Ex Struck: When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good

Breaking up with someone is like pulling off a band-aid. It’s painful, but it’s necessary to move on and heal. However, what if your ex sees you looking better than ever after the breakup? That’s when you’ve been struck by the “ex-strike,” and it can be both satisfying and terrifying at the same time. In this article, we’ll discuss how to handle being ex-struck without losing your cool or falling back into old relationship patterns.

What is an “Ex-Strick”?

An ‘ex-strike’ happens when your former partner suddenly realizes what they lost by breaking things off with you and begins to notice all of the fantastic changes that have taken place in your life post-breakup.

It could happen on social media as they scroll past photos or posts where they see you looking happy, healthy ,or more accomplished than ever before – anything that might signal a new beginning for yourself while highlighting their own lack of progress ‚-‘but it could also occur in real life encounters.

That moment when they accidentally bump into you at the coffee shop downtown (cue awkward silence) )and realize just how much has changed since things came to an end can leave them feeling a little shell-shocked — hoping that maybe (just maybe) there’s still something between two people.

How do I Handle Being EX-struck?

Here are some tips and tricks for handling being ex-struck:

Take Time To Celebrate Yourself

One of the most important things any person can do right after coming out from under emotional upheaval caused by a break-up–– It‚Äôs taking time another look over themselves properly -†–‚-‘especially once those around us take note!Remember,you are not obligated always trying to make other people comfortable —remember why you came to the realization that it was time for this particular chapter of your life to conclude in first place

Avoid Contact

When you’re ex-struck, one of the worst things you can do is fall back into old relationship patterns. That means no booty calls or late-night text messages. In fact, it’s best to avoid contact altogether, at least until you’ve had some time to process everything.

It doesn’t mean that everything has reached an end here forever but any person who‚Äôs courageous and take control wholeheartedly…must acknowledge when a door as been completely closed after due deliberation then each individual shall move forward with grace ,respect and dignity

Maybe It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be

If they want you back or try to make contact don’t immediately disregard what happened before..Of course there were some reasons behind getting together in the first place— however–we’ve both already made choices since then so truly understanding why we wound up where we did takes priority over pointing fingertips or placing blame. While getting caught up could seem tempting initially- why not simply go with no pressure? Grab some coffee then openly have nonjudgmental conversation about where each of us see ourselves going next?

The fear isn’t necessarily calling them out on their flaws but uncovering how our actions contributed towards dynamics previously dysfunctional from open communication ‚‘to maybe even something simple like differing ideas surrounding family planning timelines …

Just remember if things happen again always trust your instinct! Don’t second-mind yourself- If you decide against giving them another chance,,that’s totally okay too!

Look Forward

Feeling good after a breakup should be all about rediscovering new parts of ourselves — different interests are being explored -having fresh experiences– perhaps building relationships outside previous normal circles..

This could also involve working towards certain career milestones; traveling somewhere breathtakingly unique probably by oneself or connecting with new personalities via social media or out and about!

Focus more on these activities versus getting caught up in the cat-and-mouse game of trying to win your ex back. Whether it was flattery {{}}or not — know your worth and keep pushing forward.


Remember, an ex-strike can feel like a punch to the stomach if you’re not prepared for it. But you don’t have to let it knock you down! Instead, take some time to celebrate yourself and avoid contact while also staying open-minded as well aware of past negative patterns without solely placing blame. Engage in fun self discovery that might lead out current circles but delivers added value towards own sense of purpose ‚Äì In this way when they do see us looking good —oh boy!!—¦—”we’ll be at our very best ,what we truly deserve ‚Äî happy, confident + empowered by having always put ourselves first!

It may be scary or exciting depending on how someone reflects upon interactions post-breakup however there is no need either buckling under pressure immediately while still reevaluating after honest introspection 🙂

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