Home Remedy to Draw Out a Hair Splinter?

Splinter happens when a thin and small fragment of any material punctures the skin at first and it becomes embedded. Many people who suffer from splinter think about how to safely remove the splinter at home. This is because ever-increasing suggestions to remove splinters at home. If you are suffering from hair splinter caused by the silver of hair lodges itself under the skin and torments until gone, then you can take note of guidelines regarding how to safely remove the hair splinter from home. You must use proper antiseptic and tools to remove hair splinters. There is a little chance of infection after removing the hair splinter.

Soak the skin in warm water

Groomers and hairstylists often suffer from hair splinters. Though the splinters at the skin’s top can cause less pain than splinters embedded deep in the skin, you must follow the safe approach to remove the splinter without any delay. The first step to remove the hair splinter at home is to soak it in warm water at least 10 to 15 minutes. You have to do this procedure before retracting the splinter from the skin. This process is helpful a lot to soften and grow the object and let it come up in the natural way. This process also makes the skin pliable and manipulated in the easy way to remove the splinter.

Spray the affected area with first aid spray

It is the suitable time to spray your hair splinter with the first aid spray which is useful a lot to relieve some pain. This is because the first aid spray is used to numb the affected area and let you successfully deal with the hair splinter. This spray is also useful to clean up the area and stop the growth of bacteria after the splinter is removed.


Beginners to the hair splinter problem get much difficulty to use the tweezers to grab a hair splinter. They can prefer and use tweezers with ridges at the end. They must apply alcohol at the tips of the tweezers to disinfect it before poking at their skin. Alcohol is also used to give the maximum gripping power to the ridges.

Sewing needle

Sewing needle is another option for those who have failed to remove hair splinter with tweezers. You can sterilize the sewing needle by holding it in a flame for a couple of seconds or swabbing it with alcohol. Once the sewing needle is cooled or dried, you have to pry the splinter out of the skin as gentle as possible.

Soak hair splinter in Epsom salts

Epsom salts are helpful a lot to cure different ailments like the sore muscles and sunburn. You can use Epsom salts to bring deep hair splinters to the skin’s surface as safe as possible. You have to dissolve a cup of Epsom salts into a warm bath and soak any part of your body has the splinter. You can also put some Epsom salts onto a bandage pad and put it on the affected area. You have to leave it covered the affected area for a day. This method assists you to draw the hair splinter out. You can use a tweezer and pull out the hair splinter.

Slap a banana peel on top of hair splinter

Banana peels are used to shine shoes, whiten teeth and get rid of hair splinter. You can take a portion of the ripe peel of banana and tape the peel’s inside portion over the affected area. All the best enzymes in the peel soften the skin and help the hair splinter to move close the skin’s top surface. This is worthwhile to leave the banana peel tape overnight for the best result. You have to use a pair of tweezers to get the job done. This is advisable to use the skinless side of the potato slice to remove the hair splinter same as the banana peel procedure.

Baking soda paste

You have to dirt-free the affected area with soap and water at first. Now, combine 1/4 of tablespoon of baking soda with a little water to make a paste. You have to spread this paste on the splinter and cover the area with a bandage. You have to keep it for 24 hours. You will be happy to notice that the splinter is very close to the surface of the skin where you can easily remove it.

Use the duct tape

People who get the hair splinter to the surface of their skin sometimes may fail to get the best result from a proper use of the tweezers. They can use a duct tape or any piece of tape and place it over the hair splinter. Once the tape is secure, leave it for a couple of minutes and pull it off as gentle as possible. You have to do this process a few times and coax the hair splinter out. This is advisable to soften the skin by soaking the affected area in warm water.