Dragon Fruit Delight: Sip on Exotic Dragon Fruit Alcohol

If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your drinking game, then say no more; we’ve got the perfect solution! Why not try dragon fruit alcohol? Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s impossible because trust us, it exists. And once you taste this exotic concoction, there’s no going back.

Wait… what is dragon fruit?

Before we dive into the wonders of dragon fruit alcohol, let’s get one thing straight – what exactly is this mythical creature? Okay fine, maybe it’s not a sexual-trespassing breath monster from Westeros but hear us out.

Name Description
Other Names Pitaya or Strawberry Pear
Color of Pulp White or Pink flesh with Black Seeds (The Complete Nerd)
Flavor Profile Similar to Kiwifruit and Melon
Where can I find them in stores? US Based Wholefoods Market

Dragonfruit comes from “Cactus-Land” A.K.A South-East Asia where hot days will make you want jump in ice-cubes ahhh!!! It has pink skin that contains green scales (the skin is edible by-the-way) over white fleshy insides with tiny black seeds speckled throughout its soft meat. If Snow-White was ever stranded in a forest again i’m sure she’ll take an instant liking to these fruits(disclaimer: true love/kissing stories are highly unlikely).

How do they fit those dragons into such cute roundedness?

We know what you’re thinking – how can something so seemingly large be turned into liquid form without causing any harm ~~to said flying reptiles~~ ? The good news is that there’s no actual dragon involved here other than some producers calling it the name as ‘dragon drink’. All across Southeast Asia, the juice makers smash them together with sugar until they become a drinkable delight so you can inject yourself with all that prenatal goodness (like Vitamin C).

Why Dragon Fruit Alcohol?

“What’s wrong with traditional alcohol?” You might ask. Well,everyone drinks it and sometimes doesn’t remember their own name after.

Now this exotic fruit promises some perks like:

  • It has less sugar than most tropical fruits
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Can help slow down ageing
  • Hydrates better, making hangovers lesser likely.

If these aren’t enough reasons for you to sip on dragon fruit alcohol, then we don’t know what will.

3 Types of Dragon fruit booze

There are three types of dragon fruit booze in case one ain’t simply enough :


Dragonfruit wine is fermented from the pulp or “meat” of the actual flesh; your fancy-pants grape wine probably doesnt even have that kind of heritage.The taste brings out bright natural flavourings ranging from passionfruit to lychee notes pronounced against an acidic base. It perfects itself when slightly chilled and yes,you can get yourself drunk faster because alcohols just pour right through my reptilian scales. Be careful though; as they say too much egg roll automatically turns into ‘double cheeseburger’ for sure heads up!


We’re pretty sure bog-standard vodka does not use this pinkish-purple-y cactus-like pompom dragons inside but there’s no denying its powerful effect. Here comes forth a devilishly divine combination of sweet nectar mixed around stronger spirits which takes nothing less than average self-control/determination if sipping away carefully isn’t high on your agenda. Under strict supervision this liquor smoothly rotates between richness and tolerance ensuring consistent flavor quality every time.Vodka Dragons Roar!


Tequila may bring back traumatic memories outta stomach ache Tacos-night but hear us out : Dragonfruit with tequila could be your saving grace. It’s a refreshing blend of all natural flavors with a smoky kick, bringing heat to the otherwise cool fruit.Hello There,I’m Daddy Cool

So where do I get my hands on some Dragon Fruit Alcohol?

Since they’re grown and harvested mainly in Southeast Asia, finding dragon fruit alcohol might seem like an impossible task especially in post-Covid era. Unless you know how to multiply yourself a few times or maybe transport them through robotic chicken carriers ,the chances are high – that most likely than not,you’ll need online help.No time for selfies today folks,time to scroll and order.

Make sure you buy from respectable establishments so there’s no risk of any funny business going down.

Gaining access :

One go-to-spot for purchasing exotic fruits (and drinks) is Amazon though check if they sell it in your specific local area as sometimes only certain options can apply. Meanwhile World Market stores should also sell this mesmerizing booze;you’ll find them scattered across America whilst those living Abroad may want to obtain permits beforehand just so their love for these pink Meiguo Gwailos doesn’t come under suspicion/public execution.Thanks Covid! Anyway i’m off,

Whether you’ve decided on juice or vodka, tequila, and wine- there’s honestly nothing quite like unicorn-cactus nectar while uncorking weird conversations without including mythical quadrupeds.What more could anyone ask? Go try ’em out now.Remember to drink responsibly!

Dragonfruit Alcohols- Hardly harmless,really gorgeous.So don’t even think about missing out!