Double the Love: 2 Girls Holding Hands

Whoever said that human beings are complicated sure knows what they’re talking about. They say we have six billion people on earth, but I can assure you that every one of them has a unique story to tell. From heartbreaks to finding love, each person’s journey is different from the other.

This article explores the romance and magic behind double love from two women holding hands or simply – lesbianism.

The Beauty of Same-Sex Relationships

Despite years of societal pressure defining conventions into milestones for humans – time-hopped! Today, same-sex relationships are becoming more common than ever before with couples boldly stepping out hand in hand celebrating their love publicly!

More power to them – Walk it girl Sistah Sisterhood is Cute!

Lesbianism represents those who would like to be themselves and find solace without being scrutinized over whom they choose as lovers? Do they even care about these criticisms anyway?

Meet Lena, she was born and raised in Kollam, Kerala – an Indian state located along its southwestern coast where homosexuality remains criminalized despite progressive strides across India. It’s amusing how a repressive society couldn’t stop her from exploring her sexuality at twenty-four years old. Meet Mary; by nightfall there always seemed enough characters around, however under ordinary circumstances she preferred snuggling reading writing versus running times callus on pub-crawl sometimes ending up shoes slammed purchase sale swap party-to-party somewhere picking fights defending girls’ visions due usually during free-style rap battles or poetry slam sessions nevertheless punching your words while still high; either or both ways mundane activities often cause black grazes when headed own misguided pathways against shoebox papercuts at any typical every day communes activities mimicking American teenagers- but this wasn’t Paris Hilton,she could only wish oh-wee-wow!

They met at college sharing common interests such as music festivals, reading, artistic expressions like poetry and pretty much everything else in between. They clicked almost instantly, you know that feeling when it seems the universe actually conspired to bring soul-mates– well this felt just like it!

Love Knows No Boundaries!

Two girls holding hands somehow seem like a deviation from normality for those who forget that love knows no boundaries. Sexual orientation has no bearing on how genuine relationships can be.

Lena finally awakened to her reality; stopped pretending by hiding under the covers wholly herself with Mary whom she loved without condition or too many questions – no pulling up images of ex-boyfriends to prove she is straight; Mary didn’t need proof anyway after all love trumps everything!

The Struggles

It’s been two years since Lena outed herself as gay but still carries guilt since siblings won’t even acknowledge friends countenancing her let alone their own baby sister thinking exactly what family insists—she should look for some random guy to settle down with kids maybe forget ever having explorative stuff unlike latest version of mocha Starbucks cream served once annually during Instagram fetishist food fair events – perfect moment if needed introspection.

Mary has never had any problems exploring her sexuality and was not interested in being tied down by close-minded people so she decided distance would shield her happiness while pursuing goals.

For both parties compromised privacy in fear of rejection from society/stigma attached which renders them vulnerable living secret lives together while still wanting more than steamy weekend ‘retreatments!’ Revealing themselves completely especially now wouldn’t be popular given closet status quo deterring public displays intimacy believed tolerated albeit rather provincial dogmatic narrow irrational edict brokenheartedly welcoming sincerity about who they are..

Regardless? As Lennon said “all we are saying is give peace a chance” likewise true hearts refuse remaining hidden forever pursued ultimately revealing itself evidently surmounting challenges negating superficial societal values placing foot insistently reality

It’s Not All About Sex!

The general assumption is that lesbian relationships are all about sex, but this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Like any other relationship between two people who genuinely love each other has widely diverse attributes which come naturally for companionship especially when common goals align.

Surely there must be others like Lena and Mary out there surrounded by prejudices whose experiences could be liberating to hear? Imagine how easily they’ll flock to us; stories probably as productive and uplifting as theirs would never get told altogether thanks in part due critically flawed society interpretation eliminating impact proven detrimental diversity itself…We see you,welcome!


Everyone deserves a chance at true love regardless of where it comes from or what gender their partner identifies with. Two girls holding hands does not threaten societies nor hurt anyone irrespective of prejudice, unrealistic expectations & societal abuse perverting its moral fiber eventually legitimizing unnatural intolerance endangering humanity—it’s wrong whoever tries propagating the same thought process should accept they fall under one category “ignorant.” Let’s celebrate double the love because Love indeed knows no boundaries!