Granulated erythritol where to buy?

Have you ever gone sugar-free, only to realize that even the best healthy recipes require a little sweetness? Or maybe your doctor recommended cutting down on sugar, and now you’re struggling with how to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your health. Whatever your reason for seeking out alternatives, have no fear because erythritol is here!

But before we dive into where to buy granulated erythritol, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Granulated Erythritol?

Granulated erythritol is an all-natural sweetener that looks like sugar but does not impact blood glucose levels or insulin production. It has zero calories and approximately 70% of the sweetness of sugar. Plus it’s actually good for the teeth, as it doesn’t promote dental cavities like other sugars do.

Erythritol occurs naturally in some fruits and fungi but is usually commercially produced from corn starch using fermentation methods, similar to the way beer is made. The result is a mild-tasting white powder that can be used in baking or sprinkled over food just like regular sugar.

Why Use Granulated Erythritol Instead Of Sugar?

Well first off,no one likes bloating from eating too much refined cane sugar. Using granulated erythirtrol instead ensures you get all the benefits of indulging in something sweet (without having people mistake you for Violet Beauregarde after she chews Willy Wonka’s blueberry gum), while also avoiding the negative side effects associated with overconsumption of traditional sugars- so rejoice!

Moreover,granular eryhtritol actually helps regulate blood-sugar levels which makes it suitable for anyone looking at managing type II diabetes,besides providing lower-calorie options for weight loss programs.So definitely an added bonus right there!

So why are so less aware of it?

Unlike other low-calorie sweeteners such as Aspartame, Sucralose and Stevia which contain synthetic compounds, granular erythritol is a natural alternative to sugar. It’s relatively new on the scene compared to these artificial sweeteners so people aren’t aware of its existence yet- but now that you are, stick through and we’ll show you where to buy them.

Where To Buy Granulated Erythritol

Now that you know what granulated erythritol is and how beneficial it can be for your health let’s get down to business – finding this elusive ingredient in grocery stores near you.

You won’t find erythitol powder just laying around like freshly plucked fruits at a farmer’s market…okay maybe an exaggeration there but you may have a difficult time finding it if you don’t know where or what to look for. Let us help with some suggestions:


Search the baking aisle for packs carrying powdered substitutes or under ‘sugar substitutes’. Local stores most likely do carry them albeit sparingly so try Trader Joe’s ,Whole Foods Market, Safeway,Vons,Giant Eagle-Oberg Farms etc.

#### Look out:

Often times ‘zero calorie’ ends up costing significantly more than regular ingredients hence not being ideal always .For example,a bag of truvia zero calorie sweetener costs $5-$6,on d comparison,a 3 pound bag of conventional sugar is priced lower.So keep price checks before purchasing !

The easiest wayto figure out whether they stock granulated eryhtitol would be going online,simply check their websites using search criteria location locator based on zip code et cetera.However,it might make sense checking different branches,maybethey only stock certain ones!

2.Online Retailers

Yes,yes,yes! The perfect world of online retailers for anyone who lacks time,patience,tie,distance or inclination to visit a store sounds like their best and most feasible option. Not only are options wider on the internet you can also check out unbiased reviews posted under eachan every product-option available.Some credible websites would be :

  • Amazon
    Interestingly Amazon offers 70% fewer calores fro erythritol when compared to sugar
  • Lucky Vitamin ,

    • Note: Lucky vitamin currently sells all products (erythirtol) from Hoosier Hill Farms at discounted rates.


  • Often if placed as subscription, bulk purchases actually cost cheaper than regular purchase.

3.In Bulk Stores Like Costco&Cotsco Business Center

These stores offer quite affordable prices compared to what’s offered elsewhere,especially considering larger quantity pricing benefit.Lookout whether the packages hold particular companies or brands of your choosing,maybe even inquire further about special promotions regarding the product available that time.

Whew,finally we’re here!We have gathered enough resources in our mission to find granulated erythitol so go ahead.Prepare any delicious dish you had locked up behind high sugary bars because now is finallythe D-day.Your dishes await!(P.S.Have no fear Anodyne Mart has got your back!)

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