Friends or girlfriend is more important?

Let’s face it, choosing between our friends and girlfriends can be one of the hardest decisions we make in life. Both relationships hold a significant spot in our hearts, but sometimes priorities have to be made, which can result in hurt feelings and some major FOMO. So what do you choose when both parties are equally as vital? Join me on this journey as we weigh the pros and cons of each relationship, and maybe we’ll come to an answer that suits us all.

What makes a friend?

Friends are people who you share laughs with at brunch over endless Bellinis, watch movies with while binge-eating popcorn or play basketball like your favorite NBA player just lost his livelihood. They know you better than anyone else does – they’ve seen your weird dance moves during university days’ disco nights(). They give fantastic advice even though they may not always agree with yours (which is essential because blindly agreeing with someone screams insecurity).

While talking about friends(), let’s get real; everyone needs fun squad members around them that don’t judge whether its watching Game of Thrones together every Sunday night(). The way they remind us not to go back home drunk after partying () is priceless. It’s a friendship built on loyalty through thick and thin.

Having high-quality friendships has numerous benefits from emotional support to enjoying good times along with celebratory moments shared between finals().

But there are downsides too. While hanging out chatting seems casual most times (), chances are work commitments can take their toll on time meant for relaxing lunches turning into quick bites left unconcluded( ) . Bringing it down to brass tacks: friendships require effort too

Love thy girlfriend

Now moving onto bae territory- girlfriends play another card altogether—them being special reasons why dating apps have been invented! 😉 Our lady loves having undivided romantic attention towards her, understanding lady-centric melodramas (without necessarily having to watch it) and guiding through problems even if her boyfriend would be chill serving single drinks at karaoke nights.

Signing up for a girlfriend means signing up for all the fun that comes with traveling together(). Beach trips, seeing new places or maybe just lounging around doing nothing in particular but enjoying each other’s company. They’re also known to bring out the best in guys ().

Couples who have been happily staying together know how to handle sticky situations calmly(bringing tissues during allergy season), and better communication channels make sure both parties are aware of what they want (). The idea of love isn’t only flowers some days! But there might still be a flip side as well stemming from unmet expectations such as missed plans due to dead phone batteries(coinciding where two wrongs don’t create one right), meaning no amount of unconnected Instagram photos can ease that angst.

Turn on Ad-reading mode

If you found yourself going through this article agreeing with either pro-friends or girlfriends’ components, behold: we have now entered ad-reading mode. Here is your chance to decide— between friends or partners—whose attention do you need more?

Friends – the squad goals that last forever!

The first thing which comes into consideration when deciding friendships vs girlfriend—is probably time management. Spending too much effort trying not to offend any party by being absent could backfire so it’s essential recognizing friends acting like family whereas families stand witness(quotes are important “). There will always be moments wherein certain events clash within friend circles and relationships—horror fans planning movie night whilst someone else’s bachelorette party looms large cannot simply forego attending one over the other without enduring those longing regretful thoughts later when hearing stories from others moving in crowds instead.

However, spending time away from relationships doesn’t mean losing them altogether; after all, those friends are there for a lifetime. They’ve seen you in the worst moments and know how to pick up the pieces when life tests its limits. The most significant advantage here is the lack of pressure—no expectations beyond occasional meet-ups (thereby sprinkling mini-adventures that bring freshness to your independence) while leaving romance algorithms through computer programmers.

Partners – Delightfulness relished by two!

Nothing beats loving someone and being loved back unconditionally(), especially when on crazy rides such as sharing pets or moving in together which serve as game-changers(). However, girlfriends aren’t always smooth sailing—they come with their opinions just like any other human being(meant providing valuable insights into boyfriend issues)(). Small things can be bothersome:(who left the dirty dishes?),(why do shoes go everywhere?), but it’s all part of learning your partner’s quirks().

On top of appreciating each other’s company continuously, relationships also tend to bring about new opportunities in terms of exposure amongst different cultures(gained from her parents’ houses)(). Gaining knowledge from another person who thinks differently than yourself expands horizons one never knew existed previously.

While engagements may involve compromise(and sometimes even sacrificing sleep after playing games straight all night long )for some personal time—the box people put themselves becomes more noteworthy() .

It’s not black or white

The answer isn’t cut-and-dried: “Friends” over “girlfriend.” Relationships evolve every day, meaning what worked years ago might not apply today. Friendships grow stronger over time; they mature similarly albeit discreetly() . At times taking a break works if either(/or both parties cannot stand seeing each other anymore due to work-related woes or exhausting social drama(fandom-whipped arguments probably)). Exploring oneself invariably helps nourish existing relations – noticing how much fun its been with friends could make his girlfriend understand these people take consumption of essential time slots on a priority basis.

On the flip side, relationships require a constant investment of both emotional and physical energy. The power couple paradigm centers around each other first over anyone or anything else. While it’s essential to nurture self-growth, being in sync with one another is crucial also- as seen via iconic movie references (The Notebook?).

To make this fair for everyone reading—instead of choosing between our friends and girlfriends entirely—a possible solution is finding that sweet balance(). This way, neither relationship is compromised while ensuring quality time dedicated towards things important – appreciation can significantly increase through understanding() .

Rules of Road

It’s necessary to remember constructive steps are often needed when trying to navigate ever-evolving relationships since halting them altogether risks losing something extremely precious from their lives().

Tips for keeping friendships alive amidst relationships:

S.No Strategy
1 Plan occasion nights well ahead
2 Make regular calls/Skype/Zoom hangouts(#)
3 Keep up traditions like camping amongst gang every year

Strategies highlighting importance for romantic partners:

  • Regular date nights become mandatory
  • Explore mutual interests simultaneously
  • Travel together

Let`s be real-no friendship has lasted forever solely on its own merits alone. It’s all about maintaining that delicate equilibrium we keep dancing around so passionately in life where nostalgia creeps in() . Whether you choose your boyfriend or best friend at any given moment might differ depending on context; which scenario presents itself more favorable(buying new sneakers together or finally checking out some high-end lounge music club?). A common ground having cordial but realistic intentions during difficult negotiations brings everybody closer—the decision becomes much clearer afterward.

Wrapping up

A bit confused still? Well then have faith: there isn’t really any right answer – only guidance in terms of understanding your own priorities before anything else. Relationships—be it friends, family or special partners—portray different dynamics that perform a unique function in shaping us human beings for the better since any day spent correctly bring happiness to life() . A healthy routine that maintains sound qualities among all kinds of relationships will undoubtedly provide fulfillment leading towards personal growth.

So, whether you choose between pasta and pizza types at an Italian restaurant or who gets to call shotgun on long drives – remember fair play should apply when simultaneous relationships are being maintained() . Now go ahead: grab your squad with one hand while holding onto dainty girlfriend fingers with the other(). After all- Life is too short to waste time picking favorites!

() – a bit theatrical, surely
) – just ask anyone religiously following BTS like myself 😉
) – probably reflecting some internal issues here
) – finals certainly keep featuring up
)- like what our very own Siri suggested 😉

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