Down with the sickness drowning pool?

Ah, “Down with the Sickness” – a song that has been bringing metalheads into a frenzy since its release in 2000. But why does this particular track get all those horns up? Is it because of the heavy riffage, or perhaps it’s David Draiman’s signature grunt-sing style that makes you feel like you can take on anything life throws your way? Let’s delve deep and see what makes “Down with the Sickness” such an iconic track.

Introduction to Drowning Pool

Before we dive into how “Down with the Sickness” came about, let’s give some background on the band behind it: Drowning Pool. Formed in Dallas, Texas back in 1996, they skyrocketed to fame after releasing their debut album “Sinner” in 2001 which featured their hit single “Bodies” before disbanding and reforming several times due to various tragedies over time including changes within personnel.

Through their line-up shifts, they’ve recently made a resurgence under new management; aiming towards greater strengths through bigger productions and larger tours across America for live shows as well as remaining true to original fanbase members who haven’t forgotten what brought them there initially.

Creation of Down With The Sicknes

The creation of one of Drowning Pool’s most beloved tracks involved co-writing between Dave Williams (Drowning pool vocalist at start) , guitarist C.J. Pierce overseeing both music composition along bassist Stevie Benton developing lyrics together – cue applause!

With lead singer David Draiman later joining them in studio shortly after leaving his own vocal trifles while touring earlier that same year but fittingly coming home just days before heading down for work!

When asked about how he felt at initial listening session, Draiman was hesitant holding nothing back:

“At first I was pretty negative because…I’m used to extremely professionally mastered demos at the very least if not finished tracks so I wasn’t used to hearing rough scratchy things coming out of speakers. But, as I listened to it more and more I heard potential.”

With hard work paying off over time and evolution through live performing which only grew popularity after release; “Down With The Sickness” manifested into what we now know as a headbanging anthem with such a powerful opening riff it will send shivers down your spine.

The Iconic ‘Ow-ah-ah-ah’ Moment

Whether you’re a metalhead or not, there’s no denying that the most iconic moment in “Down with the Sickness” is when Draiman unleashes his signature grunt-sing yowl of “ow-a-ha-ha”
during the bridge. It’s become an almost instinctual response from crowds when performed at various events.

While this unique vocalization has been subject to much amusement and parody over time -the fact remains that Draiman managedto create something new by blending harsh singing styles without hurting himself or sacrificing range compared similar artists.

Furthermore, Drowning Pool’s entire plan needed precision timing with dynamics carefully building up earlier part song before inevitably letting loose during Dreimen’s contribution seconds later for maximum impact towards crowd interactions while playing live performances!

Some Background on Corpsegrinder (why mention him?)

Corpsegrinder Maddux of Cannibal Corpse who draws inspiration from classic bands like Exodus & Slayer influenced today’s metal scene atmosphere including Drummer Vinnie Paul also adding additional thick drum patterns giving flavor overall quality you hear within most Influential albums released around decades ago mentioning story about practice runs days riffs sounding better each session they have together!

Why Has ‘Down With The Sickness’ Stood Test Of Time?

The song itself features everything you could want from a metal track: crushing guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and intense vocals. But what sets it apart from other songs in the genre is its unique bridge featuring Draiman’s famous growl –

“It harnesses raw emotions not commonly found within within typical mainstream music Radio edits; so whilst being melodic overall providing the right balance needed between heavy hitting tunes as well something could be more universal”

Aside from that moment which still boasts intensity of nonstop crowds at venues big small throughout concerts nationally and worldwide tours.

Ultimately ‘Down With The Sickness’ has stayed relevant for almost 2 decades since release standing aside several eras of hard rock & metal core genres partially due to classic lyricism talking about feelings pain experiences common fan base member endures like family issues, self-doubt, struggle depression etc.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of generic metal tracks but “Down with the Sickness” manages to stand out through sheer production quality alone- making this track one worth checking out


All hail the power of “Down with the Sickness”! Even though it’s been over two decades since its initial release, there’s no denying how much influence it continues to have on modern-day heavy music.

With powerful riffs and vocals that demand your attention even during times when song may seem less popular among mainstream listeners who haven’t delved too deeply into harder genres personally – once experienced by die-hard fans attending live performances uptil newly interested ones discovering old classics such as ‘Sinner’, you’ll find yourself singing along while headbanging frantically all evening!

Whether you’re looking for a new tune to add to your workout playlist or simply want to fuel that inner rage monster inside of yourself – we recommend giving Drowning Pool’s iconic track a listen!

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