Freeze Your Limits with the Ice Shower Challenge

Feeling inventive lately? Want to step up your game, dare to live on the edge, and push yourself in more ways than you ever thought were possible? If so, then buckle up! We’re about to take a plunge into Freezing Paradise. That’s right; we’re talking about none other than The Ice Shower Challenge.

If you think taking an ice shower is as simple as dumping a bunch of crushed ice over your head or standing under a cold tap for five minutes, boy oh boy are you mistaken! In this article, we’ll show you how to step-up your game and really challenge yourself with the most intense icy experience out there!

What is The Ice Shower Challenge?

First things first – let’s define precisely what we mean by “The Ice Shower Challenge.” Simply put: it involves ruthlessly exposing oneself to bone-chilling low temperatures while simultaneously drenching oneself with H2O via an outdoor shower (or garden hose if that floats your boat). This can also include sitting/lying down in frozen water bodies like lakes or oceans before jumping back into another refreshing round of hypothermic torture.

But why do people willingly engage in self-inflicted pain just for some cold-water fun? You may ask. Well simply put- it feels great when you stop hurting.

It’s time for us to give you a rundown of all the ins-and-outs so get ready because it’s going to be Cool (with a capital ‘C’)!

Getting Prepped Up

Before diving too far into this slippery slope, let’s go over safety precautions since safety comes first above everything else (and it helps avoid lawsuits!) Remember:

  • Never try an ice bath alone.
  • Consult your physician before participating if there have been any previous medical issues
  • It is recommended not exceeding 10 mins in freezing water

Finding the Perfect Location

Ah, the locale – arguably one of the most critical components of The Ice Shower Challenge! It sets the stage for all future endeavors and can make or break your experience.

  • Choosing an outdoor location like a cabin house where you get no distractions from curious neighbors
  • Selecting an area with a hot spring nearby to thaw your body back up.

And don’t forget: Scouting out topless beaches is NOT advisable!

Prepping Your Water Source

Temperature-wise, you’ll need water that’s significantly colder than what you’re used to taking showers in. So, when prepping your water source:

  1. Fill small plastic wastebaskets full of H2O (Note: they work great as mini ice baths!), wrap it around some duct tape if need be.
  2. Stack these buckets in advance- whether under cover or not- outside so that they freeze overnight until rock solid.
  3. In keeping with our green philosophy (Do Good Feel Better) , recycling old pitchers/jugs by filling those with cold tap-water and stowing them into the refrigerator/freezer also works just fine!
  4. Now simply bring out required frozen containers before attempting shower therapy.

Timing Is Everything

With The Ice Shower Challenge, timing is vital—start off too slowly and then quickly ramp-up? Or jump right in at max intensity?

Neither! Instead start easy and gradually increase time/intensity over days/weeks/months while simultaneously decreasing how many layers protecting yourself.

Post-Icy Therapy

Once done quenching thirst for hypothermia now comes post workout self-care which can include chemical/natural compounds infused bath soak which helps soothe sore muscles much more effectively than regular warm water.

Bottom Line?

The bottom line is simple folks; When life hands us lemons (or sub-zero temperatures), why fight? Embrace each moment frozen in this high stakes Ice Shower Challenge that has the potential to improve your health, invigorate your senses and set a new standard for taking risks!

So, grab some bin bags (as they pass as rain ponchos), slap on your best eye goggles (to avoid wind chill) and tune-up them earplugs (trust us you will need it) as we prepare ourselves mentally – and physically- for an experience of a lifetime.