How bad does an iud hurt?

Ah, the big question on everyone’s mind when it comes to contraception! If you’ve been thinking about getting an IUD but experiencing crippling anxiety at the thought of pain, rest easy – we got you. We take a wry look into one of life’s painful questions.

First things first: What is an IUD?

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are small T-shaped contraceptives that get inserted into your uterus by your OBGYN or gynecologist. Sounds like fun already right?! Get ready for more fun facts people…

There are two types of IUDs

  • Hormonal
  • Copper

Hormonal contains levonorgestrel that thins out uterine lining and thickens cervical mucus which makes it difficult for sperm to enter and fertilize eggs.(Uh uh no babies here!). While copper doesn’t contain hormones, instead alters fluids in female reproductive system killing sperm as effectively as Liam Neeson’s skill set kills bad guys in ‘Taken’. The good news… no hormones means limited side effects! Win-win!

They can last up to seven years

You read that right – up to SEVEN glorious years (insert fireworks here) without having any worries about unwanted pregnancy, except for maybe accidentally texting back the wrong person at 2am (we’ve all done it). Which brings us onto our next point; does this little device require wizards or sorcery during fitting?

Does getting one hurt then?

Does taking a sledgehammer straight to your baby maker sound appealing? No? Don’t worry then, neither is painful insertion too keenly inviting either. Alright so let’s talk about what goes down.

Here’s how the actual insertion process works:

First off they will start with same type of examination like pap smear exam , where doctor may use speculum to keep vaginal wall parted in order to locate the cervical opening. It’s important this is done when cervix is lower, softer and more open during menstrual cycle.

The doctor then insert metal or plastic rod into your cervix. This may sound like a scene from The Apprentice boardroom but they need that sucker out of the way so IUD can be smoothly placed.

If you’re getting hormonal IUD at this point they will push forward up towards top of uterus using inserter while copper ones are slid back over hollow tube and beneath uterus cavity lining – nothing says fun times like sliding things around inside yourself right?! It’s party time guys!

Does it hurt now?

Well let’s put it this way – for some people there might be mild discomfort whereas other unlucky patients feel cramping/spasms as painful as literally having your insides turned into balloon animals thereby making you feel tearful and scared!

But hold off on cancelling appointments just yet!

Despite reports of pain being felt by many people during insertion (I blame Adam & Eve myself.. plain old sinners) that doesn’t mean gonna happen to you too. Sipping cocktails whilst lying down after procedure helps ease contractions/cramps within hour(kinda makes me want one just for an excuse to lounge with a Sex-and-the-City-style drink) . So maybe ask doc if happy hour begins sooner than later. Just kidding… no drinking allowed during healing process, sorry girls (and possibly boys).

What Should You Expect After Getting an IUD?

You made it through fitting, you’ve breathed through those contractions or spasms(acquisitions)… NOW WHAT?

During first few months

Some women have erratic spotting/discharge due to subsequent irregular periods from hormones released gradually such as levonorgestrel (so much new vocabulary here†)
However others do not report changes/OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) in the slightest.

However Long Term

After initial ecstasies, a study suggests most women who keep their IUD for long time find that having periods completely stop (an amenorrhea gift from above). They also have fewer period-related challenges such as bloating and unpleasant menstrual cramps. (Insert Whoop Whoops here)

But we must be honest about potential side effects: your vaginal microbiome could get affected because of copper ions lingering on the device; this can change body reactions to bacteria which may cause complications like yeast infections or other mild stuff like ectopic pregnancy. Just what everyone wants right?!

The Verdict – Is it Worth It?

We know you’re not satisfied with reading hundreds of words just for us to tell you to ‘wait and see’, but unfortunately getting an IUD is not straightforward advice-for-all type situation , since every woman’s bodily experience ≠ identical.

But In General…

The advantages of conception-free and non-hormonal contraception are hard to pass up, but consider bleeding changes/yeast risk before going forward. Ultimately, weighing those cons against benefits aforementioned… does seem worth trying at least once(source: some girls sharing their experiences on Reddit during Breaking Bad marathons). As someone somewhere more sensible than me put it “When everything goes well with an IUD”, “it’s glorious”,

So finish binge watching Netflix already…time for scheduling doc appointments! Be brave! A little pain will lead in years free from pain.

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