Get Pumped with Resistance Band Chest Exercises PDF

Are you looking for a way to beef up your chest and show off those pecs like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime? Look no further than resistance band exercises! These bouncy little bands may look innocent, but they’re a powerful tool for building muscle, especially when it comes to the chest. And lucky for you, we’ve put together this handy dandy PDF guide full of 16 different resistance band exercises that will have your chest popping in no time!

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details of each exercise, let’s first talk about why resistance bands are so great. If you’ve never used them before (what rock have you been living under?), here are some reasons why you should be incorporating them into your workouts:

  • Cheap: Compared to other gym equipment or weights, resistance bands are relatively inexpensive.
  • Portable: They take up very little space which makes them perfect for home workouts or traveling.
  • Versatile: You can use them for a variety of different exercises targeting various muscle groups.
  • Joint-friendly: Unlike heavy weights or machines, using resistance bands puts less strain on your joints which reduces the risk of injury.

Now that we know how awesome these bands are let’s move on to those juicy chest exercises.

Let’s pump up that upper pectoralis major!

1) Standing High Fly

Stand in a staggered stance feet hip-width apart one foot forward and one back bend elbows outwards creating tension on the sturdy resistant band then raise both arms above shoulders pushing out through palms while squeezing pectorals at top pause lower arms. Repeat 3 sets x 8 reps


To get maximum benefit from this exercise make sure:
Constant tension is provided throughout movement
Keep both elbows slightly bent otherwise; Tension may slacken before completing the sets.

2) Alternating Hands Fly

This is fantastic for that center of your upper chest.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, band centered on both hands bring hands together at midline/center facing palms towards the body via a fly then create tension but only extend one arm outwards and hold squatting down through legs pause alternate arms. Repeat 3 sets x8 reps


This exercise tends to be compromised due to poor form or over-extended arms so make sure you perform this by:
Squeezing that chest and keeping elbows slightly bent throughout reps, really engaging those pectorals!

3) Standing Chest Press

I bet Arnold did a few hundred thousand of these! Let’s dive in.

With one foot slightly behind while standing shoulder width apart wrap each end of bands around thumbs putting them underneath armpits holding onto handles push out palms driving energy from pectorals which will cause precise chest focus when returning to relaxed position provide resistance/pause repeat twice more for total sets of 3×10


Don’t forget technique is everything!
Exhale forcefully during press movement keeping abs contracted therefore suppressing diaphragm making it easier to brace core torso throughout exercises. This means max benefit while minimizing spine issues through good posture – take note novices!

Time now to hit lower pectoralis muscles; let’s fire up those ‘shelfs’ y’all!

4) Decline Push Up

Alternate version: place the loop band underneath top portions of back (scapula area), keep fists closed squeezing handles walking toes downward into starting position paying special attention chin tucked into neck focusing on pushing away from platform emphatically.. pause contract triceps/chest pressing back up.Repeat cycle another two times totaling three cycles per rep and achieve maximum gainz within short time! Now inhale repeat process a total of 10 reps or less depending on the strength/skill level basis!


A highly underestimated exercise that few folks perform due to its sheer difficulty! Don’t forget these tips though:
Contracting calves, and especially thighs will create weightless feel so you can manage more repetitions than you might think!
Brace abdominals until last rep for max benefits.

5) Push Up & Pull Down

Seated with legs extended loop band under feet in seated position; grasp handles overhand gripping combining pecs/triceps/mid-back. Maintain constant tension while extending arm forward simultaneously grasping tube firmly then contracting chest while releasing handle creating push-up like motion each hand pushing against resistance from pull down.bend arms at shoulder height pause (1-2 sec.) controlled extend back out to starting point pausing (1-2 sec.). Total 3 sets x8 reps


Again, technique is everything when focusing on this area.
Remember only tense up and contract pectorals exclusively during press movements to get maximum benefit

And now finally let’s nail our middle chest which augments confidence big time!

6) Sideways Fly

Wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes indeed – side ways!

Standing centered band breast high let palms counteract each other by taking wide step onto one foot bring opposite foot next as fitting together palms parallel facing towards floor remain erect in waist and torso. Fully stretch arms outward pivot wrists maintain that sideways form pulling backward toward ribcage squeezing pectoral muscles halfway through lowering slowly rest till just shy of joint lockout resuming initial arms lengthening relax take off tension pivoting backwards again continuing exercises twice more. Repeat cycle two times totaling three cycles while performing eight repetitions per set.


This is where things start getting fun – give yourself little bit break here…a pat on the ‘pec’!
Make sure elbow joints are slight relaxed and maintain wrist twist so gondolas remain neutral.
Don’t forget constant tension is key to growth.

7) Chest Pull Apart

Aye-yai-yai! This flares up muscles like crazy!

Stable stance feet shoulder-width holding handles firm loop band in grip with palms facing upright opening arms wide twirling inward until crossing at chest pivot wrists generate energy from middle chest then pull apart pause contracting the same time as pushing down by squeezing mid chest fully relax lengthening arms outwards – this counts as one repetition carry out two more totalling 3×10 reps


There’s always space for tips y’all!
Maintain wrist flexibility and balance throughout movement.
Emphasize that ‘bowtie’ area your kindly mirror returns now!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, 16 hardcore resistance band exercises to turn those pecs into mountains for others to travel over! Incorporate these workouts into your routine a few times per week (depending on how hard-core you wanna go) and witness the benefits yourself. Not only will it give you that desired chiseled look but will also contribute towards strengthening other muscles groups fundamental at maintaining healthy lifestyle long-term. Remember, consistency is KEY…so get pumped with resistance band training nutrition /combo fitness package today!