Famous people who had smallpox?

Have you ever heard of smallpox? Of course, you have! It’s that delightful little virus that likes to leave its mark on people in the form of unsightly pocks. I mean, seriously – who doesn’t love being covered head-to-toe with festering bumps and scabs? Well, apparently a few famous folks didn’t mind sporting this less-than-glamorous look as they battled smallpox over the years.

What is Smallpox?

Before we get too deep into discussions about our favorite red-carpet celebrities who had their brush with smallpox, let’s talk a bit about what smallpox actually is. Basically, it’s an incredibly contagious disease caused by Variola major or minor viruses. Symptoms usually start off mild (think fever and fatigue), but then quickly ramp up into those aforementioned lovely symptoms – namely chills, fever, and bloody urine. Oh yeah- and let’s not forget all those pretty skin eruptions which can eventually lead to permanent scars!

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Our first victim er… celebrity on this list has got to be none other than English aristocrat Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762). She was both writer AND adventurer – two occupations one wouldn’t typically think would mix much in pre-Victorian England – because she was never able to turn down any invitation for excitement or advancement life could offer her! Upon accompanying her husband Edward Wortley Montagu during his diplomatic posting at Constantinople (now Istanbul) from 1716-18 , she committed herself personally against the deadly effects of the disease regularly afflicting Ottoman Empire which resulted enabled her son Edward-Wortly Monagtu largely regarded as ‘The conquerer of Small pox’; thereby became First Briton inoculated; In time many followed suit leading towards eventual eradication of the disease more than two centuries later. First Hand Witnesses in Royal and Upper-class circles confirmed ‘inoculation’ from whence vaccine would take off..

Queen Elizabeth I

If you thought smallpox was only prevalent among the common folk, think again! Apparently even Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 1st (1533-1603) wasn’t immune to this lovely malady. In fact, back during her rule in England (from 1558 -1603), there were several major outbreaks of the disease that wreaked havoc throughout much of Europe. But although she contracted smallpox herself at one point, it seems like she managed to make a full recovery without too many permanent scars.

Vladmir Lenin

The famous Russian revolutionary leader1870–1924 who played a key role in founding Soviet republic after overthrowing Tsarist autocracy , also had his share of trouble with smallpox as well.He had pock marks on his face which seemed pretty severe but he ended up dying for another reason unrelated to Small Pox

Small group meetings amongst anti-Tsar related activists to discuss matters soon developed into widespread dissemination causing outbreak propelling Smal pox into epidemic proportions under Tsaristas Russia; such incidents bore resemble something akin towards biological warfare today.

Edgar Allan Poe

Ever heard about author Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) suffering from any illnesses? Chances are good you might not have been aware that he suffered through an episode with none other than….you guessed it!…smallpox!. While we all know him for his spellbinding horror stories and ravings involving talking animals or phantasmagorical events,he wouldn’t let some pesky little virus get him down when crafting literary masterpieces!

Daniel Lambert

If someone asked what defines ‘biggest human being ever known’, your answer would no doubt be,distinguished by a combination of factors weighing in well over what would be considered healthy range. Meet Daniel Lambert (1770–1809) – who garnered some such attention after weighing in at an eye-watering 739 lbs back in the late 1700s-early 1800s.One also notices his chubby appearance, which amusingly seems to model that of smallpox victims before they contract any diseases.

Now let’s leave all those poor celebs behind and dive into the world of general celebrity smallpox stats with this table below!

Famous People Who Contracted Smallpox

Name Occupation Nationality Year contracted
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Writer, Adventurer English Early eighteenth century
Queen Elizabeth I Monarch English Sixteenth century
Edgar Allan Poe ✝ Author United States Nineteenth century
Vladimir Lenin Politician Russian Nineteenth & early twentieth centuries

Final thoughts….

So there you have it, folks – a few samples (among many! )of famous individuals across time and culture who suffered through their own personal bout with smallpox. Sure, it’s not likely that we’ll see too much more human exposure to virulent outbreaks nowadays due largely to vaccines emerging from historical experiences shared; but hey – if anything comes out of studying these historic figures ,at least we get find proof positive that contracting diseases like these once upon generations past remains relevant even today as deadly foci for public health importance.Thus adding weight or need towards development new state-of-art technological advances promised under Science..

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