Fruit flies everywhere help?

Are you tired of seeing fruit flies swarm around your fruit bowls and kitchen counters? Do you feel like no matter how many traps or remedies you use, they just keep coming back for more? Fear not! There are several effective ways to get rid of those pesky little bugs without having to resort to extreme measures.

Identifying the problem

Before tackling the issue at hand, it’s important to understand what attracts these small insects in the first place. Fruit flies are drawn towards ripe and fermenting fruits and vegetables as they lay their eggs on them. The larvae then feed on the decaying organic matter until they reach maturity. While typically harmless to humans, a large population of these bugs can quickly become annoying.

Knowing your enemy

Fruit flies have an impressive lifecycle, taking only 8-10 days from egg hatching to adulthood. This means that if left unchecked, populations can grow rapidly in a short amount of time. These tiny bugs can also fly up to 6 feet per minute and reproduce at an alarming rate due to their ability to lay hundreds of eggs within their lifetime.

Prevention is key

The best way to combat fruit fly infestations is by preventing them from happening in the first place. Here are some steps you might wantto consider:

  • Properly storing fruits and vegetables: Keep any produce that is ripening or has already ripened in the fridge.
  • Regular cleaning: Wipe down surfaces where food may spill such as counters, tables, floors or sinks because this will effectively eliminate any enticing substances attracting fruit flies .
  • Cover trash bins: Make sure all rubbish lids remain closed throughout so that odors don’t attract unwelcome guests!

If prevention still doesn’t work for you ,then here next options :

1.Fruit Fly Traps

One simple solution involves making your own DIY trap using items found commonly around your home. These traps work by attracting flies to a bait inside a container, where they become trapped and unable to escape.

How do you create your trap?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty jar
  • Some apple cider vinegar or red wine
  • A small amount of dish soap


1) Fill the bottom of the jar with two inches of vinegar/wine (the smell attracts the fruit flies)
2) Add in 3 drops of dishwashing liquid as it causes wetting agents that break down the liquid tension allowing for fruitflies to drop into the solution rather than resting on top.
3) Cover your container (use cling film wrap rubber bands around it then poke a few holes through wrap).
4) Place in desired location away from food prep areas but near where activity has been observed!
5) Check daily for results!

This simple DIY can greatly reduce fly populations within days.

2.Fruit Fly Repellent Plants

Another option is utilizing natural repellents such as herbs or plants, which naturally deter these insects due to their strong scent.

A list of some examples include :

  • Basil : often used in Italian cuisine or commonly found at garden centers.
  • Lavender: known for both its calming properties and pungent fragrance aphids, gnats, mosquitoes are all kept at bay .
  • Mint Leaves: planted between flowers vegetable gardens prevent flea beetles thrips spider mites even the annoying little black dots near misters!

For more options visit nurseries near you !


While fruit flies may be an annoyance ,there are plenty easy ways to combat their existence Utilizing prevention methods like proper sanitation will help .If preventative measures fail one still has other humane opting using baits trapps even repelling them via plant oils
Whatever plan suits you best it is always better than dealing with having unwanted company in your kitchen!

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