Fibroscan f2?

Where would the medical industry be without advancements in technology? To prevent ourselves from turning into actual lab rats, we need to rely on technological advancements. One such advancement that has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases is Fibroscan F2. And unlike other advancements we’ve seen over the years like Fitbits and Apple watches, this one actually serves a purpose.

What is Fibroscan F2?

FibroScan F2 (FS-F2) is an accurate and non-invasive method for assessing liver fibrosis/steatosis stiffness score by quantitatively measuring shear wave velocity using high-frequency vibrations (I know right?). The device consists of an ultrasound probe connected to a numerical analysis program that determines how much strain your liver can take before splitting open like a cheap pair of jeans.

How Does It Work?

The machine sends gentle vibrations through your skin into your liver. Think about it as an intense belly tickle session with added consequences – you better hope you’re not too ticklish! These waves then bounce onto different structures inside your organa which are picked up by sensors in the ultrasound part of the device creating images for diagnosis become available almost instantly after Doctors have access to them on their computer (this ain’t no Polaroid instant camera my friend).

Is It Painful?

You’ll thank us for telling you this because nothing feels worse than when someone sugarcoats something unpleasant or painful – so here’s the truth, NO! Seriously though, let us explain… it does have slight discomfort but trust me; getting hit was way more hurtful when you were younger (unless its just me) but compared to traditional methods or even simple blood tests required in most hospital visits…. it’s going to feel like putting on comfy shoes so don’t freak out!

Who Needs A FibroScan F2?

Aren’t you tired of being cooped up in a hospital room, getting blood tests and biopsies done every time? It’s almost like they’re waiting for something to show up after stabbing the hell out of your arms. Well, some patients who may require Fibroscan F2 are those with chronic hepatitis B/C, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), or alcoholic liver disease.

Chronic Hepatitis Patients

FS-F2 assessment is significant in determining if there has been an improvement in conditions over time or if it’s just staying stagnant regardless of any treatments used (think house training)

Alcoholic Liver Disease

For the fun-loving party animals (and we don’t judge) that are heavy drinkers & diagnosed with ALD – this protocol allows doctors to visually determine how many years left till full-on alcohol toxicity kicks in! Jokes aside these assessments will pave the way for necessary lifestyle changes and measures taken – no more mimosas on a Tuesday morning instead go back to good old-fashioned ice tea – quick plug 6 pack everyday life partnership anyone?

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases

Think obesity central (Non as delicious as Oreo central though) but on a slightly grimmer path of liver fibrosis stage. Essentially what happens here is fat gets deposited all over your insides causing harm leading to NAFDL diagnosis. FS-F@ can provide quantifiable measurements showing degrees severity itself thereby offering prognostic value accordingly beneficial for doctors planning preventative actions.

How Is It Beneficial Over Traditional Methods Such As Biopsy?

Gone are days when doctors would have sleepless nights sitting next you hurrying their nurses back and forth holding tubes filled with dark-red liquids inside(WTF!). Even worse still – biopsy results usually take few painful days until actual results come out (probably not exactly ‘Christmas came early’ feeling receiving those results huh).

With FS-F2, diagnosis becomes available almost instantly after doctors have access to them on their computer. These assessable metrics can help determine the severity of diseases, treatment plans required and even make a plan for future preventive measures(A win-win situation indeed).

Shorter Time

Not only is it less painful than traditional methods – this non-invasive procedure takes under eight minutes (Yes 8) from start to finish!

More Accurate

FS-F2 assessments are known to provide measurements that carry high levels accuracy allowing for more customized & appropriate medical care (pretty much like having Santa Claus get you what you wanted all year unlike your parents where there’s always some issue)

What Are The Advantages Of Using FibroScan F2?

Apart from being extremely reliable(heck! We didn’t use techs by putting our own lives in danger outta curiosity?) here are other reasons as if we needed any others – but just incase:

  1. Non-Invasive Diagnosis Method (Keep snapping those selfies while lying down with no tubes sticking off you… dreamy right)
  2. Rapid Analysis & Results
  3. Customized Medical Care
  4. Ability To Monitor Over Time

In addition, these aren’t the only things FibroScan can be used for – ranging from Musculoskeletal Diseases to Hepatology issues; we’re still crosschecking how far it goes so sit tight (and checkin’ those cholesterol levels buddy)

While i almost wish I had an article explaining the workings of every other technical device extensively(not really) trust me when I say….I’m glad we’re educating ourselves about safe and easy procedures such as FS- F@ …..because who wants needles poking through veins every few days amirite?

Sometimes its little decisions such as getting a quick scan done lasting mere ‘Eight Minutes’ that may change one’s life potentially helping deal with future issues. It may even lead to healthier living and prevention of any diseases preventing a simple (yet vital) hobby such as visiting one’s local barbershop before they go bald(because honestly who does both – checking enzyme levels & getting head massages?)

Stay healthy, stay happy!