Free multiple sclerosis stuff 2020?

Are you tired of the constant medical expenses associated with Multiple sclerosis (MS)? If yes, then brace yourself for a great laugh! This article is all about sharing information on some free multiple sclerosis stuff 2020. Yes, you read that right, FREE! Trust me; there is nothing more sarcastic than thinking about MS while enjoying some jokes.

The Best Ways to Save Money on MS

The good news? There are several ways to get your hands on some free items related to managing MS symptoms. Before we dive into the list of freebies, let’s discuss how you can save money in other areas:

Reimbursement Programs

There are certain reimbursement programs available for people who suffer from this disease. You just need to apply and check eligibility criteria before applying.

Insurance Premiums

Find out if your insurance premiums may be reduced based upon assistance programs or financial assistance provided by pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical Trials

Numerous trials constantly look for participants suffering from MS-related diseases which offer help as well as cover costs partially or entirely sometimes.

Besides addressing these three areas, we have got something else worth laughing at- Free things!!

Let’s Get Started With Some Funny Free Shit Suggestions 🙂

  1. Brochures & Information Packets

    As someone with an incurable auto-immune disease like Multiple Sclerosis, one can never have enough INFORMATION RIGHT?! 😂Luckily organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society provide brochures on symptom management, treatment options and coping mechanisms-all FOR FREE!!

  2. Cooling Products

Umm…feeling hot? 😒Don’t sweat it because you don’t need to spend a penny when it comes to cooling products‼ These include items such as neck wraps, arm sleeves and vests purely meant for keeping cool heads even in the middle of hot summers. Most companies use this smart marketing trick to send out samples for free! So now, you can chill all summer long without costing any more money.

  1. Beauty Products

Did Covid prevent even MS warriors from attending a spa day? Don’t worry- we’ve got your back here too. Multiple brands provide beauty products and cosmetics ranging from dry shampoo to face mask/scrub meant just for patients dealing with difficulty in mobility or cognitive functions that cannot make it into a salon or their regular cosmetic store run.
Some of these fantastic products include:

- Skinfix Hand Repair Cream
- Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara
- Ren Clean Skincare & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray
- Shower cap to avoid unhygienic bathing scenarios.
  1. Mobility Aids

Losing balance is one major symptom of MS but we have some good news there too! An array of companies offer Free mobility aids varying from rollators, bath transfer benches , hospital bed tables etc.All designed with practicality over pimping instruments 😉
Some options to try:

Goodwill serves as one source for such items like commodes which folks kindly donate when the actual purpose isn’t being relevant anymore 🙂

  1. Educational Tools

From pamphlets on nutrition and exercise, speech therapy training tools online webinar videos (featuring fellow patients swapping stories), several organizations offer FREE education tools based on different phases during your multiple sclerosis journey towards taking information power into your hands!

6.### Prescription Medicine Shipping Programs

As if medication cost alone isn’t steep enough already😯 Major pharmaceutical retailers always alert about medicine delivery delays at least once in every 24 hours!! Securing Parcels quicker using next-day shipping services offered by Medication manufacturers reduces the delay time and expense costs.
A program worth looking up: The Copaxone Co-Pay Solutions ® Program through Teva Neuroscience.
It also offers discounts on prescription copayments and injection medications for patients treated in healthcare facilities.

  1. Samples from Freebie websites

Visit a popular “free stuff” website like .In fact tons of such portals now offer a variety of products ranging from hygiene kits to protein pack snacks! So have fun while trying out new things 😂!

8.### Health Lodge

Staying healthy is hard enough, but when you’re living with MS, figuring out how to properly take care of yourself can often feel overwhelming. There are community centers available that support having peer-to-peer interactions where patients carrying similar health challenges share their experiences and gain better ideas through each others’ company.They offer activities too like Tai Chi or meditation class which strengthens cognitive functions helpful in managing MS symptoms.

9.### Hearing aids

Hearing loss could sometimes be an uncommon symptom caused by multiple sclerosis; however it’s completely possible needing help hearing without any financial burden.The Miracle-Ear Foundation helps provide low-income individuals getting free hearing aids taking care of audiologist fees(up to $300). Also most states promote insurance coverage policies for getting the same aid😯💰- saving big bucks here!!

10.Tech means Socializing!!!

Human connection 😀is important as well reducing stress levels elevating mood 🤗Video chat therapy sessions(offered at no cost) required for Mental health counseling funded under government-care frameworks hence reaching folks easily inclined towards making mental-health consultations can resort safe communication options with licensed professionals online- A pleasant alternative considering telehealth sustainability due to covid restrictions during some weird times presently.
Examples include:

- Life4ward group
- National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Some say laughter is the best medicine,when you’re spending zilch dollars all your medical issues seemingly get solved! If this article made even one person laugh or learn about these simple tips for saving money, then it has done its job correctly. With the assortment of Free stuff out there you don’t have to worry about your wallet being as light as feather every time any new symptom appears 😊Take advantage!!

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