How are hiccups caused?

Have you ever been the victim of hiccups? The kind that seem to go on foreveeeeeeeer, and no matter how hard you try, they just won’t stop? You’re not alone. In fact, hiccups are one of the most common bodily annoyances known to man – yes even more so than that pebble in your shoe.

So what causes these seemingly never-ending spasms of diaphragmatic contractions? Let’s dive into a world filled with burps and belches (and oddly enough feathers) as we explore the wonderful world…of hiccupping!

What are hiccups exactly?

First things first, let’s define our terms. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a hiccup is “an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm” resulting in a sudden intake and release of air. Scientifically speaking, this spasm occurs due to contraction, or tightening up senselessly like when someone steals your pizza slice while looking elsewhere,involving our beloved muscles: (look at them going all jerk-like) —–>

Muscle Responsibility
Diaphragm muscle Upward contraction allows for breathing

Now take note: though hiccuping might annoy us humans from time-to-time – some folks can do it on command! That said I wonder which actor/actress huh?

So How Do We Get These Jerks anyway?

A lot factors contribute towards giving rise to those unwanted jerks; Top among them being:

Change in temperature

A drop or rise in temperature especially within throat region seems pretty likely at causing unpleasant gas build-up producing an obstacle henceforth contributing towards sparking up annoying bouts.Looks like hot cocoa isn’t always goodies afterall.

Eating too fast

When we gulp down food(chuck-sessions), we are likely to air-breathe along with it . Seems easy enough right? I mean who doesn’t wolf down food sometimes (surely this can’t be just me)?


The more pressing issue isn’t necessarily the speed at which we eat, but rather the quantity. By overloading our digestive systems, we can create issues within our internal body processes! But still…those burritos tho!

Too High or Low Carbon Dioxide in Blood

When there is a sudden change environmental pressure gradient (Altitude changes) causing fluctuations of CO2 levels in organism’s blood ,body resets itself (Jolting jerks ensue) since it has no clue what’s happening up there either.

Are you trying hard not to hiccup?

Oh no! Look out folks as the long-awaited titan of social embarrassment has approached and intercepted us – not being able to stop hiccing when everyone else seems fine never gets old.! In fact anxiety towards yet another attack intensifies diaphragm spasm hence even more hickups. So control your stealth snickers from afar before laughing hurts even more-er!

Will Hiccup Cures Get Rid Of Them?

If you take away one message after reading my writings thus far let that be: THERE ARE NO SURE-FIRE WAY TO PREVENT THE HICLESSONS FROM ATTACKING.(Wishful thinking huh?) While certain methods may help reduce likelihood such as breathing exercises- they offer little relief once affliction sets in( Besides who wants to breathe all proper-like). Everyone kindaaa knows someone(kindaaa like an uncle Gary maybe?) offering their cure for your ailment-wether its distracting oneself through imitating owl-hoots or taking bewildering spoonfuls of vinegar(the taste stuck till today )!. Alas those have proved futile time and time again. We are back to starting point. GRAND!

Where’d that Feather Come From?

While the above outlined factors may contribute towards hiccups, they aren’t always the case in every instance.There have been tales of feathers finding their way into our digestive systems inducing endless spams of jerk-fit throw downs while triggering diaphragm irritation and consequent startles hence jolts.(Weird huh?)

So there we have it folks! Jerk-like spasms nor feather-like stomach tickles never get old do they? Now when you cringe over yet another episode plaguing you, at least take comfort in knowing what is going on- Well kinda(scratch that) Maybe not…

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