Friendship at Home: The Joys of Living with Friends

Are you tired of living alone and having no one to talk to? Are you looking for a way to share your day-to-day experiences with people who understand your struggles, your joys, and those moments that define life? Look no further! Living with friends can be the solution you have been searching for.

What is Friendship?

Friendship is not just about sharing an apartment or house. It goes beyond that- it’s sharing emotions, passions, hobbies, laughs, tears – all under one roof. A true friend will always be there in good times and bad times; someone who comes over to watch Netflix after a stressful day or holds back the hair while vomiting from too many tequila shots during game night.

Benefits of Living with Friends:

The benefits are endless when it comes to living together with friends. Here are some key ones we dug up from our research (AKA staying inside on a Friday night):

1) Increased Social Support

Having roommates provides social support which decreases loneliness and anxiety and helps regulate negative emotional reactions towards daily stressors such as ridiculous employer emails or long lines at Starbucks drive-thru (insert eye roll).

2) Less Financial Burden

Financially speaking (crosses fingers) food expenses can be split among multiple individuals alleviating financial burdens both in terms of buying groceries as well as rental rates.

3) Shared Responsibilities

Living alone means taking care of everything by yourself like cleaning dishes left in the sink from three days ago (disgusting!), vacuuming pet fur/dust bunnies from every crevice imaginable or even finding ways out of getting locked out for two hours because somehow putting keys back into their designated spots got lost between morning coffee making sessions.

With roommates though come shared responsibilities where tasks can easily get divided up amongst everyone including dividing chore responsibility, creating schedules, and resolving disputes.

4) Living with Friends is Fun!

Living with friends allows for constant fun activities to participate in together. Whether it’s watching a favorite TV series or movies, playing board games or video games or even venturing out into the unknown by trying new things like bungee jumping or traveling- there’s bound to be something that everyone can enjoy.

Disadvantages of Living with Friends:

We’d be lying if we said living with close friends doesn’t have its downsides (cue ominous music) Here are some disadvantages to take into consideration:

1) Personal Space Invasion

Every now and then you want your “me time” – space where you can live spontaneously without having someone looking over your shoulder all day long. Alternatively,(sometimes) personal space goes out the window when being squeezed together like sardines in a tin.

2) Noise Pollution

If wrong side of bed exists then noise pollution should top the list as friendship destroyer number two! With multiple people under one roof, living situations may arise where loud chatter while taking conference calls/online classes/digital nomading negatively impacts housemates shared spaces.

3) Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution must happen quickly otherwise festering resentments usually tense up any relaxed atmosphere like fruit left on counter longer than expiry date stamped on packaging.

Communication is Key:

With so many people sharing common spaces &allegiances, communication skills become essential. Without them conflicts escalate faster than heatwaves (climate change gets blamed for everything), joy turns stale and lack of understanding leads towards misinterpretations (Talk about drama!)

Tips for Communicating Effectively:

-Listen carefully before responding
-Speak respectfully using “I” statements instead of “you”
-Take time-out if feelings rise too strong
-Empathize; see from other person’s perspective

Advantages: Disadvantages:
– Increased Social Support
– Less Financial Burden
– Shared Responsibilities
– Living with Friends is Fun!
– Personal Space Invasion
– Noise Pollution
– Conflict Resolution Can Be Tricky at Times.


Living with friends comes with its ups and downs. It provides opportunities for people to share the mundane parts of life together, create memories that they will cherish forever, and overcome various challenges as a group (TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK)

Deciding whether to live together depends heavily on personal preference but ultimately from the benefits discussed above one would realize there’s no place like home when it incorporates friendship.