Happiness is Free – Unlock the Secret to Bliss

Do you ever look at happy people and wonder how they do it? How can someone be so content and blissful all the time? Well, let me fill you in on a little secret: happiness is free. That’s right, you don’t need money, power, or status to achieve happiness. All you need is a positive outlook on life and some handy tips that I’m about to share with you.

The Power of Gratitude

One of the most effective ways to unlock true happiness is by embracing gratitude. When we focus on what we have rather than what we lack in our lives, it changes our entire perspective for the better. So next time you catch yourself complaining about your job or bemoaning your lack of romance (get over yourself), take a deep breath and list off all the things that bring joy into your life. It could be something as small as having a warm bed to sleep in or as big as landing your dream job (you go Glen Coco). Nobody said gratitude had to be complicated!

The Ultimate Pandemic Lesson

If this pandemic has taught us anything (besides how quickly sweatpants become part of one’s personality), it’s that nothing should be taken for granted (unless it’s cilantro) . Even something like watching live music with friends seems like an extravagance now! Take comfort knowing that when everything else around us was falling apart; family, pets (your dog walking itself got old quick) and basic necessities were still there.

A Dose of Sunlight

Did somebody say Vitamin D? No but seriously – getting outside once daily with natural light exposure does wonders for mood elevation (so open those blinds up too!) Research shows UV rays are also great acne treatments – not advocating excessive sunburns though…(thinking emoji).

Protection Speaks Volumes

While getting enough sunlight is imperative, make sure your skin is protected when you’re soaking up the sun. Sunburnt and peeling skin does not exactly scream “blissfulness.” Make smart choices in that department such as SPF 50+ or a floppy hat for all my ladies (and gents).

A Good Book

Again another pandemic lesson learned; there’s only so much Netflix one can handle (cue the silence on Friends Reunion news). Take some time to sit with a good book instead of staring at an electronic device and observe how it affects mood positively as well. Don’t take me wrong, I already binge-watched ‘Indian Matchmaker’ in two days but – mixing things up never hurt anyone.

The Case for Fictional Characters

Fictional characters reveal insights into self-discovery that often reflect upon our own emotions (Tom from Parks & Rec anyone?). Mentally escaping into somebody else’s story can encourage creative thinking too!


Surely we’ve heard this over and over by now… but have you actually done something about it? Regular exercise relieves stress significantly whilst eliminating physical tension that comes with living sedentary lifestyles. To top it off endorphins are also released which within themselves boost mood too!

The F-word…Fitness

Please find joy in exercising whatever way suits you best be it: yoga class (ommmm) , weight training (Rocky style throwing each other out of windows), taking selfies at the gym (#blessedAF) etc…you get the picture.

Exercise increases confidence while building stamina – who runs the world?? Beyoncé (duh) . Anything musical will lead to wicked moments singing along without caring who hears (even if everybody).

Disconnection from Social Media

Social media has slowly become our happy place where followers generate pleasure with comments or likes on photos but what happens when they don’t? A lot of people start relying on validation from these platforms which is where the issue lies. Overuse of social media actually negatively affects mental health – ever heard the word ‘Scrolly Polly’? Try avoiding social media for a day and pay attention to how much happier you’re feeling.

The Case For Interpersonal Communication

Meeting up with friends physically (or virtually) drives away loneliness and anxiety whilst creating healthy relationships, getting stimulated by external conversations often triggering your own thoughts etc. Pick up that phone off airplane mode once in awhile…

Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness means living present in every given moment; maintaining focus on our surroundings using all five senses, being one step ahead whether at work (pause), home or simply taking a walk outside (cue ocean sounds). An able mind can only focus when we slow down life’s busy pace (which also leads to better decision making anyhoose)

Taking an Extra minute

Preferably allocating ten minutes per day focusing purely internally allows for rearrangement so-to-speak before diving into a new task or wrapping up the previous one (jazz hands) while building resilience!


While studies reveal laughter conduces happiness (who needs studies anyway?), it takes effort to incorporate humour deliberately into everyday life (@sarcasmroulette!). Indulge into crazy unfiltered but honest chats/flirting sessions with those closest even if it involves laughs followed by tears #noshame – pure hilarity following!

Inserting Comedy via Social Media

One word: Memes….love them, hate them – they deliver at least one major chuckle daily amidst scrolling through our phones like zombies seeking entertainment form any source possible i.e National Geographic photoshoots (guilty as charged) .

Supportive Friends & Family Time

Winding down time spent conversing with nonjudgmental and supportive friends has a therapeutic effect, whether it’s venting about pesky office colleagues or how much cuter puppies are over babies (woof-woof!). Family nights in can also give off the vibe of feeling safe whilst allowing true personalities to come forth (Why hiding that inner Harry Potter fan?)

Great Company vs. Alone time

When desiring recovery from a long day, painting nails or getting lost in the creative realm; introduce an out-of-this-world playlist without intrusion! Alternatively arrange for Christmas lights decoration-fest solo before sitting back with snacks (why are we even worried what people would think anyways) – who owns space anyway huh?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, though life comes with its ups & downs – take responsibility upon oneself to seek happiness through refining habits which trigger personal wellbeing points as there’s no one-size fits all approach here. Practice makes perfect & every step of progression counts! So go on ladies (& gents) turn up the music today…disco party mandatory!

And remember folks: Happiness isn’t found at a price tag but within ourselves .

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