Double urethra male?

As medical conditions go, double urethra is not a common occurrence in males. This phenomenon happens when the penis has two distinct urine channels instead of one. In simpler terms, it means that a man has double plumbing down there (yes, you heard that right!).

While the concept may sound bizarre and downright alarming to some people, having a double urethra male does not necessarily equate to any negative health implications. However, like with any other medical condition found outside mainstream medicine’s norm, having two pee holes can raise questions on how it affects daily living.

Intrigued? Keep reading as we delve further into the world of double urethras- where men aim twice!

Understanding Double Urethral Tract

So what exactly causes this rare ailment? A majority of cases reported are attributed to Congenital Abnormalities – meaning they occur due to irregular developmental processes before birth. These variations lead to duplicated reproductive organs within males or even incomplete formation.

It’s also worth noting that certain genetic syndromes like Epispadias play a role in causing this condition too. Talking about epispadias; affected males present with an abnormal openings position which can impact urinary continence (that’s fancy for “holding your pee”) . Essentially making you feel like every trip to the toilet requires military-level logistics planning.

Furthermore, once detected, finding out whether you have single or multiple pathways demands several diagnostic mechanisms..Depending on factors such as severity and complexity among others,your clinician may recommend cystoscopy,tomography , imaging tests plus intake/bowel movement monitoring .

On an upbeat note though,it’s highly possible for patients born with doubled channels situation alongside genital defects /on their skin mole,muscles,bones/ from congenital disorders.Most treatments for these singular conditions are viewed as highly successful.

Double Urethra and its Impact on Sexual Functioning

We would like to address an elephant in the room here; Do men with two pee holes have different sex lives than those without? The answer is both yes and no- Allow us to elaborate further.

While the condition may seem bothersome at first, double urethra males can still engage in normal sexual activities. However, matters of fertility could be another issue altogether. According to urologists at leading medical facilities like Johns Hopkins Hospitals ,double urinary tracts “could cause obstructing abnormalities that affect ejaculation”.

The resulting problems could lead to poor sperm production or even retrograde ejaculation meaning semen is expelled back into urine instead of out the penis. But thanks to advancements in reproductive technology, IVF is available should it come down pushing baby carriages . All you need would then be a willing partner and good saving plan (keep reading for detailed cost breakdowns).

Nonetheless,living with this ailment does not necessarily mean your love life must take a bow,this pairs well if we take note most erectile functioning happens through local nerve signaling rather than using recourses pulled from medulla oblongata whereby TWO urethras’ seldomly offer dual sensations during orgasm…

Treatment Options Available For Patient Cures?

Surgeries being one solution – And for better or worse,there’s more than one way of skinning this cat! With technique adopted varying depending on nature/ complexity , severity / location,and especially size of diaphragm separating pathway alongside sphincters attaching each pipe among other several factors considered too .

For minor symptoms,latrogenic care steps forward such as prophylactic antibiotic use throughout intravesical instrumentation combined by close monitoring with passive observation once done.The idea behind all these options centered around repairs aimed towards restoring any impaired drainage systems under watchful guidance provided always responding properly to treatment.

Average Cost Of Diagnosis And Treatment of Double Urethra

Similar to most medical procedures with differing variables, the cost aspect depends on which hospital you settle with plus location accounting for other contingencies like severity / nature among others.

Apart from initial testing fees, a few surgical techniques can be adopted but most require health insurance coverage (we don’t even want to imagine living without one).Below lies provided estimates in $s should you opt not insured .

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Ultrasound: $200 — $1000
  • Cystoscopy: $750-$5000
  • Pelvic MRI:$300 -$6000
  • Contrast CT:$200-$800

Note: The estimates above do not take into account any additional consultation fees that may apply during diagnosis phase

Medical Treatments and Surgeries

Several surgical options ranging from minor incisions around lower regions caused by scar tissue accumulation,scheduling replacing transplantation work( epispadias patients) or even repositioning sphincter complexes ,skin graft under anastomotic technique depending cases amongst other measures suggested via specialist recommendations whenever necessary.Obviously these will convey different price points than others but averages show -:

  1. Minor Surgical Remedies:
    i. Excision Biopsy :$600
    ii.Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor(TURBT):$120–680
  2. Major Surgery For Reconstructive Purposes :
    i.Peyer’s patches reconstruction typically go between ($7K)$27K USD as per research conducted by John Hopkins Hospital.
  3. In-Vitro Fertilization Services:
    Approximately between >$7k−32k+USD

  4. Note: The costs listed only provide estimated pricings and are subject to vary depending on various factors including state and county policies governing healthcare standards

Complexity of Diagnosis and Treatment

It thus goes without saying that double urethra male patients could potentially endure a lengthy procedure in seeking diagnosis & subsequent treatment, with most opting for referral to specialized doctors for more extensive testing.However ,patients are advised against panic but instead urged to consider inclusive discussion(s) with their service providers should queries arise concerning distinct features/complications arising from procedures done on them . Nonetheless there remain hope whenever you’re out there wanting to air your second urinary channel

Double Urethra- Rare But Has Its Upsides!

Now that we have acquainted ourselves enough regarding the uncommon ailment: Double Uretha ,it’s clear that despite being rare,it does not have significant bearing on affecting sexual potency or impacting negatively reproductive functionality.

And even though diagnosis and treatments might come at a hefty cost in certain cases-life immediately after being diagnosed as a double urinating system comes along with several surprises. For starters, having two holes reduces long queues by half when visiting public restrooms(less lines!)Furthermore when quizzed by friends about how he is able to visit washroom quickly,Cobus Scholtz,”I feel like the world was telling me ‘you can pee twice as much!”.

All things considered, no matter which route one chooses between surgical interventions,routine checkups,follow-up sessions among others ;There certainly exists light ahead of what seems at onset an incredibly difficult health condition.”Double trouble” may sound alarming but experience from those afflicted rares are finding fun attributes too it’s almost apart from treating the bizarre noise emanating while relieving oneself – life sure feels “doubly complete”.

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