Hearing Her Movie Quotes, You’ll Laugh and Cry

As we all know, films have a special way of impacting our lives. They transport us to places we’ve never been before and introduce us to people we may never meet in real life. But what makes a film even more memorable are the lines that stick with us long after the credits roll.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of her most iconic movie quotes that will give you all kinds of emotions! From laughter to tears, these lines are bound to make an impression on you.

A Woman Who Speaks Her Mind

One thing that stands out about her is how she’s always unapologetically herself. In each role she plays, she brings her unique personality and perspective into it – making for unforgettable performances.

“I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy…”

This line from Notting Hill has got to be one of her most recognized movie quotes. In this rom-com classic, she delivers a heartwarming speech about love despite cultural differences: “I’m also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.” This quote reminds us that sometimes all it takes is vulnerability for someone else to see our worth.

A Comedy Queen

Aside from being an accomplished actress across genres, her witty sense of humor is something people just can’t get enough off.”Tough titty said the kitty but the milk sill good”!

“Big mistake.”

When talking about funny movie scenes featuring her, Pretty Woman’s dress shopping moment comes up frequently.And when those snobby sales clerks lose out on business because they treated ‘Vivian’ poorly at their shop who says: “Big mistake“. That line alone made audiences root harder for Julia Robert’s character as well as giving them a laugh.

A Woman That Spoke To Our Hearts

What makes her stand out as an actress is her authentic portrayal of different experiences people have. She embodies their unique perspectives and brings us along for the ride.

“I was in love, and now I’m going to die.”

Who can forget about Stepmom’s most gut-wrenching scene when she reveals that her character had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. With so many quotable lines throughout this movie, one being “You don’t have to like me but you will respect me“, it’s hard not to feel anything after hearing these words.”Isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch fabulous?

A Real-Life Heroine

Known for more than just her acting abilities, she certainly made significant contributions during World War II.It would be remiss if this article didn’t touch on such eye-opening history-making moments.

“Tell them I’m a soldier.”

In the film adaptation of ‘Erin Brockovich’, our heroine tackles pollution head-on and proved what lawyers could do for communities fighting major corporations.Instead of giving up on finding evidence while FBI offices or even Santa Susana lab wouldn’t cooperate ,after heavy intimidation,rejection,and limited resources at hand,she finally gets papers she requested after saying: “\” Tell them i’m a soldier .\” Initially only given healthcare documents regarding Erin storylines based off fact,following paperwork gains increased momentum towards uncovering cover-up large chemical company knowingly kept under wraps These are no longer facts buried under bureaucracy,but stories retold inspired by perseverance and its effectiveness in guiding enduring change.

An Inspiration Through The Generations

Many young girls growing up cite her as someone they looked up to –Perhaps it was because she has always played heroes who stand up  and aren’t afraidto speak their minds. That, and the way she carries herself with poise and grace.

“Queen Clarisse Renaldi, take back what is yours!”

The Princess Diaries spoke to many young girls throughout the years,but it wasn’t until Queen Clarisse (played by her) reminded us that we have our own power  and shouldn’t be afraid to use it. From understanding responsibility through “Courage of conviction“,there’s no wonder this collaboration made its anthological mark.”Have a good cry,realease some tension.Who knows,maybe you’ll even like your life again after.”

A Lesson In Self-Love

In addition to inspiring others with her actions on-screen, her also did so in person.There are moments where opening up gave audience profound liberation,some never knew they needed.

“I’m not someone who goes out of her way to hurt people.”

Although Eat Pray Love revolved around finding inner peace,it was a memorable line delivered when eating Italian carbs that stood out for so many reasons:”\” I’m amazing in bed. Why do you think my marriages fell apart?\”. This phrase alone will give body positivity advocates everywhere support towards loving themselves amid differences widely shared or shaming experiences faced hereafter.

It All Comes Down To Her Delivery

Let’s face it – any quote can sound impactful online… but not everyone can deliver them the way she does.“Ik ben niet weggegaan omdat ik jou niet meer liefheb,yeah”

Breaking Language Barriers

What makes films such wonderful examples of artistic expression is how much they cross language barriers,and we eventually come together emoting over same emotions across cultures.Key example being during one sequence from director Emile Ardolino’s classic film “Dirty dancing”,that solely relied on pure delivery.Without ever knowing dutch beforehand,the line: \”Ik ben niet weggegaan omdat ik jou niet meer liefheb.” was mastered fluently,having audiences feel enamored with character and dialogue itself.In this film,people not only enjoyed the synchronicity in their dance moves,but also discovered something new entirely from unexpected places.

And There You Have It

There’s no doubt that she has had an impact on us all through her decades-long career.It’s these moments shared universally that remind us of what makes someone great.. it isn’t always about a performance alone;it can be just one line uttered so effortlessly but carries such magnitude.As we look at just how much some quotes have touched us  across our own life experiences (not to mention engagements online),one thing is for certain: “We’ll never forget how hearing her movies made us laugh,cry,and relate.”

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