Empower Yourself with Selfish Takers Quotes

Life is unfair, and you should not be afraid to take what you want. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and only the selfish takers succeed in it. Lamenting that it’s not fair will do no good for anyone. Instead, one needs to devise strategies that ensure success while keeping personal interests at the forefront.

Here are some of the most insightful quotes from successful individuals who have mastered this art of negotiation:

“I’m extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end” – Margaret Thatcher

One cannot deny that patience is a virtue; however, too much of anything can lead to complacency. If one wants something done their way, they must learn how to put their foot down firmly and communicate forcefully without coming off as rude or impolite.

Thatcher was well-known for her iron fist approach when dealing with matters of national importance. She knew precisely what she wanted and went ahead unapologetically until she achieved it.

If getting your desired outcome requires some measure of persistence by all means exercise it but never underestimate being assertive either.

“Money doesn’t talk; it swears” – Bob Dylan

In today’s world money talks more than ever before- whether we like its sounds or not! So don’t expect everyone else’s motives to be pure –less about collaboration more about competition mode on . With every interaction always consider what lies underneath –what drives them? What drives YOU?

When financial rewards are at stake BEWARE: alliances may only last so long after then turncoat could strike

Be savvy enough Don’t let yourself be caught flat-footed by taking everything at face value

“Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose…you WILL BE wiser.” – Winston Churchill

Often times our fear of consequences hinders us from realizing our fullest potential. We live in a time wherein every decision has the probability of leading to either success or failure.

Churchill advocates for taking risks and daring new frontiers even if failure is inevitable, saying it’s always going to be better than sinking into complacency.

Success follows those brave enough to take their chances –Have that Courage, baby!

“I’m sorry, if you were right I’d agree with you.” – Robin Williams

Most people dislike confrontation; we want everyone on good terms but let’s face it who are we kidding?!

Existing solely as a people pleaser will only serve others’ interests –so It would help to have your own back as well. Don’t forget: People often say things just because they can…and like this quote suggests They believe what they are saying is right while having no idea what they are talking about. So don’t waste your energy trying to reason with such folks- continue carving out your path towards success without swaying along with the tides . Remember — Don’t entertain nonsense!

“The hardest thing in life isn’t making money,’ It’s keeping it” – Unknown

Some folks just dangle/give/hand over everything at once -not word of advice: Trespassers will prosecuted
Always remember that once earned –keeping something organized requires more effort than obtaining said material items ever did!
Think twice before parting ways with everything all at once.

Here’re some key things-to-do:

  1. Budget accordingly
  2. Invest smartly
  3. Be Financial Literate

Another secret; save instead splurging (every now and then) lest one ends up more broken/ruined beyond repair than individuals perceived as adept or elitist.

Last Thoughts

The secret ingredient lies in remaining focused and staying committed when faced when obstacles/critics. Believing in yourself when everyone else has done your faith is key to realizing your greatness, finally unwillingness to bend-over just because the situation requires it demonstrates principle and that smart self-protection my friend!

Now go forth unapologetically and live for yourself!

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