Forgiving someone who stole from you?

It’s never easy to have your trust broken in the worst way possible – having someone steal from you. No matter what was taken, whether it be something of sentimental value or just cold hard cash, it can leave you feeling violated and angry.

But eventually, most people reach a crossroads where they wonder if they should forgive the individual who stole from them. After all, forgiveness is supposed to be one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves.

So how do you go about forgiving someone who took what wasn’t theirs? Let’s discuss some steps you can take towards forgiveness.

Acknowledge Your Anger

Before anything else, it’s important to acknowledge that the anger and frustration you feel after being stolen from are valid emotions. No one has the right to invade your personal space like that without facing consequences.

That being said, holding onto this anger forever won’t make things better either; it only hurts us, not them. So try sitting with these feelings for a while before making any decisions on whether or not to forgive.

You don’t want to respond too quickly out of emotion either way!

Understand Why They Did It

There could be many different reasons why someone felt compelled to steal from another person; maybe they were struggling financially and didn’t see another option at the time?

Perhaps there was something specific that triggered their behavior as well. By understanding these factors which led up to their crime allows room for empathy towards them despite what they did wrongfully so!

Try putting yourself in their shoes before arriving at any conclusions as once again rushing into actions would result harshly against yourselves only.

Communicate How You’re Feeling

If this person is still present in your life somehow (like say they’re coworker), communicating how their actions hurt AND affect others might help bring empathy between both parties involved.

Explain PATIENTLY why what they did was wrong and harmed you in many ways. But don’t be too harsh either because Everyone makes mistakes, so how we communicate to them after these actions matters way more than anything else!

Remember, this will go a long way for making pure intentions of forgiveness ON BOTH SIDES – so that means any leftover grudges which could’ve led towards something worse would dissipate eventually over time.

Don’t Forget They’re Human Too

While someone stealing from us might feel like the ultimate betrayal, it’s important to remember that whoever took from you is still just a person.

There are plenty of good people who do bad things due to circumstances beyond their control or without thinking through the effects of their behavior; nobody’s perfect! Sure there were consequences due to their actions, BUT I think as humans only when we forgive others whilst accepting those imperfections can we truly move on happily with our lives again.

So try not to turn them into some sort of monster or demon in your mind, and remain empathetic throughout whatever resolution process comes along ahead!

Decide if Forgiveness Is Right For You

After taking some time out for yourself, communicating about feelings involved with said theft scenario(we talked about acknowledging anger earlier), attempting once understanding reason behind actions made by the other party AND trying empathizing/yet accepting human tendencies…

It all comes down now: Are you willing to forgive?

Forgiveness is NOT always easy but one thing I’m sure of here today folks that’ll help YOU:

Listen closely- it’s YOUR decision alone whether or not forgiving someone who stole from you sounds right at this moment. Think thoughtfully & diligently reflecting upon whichever option goes best WITHIN Your personal internal belief systems BECAUSE equally listening TO what Yourself needs/wants should ALWAYS come first!

Besides isn’t regretting after any action taken worse? So It’s better to think wisely before making any decisions.

Final Thoughts

In the end, forgiving someone who stole from you might seem like an impossible task. But it can be done with some dedication and empathy towards those who did wrong – trust me on this!

Just remember that forgiveness isn’t about letting them off the hook for their actions nor giving a pass or an optimist vibe of abundance but rather more of healing your wounds then accepting what has already happened once forgave (moreover still knowing right from wrong).

It’s meant as a way for YOU to move forward without bitterness consuming every waking moment! Remember: walking away stronger and healthier than previously belongs TO ‘Forgiveness’ crew only!

Whether or not you choose to forgive is up to you; we’re all different people with various perspective on many different things throughout life, what matters most is working strategically after whatever choice made responsibly.

So take your time reflecting upon these steps mentioned & decide what “you” truly want- because THAT alone will bring happiness in life long term guys!