Fidelis eye insurance?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your eyes suddenly decided to abandon their duties, leaving you stranded in a world of darkness? Scary, isn’t it? Luckily, we have eye insurance to ensure that our precious eyeballs are always taken care of. One such eye insurance provider is Fidelis the company that promises to protect your vision with its top-notch policies.

In this article, we will take a hilarious and informative dive into the world of Fidelis eye insurance. We’ll explore what they offer and why they are considered one of the best in the business.

Introduction: Who Exactly is Fidelis?

Before we delve deep into the nitty-gritty details about Fidelis’ services let’s answer an important question – who exactly are these guys?

Well folks, brace yourselves for some mind-blowing facts because Fidelis is not just any old insurance provider – it’s a NEW YORK CITY based health plan! Yes, you read that right – The Big Apple gave birth to one of America’s leading healthcare providers. And as all New Yorkers know; if it comes from NYC then it has got to be good!

What Makes Them Stand Out From Other Providers?

So now that you know where they come from let us tell ya what makes them different from other providers:

They Offer Comprehensive Eye Coverage

Unlike many other insurance companies focusing on dental/medical procedures only ,FIDELIS offers comprehensive coverage specifically designed for your vision needs: routine exams and check-ups , prescription glasses or contacts lenses and also surgical removals like laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) etc.

With over 35 thousand optometrists in their network readily available at regular medical centers or specialized offices their clients can rest assured knowing everything related with sight will be covered under their plans.

They’ve Got Easy Enrollment Options

We all know that the traditional ways of signing up for insurance can sometimes be long, daunting and plain ol’ boring. Well, with Fidelis you don’t have to worry about any of that.

They’ve got online application forms – with easy-to-understand language (hallelujah!) ,and also an option to sign up via phone or mail giving their clients a chance to choose what suits them best! So whether you’re a techie who loves doing things on your device or someone who prefers communicating on the phone (we see ya grandma!) rest assured they’ve gotcha covered!

Let’s Talk Pricing: Are They Reasonable?

Folksss this is where it gets juicy! When we talk about healthcare providers ,pricing is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. And understandably so because let’s face it “money doesn’t grow on trees” but would it not be great if companies realized this themselves? Don’t worry, though; Fidelis has gotten its priorities straight by offering amazingly affordable plans – no magical money tree needed.

Their premiums start at $25 monthly which in reality means two grande cups from Starbucks per month – and we all know how much coffee freaks need their fix wink wink. Could you imagine having eye coverage without compromising your caffeine addiction?. That’s almost like hitting jackpot if one asks us!

And just in case folks are still not convinced here’s another selling point; some plans may come with Medicaid assistance making it even more accessible for those among us struggling financially.

Coverage Area: Who Can Benefit From Their Insurance Plans?

Now comes the million dollar question: What areas do FIDELIS cover??? Drum roll please……

Let’s unveil our table below!!!

State County
NY All Counties
TX El Paso Only
OH Lucas County

Yes, you saw it right Fidelis currently only provides services in three areas comprising of all counties (drum roll please) – in New York state; El Paso county Texas and Lucas county Ohio. So if You’re not living within any of these areas the heart wrenching news is that alas you cannot avail their insurance plans just yet but we’d suggest keeping an eye out for any future expansions!

In It to Satisfy Their Customers

Sure everyone says they care about customer satisfaction but does everybody deliver on this promise? With Fidelis they take it very seriously as demonstrated by their free translation service available in 200 + languages aiming to cater to clients from multilingual backgrounds so nobody feels left behind.

And after reading other people’s comments online the one thing that stands out is how spot-on their Customer Service team has been found! –nope, we aren’t kidding!
The few who had intricate eye surgery could vouch for them being attentive throughout the post procedure recovery. They also got kudos for answering queries comprehensively with well explained answers through follow up calls.

Some Final Words- “To Be Or Not To Be” Covered?

Eye health might be at the bottom of your list when considering policies since you figure “I probably see fine what’s there to worry about?” But hear us out;
more often than not vision problems are asymptomatic which means patients won’t realize something’s wrong until they’re halfway down a flight of stairs or driving (YIKES!) so coming emotionally prepared ahead seem like a pretty wise idea, wouldn’t y’all say?
What better way than signing up with Fidelis Insurance under NY,TX & OH residents coverage area?!

Folks We hope this gave ya some laughs and clarity regarding FIDELIS Eye Insurance benefits so go ahead ensure those beautiful eyes don’t miss out on a good plan- binge them with the best coverage for a clear and perfect vision!