Et scan pregnancy?

So, you’re pregnant and your doctor has recommended an et scan. What in the world is that? Don’t worry, amigos have got you covered.

A Brief Overview

An et scan is short for etopic pregnancy scan which helps doctors detect whether a fertilized egg has implanted outside of the uterus or not. This type of pregnancy can be life-threatening to women and requires immediate medical assistance.

How Does it Work?

Before we dive into how these scans are performed, let’s quickly go over what happens during a normal healthy pregnancy.

A fertilized egg travels through tubes towards the womb where it eventually implants. However, in some cases, this doesn’t happen and instead attaches to different areas like the fallopian tubes or ovaries causing severe complications or even death.

During an et scan (also known as ectopic ultrasound), sound waves penetrate your body creating detailed images where then your healthcare provider will determine if there’s any signs of ectopic implantation.

Why is it Important?

Now dass da real question! An undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy can cause serious health implications such as internal bleeding and damage to organs around infected area all while baby gets no proper nutrients — yikes!.

Early detection leads to a successful intervention with less invasive methods compared to later stage complications which might require surgery – HALLELUJAH for preventative measures!

When Do You Need One?

For most pregnancies they aren’t necessary however sometimes factors such as previous contraceptive methods w/ increased risk factor could lead experts recommend scheduling one early on for more accurate detection.

Here Are Some Reasons You Might Need One:

  • history of pelvic infection
  • multiple miscarriages
  • abdominal surgeries
  • IUD usage
  • fertility treatment ##(i.e., including IVF)
    – recent gestational diabetes diagnosis
  • age 35+

Regardless, If you’re experiencing severe abdominal pains or unusual bleeding please notify your healthcare provider immediately.

How to Prepare for an Et Scan?

To prepare yourself for an et scan there are a few things that ought not be taken lightly.

Wear comfortable clothes: This will allow you breathe more freely and make moving from task to task less difficult.

Empty Bladder: Getting rid of urine before entering the exam room allows minimizing intrusion on images captured by avoiding in-utero fluctuations.

During The Procedure

Before going into the procedure room, doctors typically would ask patients to change out of their clothes (don’t worry they supply a gown). At this time, they may also take blood samples trynna get readings before procedure commences. Once you’re fully prepped,
these are what happens next:

  1. Lie Down: Doctors lay patients flat on examination table taking careful consideration regarding back posture so movements aren’t restricted during ultrasound process.
  2. Gel Application: Ultrasound gel is applied where then transducer probe is placed directly atop it.
  3. Ultrasound Process Initiates: Image projection checks all possible locations within uterus while allowing easy adjustments throughout fetus imagery depending which method medical professional deems fit/mandated by medical facility (i.e.,abdominal vs vaginal)
  4. Doctor Analysis: Afterwards physicians review images gathered diagnosing whether ectopic implantation has occurred

Does It Hurt?

The process itself should feel noninvasive and painless as long as patient doesn’t have any pre-existing injuries or conditions e.g polycystic ovary syndrome which could cause some discomfort if anything.

What Happens Afterward?

Post-procedure mommy-prickman juice is provided w/t snacks accompanying naptime recovery period– OR – pending results physicians might direct you to an emergency facility for further direction.


An et scan can appear seem like a difficult procedure however, trust that it’s quick and painless completed by well trained professionals w/t emphasis on making sure mom/baby are safe from harm. Remember – prevention is key #BETTERSAFETHANSORRY!