Forever Changed: My Life with Michael Jackson

Let me tell you all about the time I spent with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It was a wild ride, and it’s safe to say that my life was forever changed after meeting him. From dancing with him to witnessing some of his quirks, here’s an inside look at what it was like being around MJ.

The First Encounter

I’ll never forget the day I met the Michael Jackson. He strode into the studio in all his glory wearing a sparkling jacket and we couldn’t help but stare in awe. We were working on our dance moves for a music video when he stopped by to check out our routine.


Suddenly without any indication or warning whatsoever MJ broke into a moonwalk right there in front of us! The room fell silent as if everyone had taken their breath away at once – that is until one brave soul cheered encouragingly from the background interrupting an awkward silence followed by another then one more and finally soon enough..WE WERE CHEERING !And as competitive dancers who were surely not going down without a fight decided we’re insanely talented too so challenged the King Of Pop himself to a dance-off

Just Like Watching A Kid In His Candy Store

MJ would often invite us over after rehearsals. One minute he’d be bouncing up and down excitedly talking about Disneyland while drinking strawberry milkshakes (apparently this combination helped make you smarter)? Next thing we knew, he’d turn completely childlike sprinting outside for water gun battles under sprinklers or sending someone out for candy only kids’ eat-such moments made it seem like whatever bad had happened prior just disappeared such simple happy-go-lucky moments seemed nothing short of “magical”

Fun Times But With Quirks!

Don’t get me wrong; MJ wasn’t always perfect- Everyone has their eccentricities, but his was the next level of quirky! Ever seen him wear a surgical mask out in public? His reason: to protect himself from microbes that float in plain air. While we’re on this topic–he only drank water fished out of Poland Springs Water bottles since those were the only ones he trusted.

Not too pleased!

Oh and let me tell you about this – MTV secretly filmed him once, so he wore a raincoat around for weeks after to shield from possible showers (ever heard anything as unusual?) Or well if anyone happened eating while he was around had better have plates or hands wearing gloves up, or Michael would call them on it !

A Sad Incident

Despite performing at sold-out shows and having many adoring fans worldwide Michael’s legal battle with child abuse accusations remained common knowledge. He would call us crying every other day worrying that people thought poorly of him with some pleading conversations seeking reassurances & others bittersweet adieu(s)

The unimaginable thing here is seeing someone so talented yet incredibly fragile at the same time…

The Nostalgia!

Often bumping into songs by The Jackson 5- still listening ;reminds me of how exceptional MJ actually was when it came down to music production –It’s kind except like “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”, they made such remarkable strategies when losing their lead vocalist instead, thanks to MJ who stepped in..

We can never be sure what we’ll wake up to tomorrow-the least guaranteed thing happening along our ways is change just constant moving forwards-All I know for certain is despite everything Michael Jackson remains an indelible part of my story one which transformed my days completely.

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