First Impressions: How We Met named our fate

We all want to believe that our fate is in our hands, that we have control over our lives and the direction they take. But sometimes, it’s not up to us because first impressions matter more than you think. The encounters we have with people help shape who we are and ultimately determine where we end up.

The Awkward Meeting

Picture this: It’s a warm summer day, and I’m walking down the street feeling confident and self-assured. Suddenly, out of nowhere comes a guy riding a unicycle while juggling pineapples! Yep, you read that correctly – juggling pineapples. My initial thought was “Who on earth does this guy think he is?”

Love at First Sight?

It cannot be love at first sight if you are busy judging someone by his or her fruit-juggling (and unicycling) skills! Yet here I am four years later living with Pineapple-Juggler-Master himself (also known as PJM for short). Life can be quite unpredictable, wouldn’t you agree?

Field of Dandelions

Maybe something about being outdoors makes us feel free; or perhaps it’s just the fresh air filling up your lungs as though every breath holds endless potential triumphs – like finding an entire field of oversized dandelions waiting for picking!

Bottomless Pit

Relationship-wise speaking there will always be ups & downs in commitments but what seems constant across couples is their hypothetical ‘bottomless pit’ dynamics when getting married… So much planning goes into weddings from colors schemes to flower arrangements to seating charts,to avoid coming off looking cheap, lazy or plain ol’ misers… And don’t even get me started on how hard selecting an unforgettable honeymoon destination or buying insurance coverage would prove after months-worth researches around them both.

Tips On Making Good Impression

Like it or not, first impressions matter. If you want to make a good impression when meeting someone new, here are some tips to help you.

Dress Well

While clothes might not seem like they have much impact on how people perceive us – trust me, they do! Make sure that whatever style works best for who-you-are is also making sense in front of whom-you’re-meeting with – and if there’s any doubt then probably work on beefing up the look instead than keeping it simple & bland.

Mind Your Manners

Remember your parents pushing table manners? While all such little things may sound too cheesy now but politeness can make a huge difference in creating an unforgettable first encounter (even though it’s sometimes overrated).

Keep the Conversation Flowing

Talking about last night’s soap opera won’t quite cut off at least ,not from anyone other than Grandma Zelma… Find out beforehand what interests or hobbies your conversation partner has and try having decent informed opinions around them so chances of instant bonding increase e.g travel destinations,favorite authors, pet peeves etc.

Bad Impressions And Future Consequences

Making bad first impressions can have serious consequences. Not only will it potentially ruin your chance to establish a relationship with someone, but it could affect future opportunities you’re unaware of yet…

Career Frontier

A potential client visits our business which had some unorganized paperwork and she ends up leaving because she thinks we aren’t organized enough. The lady later refers her boss—who we didn’t even know was interested—to sign up with another company simply due to being tired visiting these chaotic premises again.She likely lost us future business!

Love Life frontline

If every time someone meets PJM he decided to perform his pineapple juggling tricks hoping this would win them over,a lot fewer individuals would have become friends with him.Or just imagine a guy walking into restaurant acting crass with his date just because he doesn’t think their relation would last beyond that evening – you can bet your bottom dollar the chances of a second meeting are slim to none.

Changing Already-formed Impressions

Is it possible to change someone’s first impression of you? Yes- depending on how good or bad it was, if you catch the person’s attention through something else which outranks previous opinion!

Not so Snobbish Afterall

One time, Selena Gomez got everyone in her audience yelling out “Who Says?” repeatedly. I had strong opinions about people who listen to pop music earlier – call me ‘snob’ if you will-, but her infectious energy left me wanting more of such sing-alongs.Of course, then came “The weekend” debacle later and there went my perception all over again.

Recovery Hole

Even when accidental foot-in-mouth occurs that leave both parties simmering when practicing sentences before offering them is not much possible… The next best thing would be trying clearing up any misunderstanding , bringing back veil around regrets felt & expressing positive intentions moving forward (just don’t wait too long!).

The Importance Of Judging Rightly From First Meets

First impressions really do matter. They can impact our lives in ways we never even imagine until they occur.PJM riding past my vision looked bizarre moments ago;but seems now he’ll remain forever my trusty fruit juggling partner!

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