Expecting Moms Rejoice: Beetroot Benefits in Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! I’m sure by now, you’re aware of the importance of a healthy diet during your pregnancy. But what else can you do to ensure the growth and development of your baby is as smooth sailing as possible?

One answer lies in beetroot. Yes, beetroot – that deep red root vegetable often associated with salads and pretty Instagram food posts. In this article, we will explore the benefits of eating beetroot during pregnancy.

Introduction: Why You Should Pay Attention to Beetroots…

Beetroots are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can play an important role in pregnancy health. Some studies have shown that consuming beets on a daily basis while pregnant (in moderation) could benefit both mommies-to-be and their unborn babies.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of beets!

The Power Packed Nutrients in Beetroots

Here’s what one medium-sized cooked or pickled beet provides:

  • A modest 59 calories
  • Approximately 2 grams fiber
  • About 2 grams protein
  • Less than 1 gram fat
  • Vitamins B9 (folate), C, Iron; Manganese; Potassium & Magnesium.

That might not seem like much when compared to other vegetables out there but it’s needful for helping immune system function properly especially at such a vulnerable stage like pre-natal care….and don’t even get us started about how good they taste!

Folate for Vital Development

Folate(Vitamin B9) helps reduce risk factors:

  • Spina bifida [1]
  • Neural tube defects

These birth-related issues have been recorded more frequently worldwide,and folates as recommended intake has remained consistent. So beet-based meals is trying something new right?

Thank goodness expectant mothers have an excuse to get their share of beets. One cup of beet contains approximately 136 micrograms of folate, which is about one-third that required in a day.

Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Development

Eating beetroots provides a significant amount of choline(a vitamin-like nutrient) – an essential micronutrient involved in cognitive development and neural function control. Choline helps form the main structural components for brain cells’ membranes needed during learning years.Some nervous system complications have been linked to very low maternal stores,but it’s important to note intake before pregnancy can help both mother and baby.

So indulge,chow down those roasted or candied root veggies,your little one will thank you now…and later!

The Benefits Extend Beyond Pregnancy

All the nutrients mentioned above offer benefits even after pregnancy when celery sticks may no longer hold quite as much appeal:

  • Iron: Prevents postpartum iron-deficiency.
  • Improved immune function from antioxidants; further reducing inflammation and oxidative stress levels
  • Better digestion with enough fiber maintaining bowel movements regular

Why not incorporate beetroot into your diet now? After all, who doesn’t want better health – pregnant or not?

Safe Levels of Consumption During Pregnancy

As you know by now, moderation is the key here…. because though there are many definite benefits,research has shown excess folic acid gets stored up in our body leading us at risks…. At least time on this deal its relatively safe.Start slowly maybe half a small sized beet(75gms),and increase as tolerable.

An important reminder too would be washing thoroughly,due diligence while cooking,and overall organic options if affordable.Who knows ? Maybe growing your own might just become your family hobby ?

You’re ready for Beets!

If cooked properly,a beet dish stays fresh-tasting,sweet not bitter.And think about experimenting with new recipes like pickled slices , hot pepper relish or including in flavourful juices. The possibilities are endless.

Who knew one vegetable could be a game changer? So head on out to your local grocer,grab that big bunch of beetroot and embrace the wonders it has to offer.From targeted nutritional benefits through brain development we encourage you to tryreal food like our beloved beets for better health for yourself and those little tummy tickles!

Get chopping…. And enjoy!

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