Freak It Like You Want It: My Secret Skill

Have you ever attended a party and felt out of place because you lacked any cool skill to show off? Do not fret anymore. I have discovered a secret skill that always leaves people gaping in awe whenever I perform it -freaking! What is this freaky skill, you may ask? It’s the art of freaking to any music genre with impeccable moves, no matter how crazy it looks.

In this article, we are going to explore everything about my rare gift that never fails to impress anyone on the dance floor. From discussing its origin, down to tips and tricks for mastering it. But before we get started, let me stress something here; the art of freaking is not for everyone.

The Birth Of A Masterpiece

The concept behind freaking has been around since forever. Thriving in those dark decrepit basements where youngsters gather after sneaking from their parents’ homes for wild music sessions often infused by alcohol and drugs – rave parties!- During these gatherings just like some underground hiphop battles, one person would take over the center stage and start dancing uncontrollably until he collapses or hands over control to someone else willing enough to give his best shot at mimicking or even creating new moves–the freakier; the better!

That said guys,I’m telling you now-this isn’t your conventional style formality. Freaky isn’t that stuff they do on So You Think You Can Dance kind shows.
Freaking isn’t choreographed!.
Allowing yourself free rein over your body muscle movement as instinct applies. Dancing through internal rhythm guides the head nods winks wipes and twirls-whatever feels right at each beat pattern-that was born purely out of passion

As years went by morphed into different versions/improvisations/tricks, Freaky evolved into a distinct style that involves giving ode to the music while imposing your own rhythm on it. Whether RnB or soul, blues, jazz or hip-hop –with each having their unique tempo and tone- my secret skill finds ways of connecting with each genre’s diverse sound elements through dance interpretation.

Looking at how people react whenever I hit that freak-move; you’d think everyone could do it but trust me IT’S NOT THAT EASY.

The Key Moves: My Secret Skill

Every dancer has certain moves they rely upon regardless of what song is playing because some are just so versatile and cool in themselves still going along well with any beat pattern thrown into the mix
I call these key moves-essentially,-the signature trademarked actions that breed individuality in every freak move made.

I tend to separate them according to male or female dancers:

Male Key-Moves

1. Stomping action
2. Dougie motion
3. Moonwalk movements
4. Crump hits

Female Key-Moves

  1. Shoulder shimmies
  2. Hair flips
  3. Hip roll/sway motions
  4. Leg lifts/kicks etc.

These keys are not limited to just men/women stuff. Toss someone out there, who is gender-nonconforming/cross-dressing fluid will give you much more daring versions as far as breaking traditional dance conventions go

While mastering these key-moves can help you get started with freaking, effectively letting go-your Dance-mind make those instinctual choices determining necessary stiff-body parts-bam-you’re Freaking!

The Stages Of A Perfect Freak Move

The perfect freaking sequence proceeds in three stages-namely;

1) The buildup Stage

Before getting into the groove,you have first combined sensory awareness & concentration needed when playing your chosen tune, following so as to extract you momentarily from surrounding stimuli, with a strong feel for the song. Using the right music is crucial, going along with upbeat tunes generally promotes good high vibe feelings.

2) Creating The Right Atmosphere

When freaking to any music genre out there, creating an ideal atmosphere does half of the trick! You must let go of your inhibitions and fully immerse yourself inthe rhythm. Which also means bring down personal injury risk by picking a suitable dance floor.

Ensure you have enough space free for maneuvering (minimum required lengthwise step-range extending straight in front before rotating furiously).Take necessary safety precautions. This shouldn’t mean gridlocked spaces-crazy moves require more physiological freedom

If desirous kind of freak involves radical ‘false’ face expression-correct window lighting preference could intensify satisfaction levels when reflecting off all those audience eyes/occasional mobile flash cameras aimed at little old-you!

Freaking Tips & Tricks (Just For You!)

Finally, here are some tips that will help improve your freak on:

  1. Intensity Is Key – To master this secret skill like I do,you should really FEEL it. Loose up enough as thick beats transfix every inch of muscle telling unique body parts where each part might want to earn their own timing.

  2. Start From Humility – don’t worry about looking silly while feeling crazy,learn the basic styles first then proceed gradually by pushing envelopes through constant improvisation/trial & error till you find that niche Of Yet-tobe-discovered-Moves

  3. Mirror-Mirror On-The Wall Over There-Help Me Perfect It All-:-; Watching others with similar styles but edited accordingly adds useful twists into one’s signature styling techniques into his own unpredictable flair

  4. Feel Free To Experiment With Different Clothing Styles! – A little unconventional idea if your friends are used to seeing you in formal/work attire isn’t it but trust me-loosen up that tie/shirt and let the music take over!

  5. Choose Your Groove Infusion Wisely!– remember All Music Is Good Music Accordingly; – while twerking is definitely a thing these days, not all music genres endorse it consider other more subtle styles like slow rock, pop locking etc.


The art of freaking may seem peculiar or crazy at first, but once you experience the intense thrill of being “in control” while letting go on the dance floor and giving room for creativity always pushing envelopes towards boundary-less-self-discovery-you’d never wanna be anywhere else again!

So there you have it folks-. Take that leap forward now brave yourselves challenge almighty-gravity floating about into fantasy land with every beat drops announcing fresh unknown hazards-test boundaries freak beyond those limits-unleash unheard inner talents

And as I prefer saying


Like my little contribution? Don’t hesitate to tell us about how well this works for you too via comments section below.