Embrace Solitude: Inspiring ‘Better to Be Alone’ Quotes

Who doesn’t love their own company? (Well, let’s be honest, most people.) However, it is essential to accept the fact that embracing solitude can make us happier and more productive in life. So without further ado, here are some inspiring “better to be alone” quotes for those who need a push towards solitude.


Solitude is defined as being alone or remote from human activity. Some of us go after it like we run after ice cream trucks in summer, while others try their best to avoid it at all costs. But one thing’s for sure – alone time has significant benefits on our mental health and well-being.

For example, when you’re by yourself:

  • You get the chance to listen to your thoughts.
  • You can focus better without distraction.
  • You learn more about yourself than you do with other people.

In this article, I will share sixteen unique quotes that highlight the beauty of spending time alone.

Better Relations with Others

It may seem like loneliness breeds depression and malaise but Dr. Robert Heinlein, an exceptional APA speaker says that: “Solitude nurtures relationships”. By giving ourselves space away from others we have found unbecoming traits shocking which helps repair existing friendships (that were worth saving,) ensure new relationships are forged with healthier soil (see what I did there?,)

Another truth affirmed through Amelia Earheart’s words states, “Flying solo does not mean no friends.” She explains how each person should focus on holding themselves responsible for fulfilling personal happiness whilst still holding onto close ties from afar!

Self Improvement

Mahatma Gandhi once said; “In a gentle way you can shake the world.” His deep thoughts resonated strongly that when people escape distractions of constancy amongst humans they obtain clarity insight home truths are learnt tougher many opportunities arise allowing such gentle change occur.

Editor Chris Guillebeau also adds: “Solitude is a catalyst for innovation” and he couldn’t be more right. When you’re by yourself with privacy, this solace actually inspires creativity to surge all over; allowing room unleash personal imagination as well as hone craft.

Overcoming Fear

Many people believe that solitude worsens their phobias and anxiety – on the flip side of things Swedish actor Max von Sydow offered an inspiring insight through his quote: “Fearlessness comes from knowing that through solemnity anything can handle.” He felt we should know best how live our own truth relying instead keeping too much dependence outside influences (fearful ones or not!)

Always remember these words from Abraham Lincoln, who was known to have low moods but found it easy overcoming them within self-imposed isolation- “I never knew anyone’s mind so fertile as mine except in fearful dreams”.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth

“A date with oneself” couldn’t sound more refreshing once one understands the benefits according to travel blogger Peter Hoang “Spending quality time alone helps discovers inner peace.” Like Fyodor Dostoyevsky says; “The strongest person alive is the one who battles their loneliness everyday.” This experience enhances spirituality which conjures up beauty refinement whilst cultivating awareness natural surroundings.

Also for those seeking an escape Kathryn Hahn suggests going further than quick getaways (which might defeat purpose); instead of visiting nature reserves where there’s serene silence connect energy Earth

To sum it up:

The gift of Solitude should be embraced fully welcoming whatever adventure unfurls before your eyes. Rather than feeling must always endure pitiful torment imposed upon us gravitate fullest potential humans gifted freedom exploration individual commitment restoring balance finding confident footing again!


These quotes provide some wonderful insights to help embrace solitude while reaping incredible rewards in return! Remember not everyone appreciates time by self, but perhaps these quotes can help provide refreshing motivation to get started today!

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