How are you supposed to shave your face?

Shaving your face could be an absolute nightmare. One wrong move, and you’re left with a nasty cut, redness, or razor burn that’ll stay around for days (and let’s not mention the patchy beard). It sounds simple enough — just scrape away those pesky hairs on top of your skin using something sharp—but trust us when we say it’s more complicated than that.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about shaving- from what equipment you will need to the actual process itself – all in natural language delivered in a funny tone of voice.

Let’s start with the basics

Before getting started with shaving your facial hair off (woohoo!!!), make sure that it is well-rested after being washed and dried thoroughly; preferably using warm water as it helps soften up the hairs.

Equipment needed

Here are some things you should have within arms reach:

  • A shaving brush.
  • Razor (The choice between electric or manual depends on personal preference).
  • Warm water.
  • Pre-shaving oil.
  • Cream/lather/gel/foam (whichever one suits best)
  • After-shave balm.

Stay Safe by Following These Tips

If this is going to be your first time taking scissors close to any parts of YOUR body besides trimming nose-hairs, then here are some tips anyone can use before grabbing hold of the blade:

  1. Cut slowly: No one wants cuts so better safe than sorry!
  2. Apply less pressure: It’s not how hard but instead how often!
  3. Rinse regularly with cold water: To keep both face hair-free and hygiene-friendly!
    4.Use proper technique: Remember ‘horizontally along cheeks’, ‘vertically under neck’, etcetera!

Of course, these apply only if living life safe-and-sound is YOUR kind of style 😉

Now, let’s talk about the actual process

Drumroll please….

Pre-Shave Scalp Massage

Before doing anything else: massage pre-shave oil onto scalp hairs (make it an enjoyable little session!) and leave them be for a few minutes to soften. If you don’t have any of this liquid feeling-goodness in your bathroom cupboards- fret not as hair conditioner works perfectly fine too (remember no panicking).

Lather Up

After preparing your facial hair properly, lather up with cream or foam so that the razor will slide easily across hairy surfaces without snagging on strands causing ingrown hairs we said NO PANICKING. Some like to use brushes when applying cream, but if you got some serious skills underneath those fingers; go ahead..apply away!

Applying shave gel is simpler:

  1. Apply (a) pea-sized amount off-contained lubricant above beard hairs.
  2. Distribute using (fingertips or brush-hairs).
  3. Once applied, begin shaving at one end of your face during signal periods wherever necessary (refer back mustache region).

Keep in mind that WHEN IT COMES TO USING products such as these ones more does not mean better…think less = success!

Time To SHAVE Off Facial Hair

Ready to remove those stray wisps WOOHOO!! Heres how:

If you’re going For electric razor shaving sequence instead…
1. Turn motor on and move blades against skin where desired.
2.Pay attention because trimming cord length truly maps out which sections are most important during routine usage timeframes sooner than later!
3.Choose betwix two different ‘head shapes’.
4.Select settings (altitude-dependent); make sure it feels comfy first!
5.Check cutting quality occasionally by ensuring trimmed locks-of-hair fall straight down for easy disposal later on 🙂

OR If you’re going For a manual razor sequence instead…
1. Holding your skin tight with one hand (and whatever safety apparatus necessary), swipe the blade from top of cheek downwards.
2. Make sure to hold Razor at 30 degrees or lower angle.
3. Cleanse off after every downward swipe/use.

Note: if ever in doubt, let The Beard Whisperer be Your Guide!.

Post-Shave Maintenance

Still feeling that fresh-air, baby-faced exhilaration? It’s important to keep up that energy throughout the day!

Rinse That Face

Once finished shaving ‘clean’ face area with running water (not Cold) and either:

  • A mixture of warm water & vinegar—helpful for reducing inflammation or redness.
  • An alcohol-based lotion/balm- useful when trying to find something cooling but not too overwhelming/smelly.

Moisturize Your Facial Hair

Finally – finish by keeping facial hair moist using high-quality oil/moisturizer) will attempt any opposing forces within harsh weather conditions less effective over long periods-of-time(thank us later!).

Shaving is an art form, which once mastered can bring peace and serenity at least to one part of our hectic lives (YAY!!!). Using this guide will assist anyone on their way towards achieving perfect results each time they’re behind the bathroom door (get it?). So go forth brave soldier…oh and remember no panicking during these sensitive maneuvers we’ve laid out 🙂