at them through reflective surfaces. Aim for trimming facial pillow every two weeks while ensuring moisturizing all over daily!


In conclusion, beards provide excellent opportunities and advantages when it comes to personal style choices. From well-trimmed stubble during questionable teenage moments to nuanced carvings close-cropped onto square jaws (while hiding blemishes!), thicker textured vegetation styles as seen on lumbersexual models vagabonding through northern parts have become a staple of modern-day male grooming regimens–and no wonder since now we know full irony bearable dog face curations come packed chock-full of social secret sauce! Be bold; try out different types according to your face shape and preferences because there’s never been a better time where brandishing manhood across countenances is not only acceptable but highly regarded!

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