Frozen No One Knows: High Above the World

If you’re living under a rock, then you probably don’t know what’s going on with the latest Disney movie. But for those who have seen it already, we all know that Frozen 2 has been one of the most talked-about movies in recent memory. With good reason, too – this sequel is full of witty jokes and songs that truly get stuck in your head (in a good way). However, there’s one song from the movie that seems to be getting overlooked.

A Song Like No Other

When it comes to standout moments in Frozen 2, “Show Yourself” tends to draw most people’s attention. And sure, it’s a fantastic song featuring Idina Menzel delivering another breathtaking performance as Queen Elsa. That being said, there’s another track that deserves our recognition and appreciation – “Frozen No One Knows”.

An Icy Mystery

“Frozen No One Knows” is sung by Kristoff Timbsen accompanied by his reindeer Sven through some of the toughest terrain imaginable during his desperate journey towards finding Anna and Elsa against all odds after facing countless obstacles brimming with danger lurking around every corner.

Kristoff pours out his heart throughout much of this number; singing about how frustrating life can sometimes feel when he knows exactly what he wants but struggles mightily to actually go and get it while also coming face-to-face with an internal struggle between what others expect versus pursuing true love without reservation or fear holding him back.. The lyrics are poignant yet playful because let’s face it – Kristoff isn’t exactly known for taking himself too seriously.

Lost but Not Alone

The story behind ‘Frozen No One Knows’ follows Kristoff wandering through an icy wilderness filled with endless darkness where even daylight seems hours away at times. As fans witness him traipsing across snowcapped mountainsides interspersed by treacherous ravines or deep crevices, dodging cliffs and other perils – this song highlights his journey through that troubled landscape.

With only Sven as his companion Kristoff weighs into a battle against the harshness of nature while his doubts begin to take hold. The emotional complexity portrayed is incredible, given how most children’s animated movies would never present something nearly as dark.

Lyrics From Above

As Kristoff sings “Frozen No One Knows”, it’s hard not to get swept away by the introspective lyrics which are perfectly paired with irreverent yet catchy melodies. The chorus repeats a key phrase that hits home for anyone who has ever felt lost and alone:

“Tossed around like a snowflake
Fighting through another heartache
Lost but not alone”

There is no need to sugarcoat things here; we all know that life can be tough on us –winter storms alike- leaving us feeling crushed under helplessness. However, these words also offer hope in their own way –Kristoff proves just how resilient one person can be when facing obstacles head-on rather than cowering from them out of fear.


Despite being overshadowed by other tracks in Frozen 2, “Frozen No One Knows” stands amongst some of Disney’s greatest musical moments thanks to its ability to balance humor with heartbreak whilst expressing universal themes regarding self-discovery & determination under adversity summed up brilliantly within the track itself;

“No matter what we find outside
We won’t let go of each other tonight
Even if it hurts me, I’ll still fight.”

It might not receive the praise it deserves at first glance but trust me, “Frozen: No One Knows”‘ genuinely resonates with listeners since its message speaks volumes about persevering even in your darkest hours without giving up hope lest you remain forever ‘lost’.

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