Growing Strong: Nurturing Growth in a Relationship

Are you sick and tired of feeling like your relationship is running on fumes? Does the thought of spending another minute with your significant other feel like a prison sentence? Fear not, my friend. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just starting out, there are simple steps you can take to keep things fresh and exciting.

Communication is Key

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again – communication is key. If you want to grow stronger together, then you need to learn how to communicate effectively. This means actively listening instead of waiting for your turn to talk. Put down your phone (yes, even during dinner), maintain eye contact (unless they have spinach stuck in their teeth), ask thoughtful questions, and don’t forget to show genuine interest in what they’re saying.

Speak Their Language

While we’re on the topic of communication skills, it’s worth noting that not everyone speaks the same language – even if it’s technically English. Some people are more visual learners who need images or diagrams, while others may respond better to auditory cues such as tone of voice or music. So if something isn’t clicking between the two of you, you might simply be speaking different languages.

Keep It Positive

No one likes being nagged or criticized all the time (unless that’s their thing). Instead of focusing on what they did wrong, try framing your thoughts positively by highlighting what they do well instead. Even when disagreements arise or difficult conversations come up, try maintaining an open mind and exploring solutions openly without defensiveness or anger.

Quality Time Matters

Once upon a time, quality time meant watching The Bachelor with bae while scrolling through Twitter feeds at commercial break for hours on end(real romantic huh?). These days,
it seems most couples’ idea
of quality moment involves staring at their phones in opposite corners of the living room. Let’s up our game and find quality time again.

Plan Activities Together

Sharing hobbies or trying new things together can be a great way to bond with your partner. Maybe you pick up drawing or start growing veggies in pots so that you have something to share when the day is done. Make plans and commit to doing them regularly, even if it’s just an hour bike ride on Sundays

Make It Spontaneous

Familiarity breeds comfort but can cause constrictions, and spontaneity goes out through the window, quick! Try something entirely unforeseen from time to time: Random gatherings, Exclusive trips (this COVID period has our wings clipped), surprises; all of this keeps both parties excited for events yet impending.

Positive Reinforcement goes A Long Way

We all like being appreciated, shown love, and affectionate commitment. The little details count more than one realises – consistent compliments leads emotional fulfilment which makes growth smoother.

Say I Love You often

As trivial as it might sound,{“I Love You” still carries tremendous value coming from someone who loves us deeply}. To keep that romance flame alive during long periods together,{sharing those feelings explicitly is vital}. Creations of intimate nicknames such as glitters for glittering personalities also helps connect two people quickly.{ Be consistent}; do not let anything come between it.

Boundaries Are Mandatory

Be clear about what works and explain boundaries with respect: Do they suck their teeth while eating? Is sniffing terrible morning breath your favourite ritual? Speak up; once boundaries are set{keeping yourselves in check becomes easy}!

Keep The Intimacy Alive

Physical attraction is important, no matter how much pressure us humanists try putting on denying otherwise-in light terms ‘love feels stronger’. Healthy doses of physical intimacy – kissing, hugging, cuddling. In other words- make sex fun again(and un-tabooed)!

Talk About It

Sex is good when consenting adults enjoy it; being open about likes and dislikes lessens barriers for challenging topics making them comfortable to discuss{‘ “I don’t like the way you lick my earlobes” – still better than remaining silent’. }Remember always keep your videos safe{win-win) arguments ensure growth ,silence kills love.

While relationships take effort, the rewards of growing stronger together are worth every bit of hard work. Putting in Simple steps such as Communication, Quality Time spent together,{positive reinforcement} along with regular Physical intimacy makes life all worth living.

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