Healthy Alternatives To Isopropyl Alcohol

Actually, the isopropyl alcohol is commonly used in pharmaceutics, hospitals and clean rooms. Another name of Isopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol or isopropanol. In medicinal uses, the isopropyl alcohol cleans the wounds and also reduces itchiness. This liquid is also a household cleaner and it disinfects the areas, but it can be quite feel insensitive on your skin. Still, there are so many healthy alternatives to use the isopropyl alcohol. If you are worried on the adverse effects of using rubbing alcohol, it is very much essential to know the following lists of isopropyl alcohol alternatives that include:

Healthy Alternatives To Isopropyl Alcohol

Skin sanitizer

To prevent spreading germs, it is very much essential to have the tidy hands even when the water and soap are unavailable. The isopropyl alcohol actually sanitizes the skin by killing germs and bacteria, but also it is ruthless on the skin. Alternatively, the hand disinfectants particularly the moisturizing forms can be capable as isopropyl alcohol to cleaning skin. Moreover, the manufacturers are making several hand cleaning products purposely for handiness, so it becomes very much simpler to utilize these products available in the portable containers than using liquid running alcohol. Another great alternative to isopropyl alcohol as a disinfectant is H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide. It is very much cheap and highly spotless the wound to avoid illness and also it does not even hurt as much as isopropanol.


Bleach is one of the easiest alternatives option to rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant and a surface sanitizer. As similar to isopropanol, bleach also kills the microorganisms on the household planes such as floors, furniture and counters and so on. As an effective surface disinfectant, you can dilute one tablespoon of pure bleach in one gallon of water. For sanitizing, you can maximize the concentration of bleach up to ¾ cup for one gallon of water. Moreover, bleach is a very good healthy alternative to the rubbing alcohol for cleaning the surface. Once you apply, it starts to break down within few hours after you blend it with the water. This may also reduces the threat of poisoning from the unplanned ingestion.


Vinegar is a great alternative to the isopropanol for different uses. One of the major ingredients present in vinegar is acetic acid. As an area sanitizer, vinegar is one of the healthiest alternatives to isopropanol; because it is not poisonous. If you unintentionally leave the food score vinegar deposit on a food contact shell, the probability is that it will not be more deadly, if it obtains on your food. In some healthy uses, the vinegar can be replaced by rubbing alcohol such as ivy infections, minimizing itching, clean out the infected ears, dryness from eczema or poison oak. However, it is great to consult your physician before self-treat of these conditions.

Witch hazel

The Witch Hazel is naturally produced from the certain tree and also works majorly as an astringent with the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects. The witch hazel can also be utilized topically or just taken within. It can greatly assist to avoid and heal the infections, minimize pain and swelling, slow bleeding and might also assist to treat other ailments such as acne, tumors and sunburn.

Hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide is a stable compound that naturally occurs in the body as well as in the nature. It is as efficient at sanitizing the wounds and the surfaces as rubbing alcohol and releasing oxygen as well as destroying the bacteria on contact. This hydrogen peroxide therapy might also support in the treatment of ailments such as infections, gingivitis and emphysema. It is one of the cheap alternatives to attempt and it doubles as a sanitizer for cleaning the minor wounds to avoid infection and also even good, because it does not hurt as much as isopropyl alcohol, but please get doctor’s advice before using it.

Using distilled spirits

The distilled spirits work by drying out a skin surface. It actually performs this by absorbing the water out of a skin and makes you feel better. The best thing on distilled spirits is completely safe for your skin to absorb. This liquor also absorbs the water out of bacteria and kills the bacteria more effectively.