Doterra tennis elbow blend?

Are you a tennis enthusiast? Are you tired of being sidelined with tennis elbow? Look no further! Doterra has the perfect solution for your needs – THE DOTERRA TENNIS ELBOW BLEND!

This article will serve as your definitive guide to everything about the Doterra blend, from what it is, how it works, and how to use it. We’ll also talk about why we think this is the best product on the market!

What Is Tennis Elbow?

In case you’re not familiar with tennis elbow (which makes me wonder what kind of non-athletic lifestyle one lives), let’s get a brief overview before delving into details.

Tennis elbow refers to pain in the outer portion of your forearm. It generally occurs due to overuse or repetitive strain injury caused by activities like playing tennis or other racquet sports, painting, typing on keyboards or using screwdrivers.

The condition affects athletes and non-athletes equally causing various degrees of discomfort that can worsen if left untreated. Symptoms include soreness in muscles and tendons surrounding the elbow and difficulty gripping objects.

Now that you know what tennis elbow is let’s take a closer look at The Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend.

What is The Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend?

Essentially, The Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend consists of six essential oils that have been carefully combined based on their observed therapeutic effects: Wintergreen Leaf Oil, Camphor Bark Oil, Peppermint Plant Oilosso_Oil.png , Ylang Ylang Flower Oiloily_theshit.png , Helichrysum Flower Oilsolo_bestoil_inthegame.pgn , Blue Tansy Flower/Leaf oillyeaaaaaaaaahhboooyyy_wootwoott.jpg .

These six essential oils work together to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Joint and muscle pain relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased range of motion
  • Pain reduction

It’s important to note that all six oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). This means they have been rigorously tested for purity, potency, and consistency. When your health is on the line, less than pure isn’t going to cut it!

How Does The Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend Work?

The beauty of this blend is in its simplicity. Each oil works at a cellular level by penetrating your skin or muscles through inhalation, massage or topical application.

Below we’ll explore each individual ingredient in greater detail so that you can get an idea of how this blend actually provides pain relief.

Wintergreen Leaf Oil

Wintergreen leaf oil is one seriously potent substance! It contains a high percentage of methyl salicylate which acts as a natural painkiller. In addition to its analgesic properties, wintergreen oil has anti-inflammatory ingredients too.

When applied topically (in carrier oil), wintergreen leaf oil penetrates deeply into tissue providing relief from both soreness and inflammation related to tennis elbow symptoms.

Camphor Bark Oil

Camphor bark has been used for centuries due its anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for soothing joint-related ailments like tennis elbow. Inhaling camphor production via vapours reduces swelling while increasing mobility around affected areas joints thereby promoting faster recovery times post-injury.

In our blended form, Camphor’s effectiveness as an analgesic combined with cooling/minty-expansive sensations produced when rubbed thoroughly into forearm provides welcome comfort after long hours practicing groundstrokes increasingly straining your articulation excessively even leading up-to competition day if not new measures taken amid high-stress training periods taking toll leading up-to any grand-slam or other events.

Peppermint Plant Oil

Peppermint oil is included in our blend for various reasons, and the most important one being its cooling effect; eases muscle spasms while providing an invigorating effect. The natural menthol present in peppermint induces a refreshing sense of clarity enhancing mental focus too!

Additionally, because it has pain-relieving properties similar to wintergreen leaf oil, users will benefit from enhanced relief which can only occur when it’s combined with other powerful essential oils found within The Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend product.

Ylang-Ylang Flower Oil

Ylang-ylang flower essential oil accelerates healing by promoting cell division and repairing damaged tissue with its antibacterial/antifungal activity (which is amazing given that injury associated skin or inflammation risks haunts any tennis practice court). Its distinct floral-fruity aroma plays a prominent role in balancing mood swings related to anxiety disorders popular among athletes and experienced during competitions/post-workout recuperation sessions.

The soothing fragrance promotes relaxation thereby aiding users get better sleep whilst enabling them wake up charged-up ready for morning exercise/yoga routine optimised through increased flexibility heavily reliant on robust elbow joint function! (OH NO my flow got lost somewhere between chemical processes bridging sport preparation routines lmao ).

Helichrysum Flower Oil

This plant species hailing from southern Europe contains wide range of active components incl both anti-inflammatory as well antioxidant compounds used extensively worldwide treats injuries caused traumas accidents etc. Tennis elbow victims prone unbearable discomfort are no exception and they can reap massive benefits when this Elemi-rich extract spiced w/anti-inflammatories/aromatic profiles ease soreness close t oelbow region. Significantly reducing swelling occurring around tendons that connect forearm muscles grip tool tip club when practicing!!

Given features described above about helichrysum blended into The Doterra Tennis Elbow formula makes simple but effective remedy for tennis elbow that could turn wanna-be john mcenroe into record-breaking champions.

Blue Tansy Flower/Leaf Oil

Blue Tansy Flower (Tanacetum Annuum) has gained attention in recent years as it holds a high percentage of chamazulene, a chemical compound that demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity.

Apart from managing pain, swollen tendons can be calmed by the plant’s delicate and floral aroma. The blue hue makes it unique!

How To Use The Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend?

Like all things worth doing, this takes some work on your end. But we guarantee you that these few steps are well worth the time and effort when dealing with tennis elbow!

Here is how to use Doterra Tennis Elbow Blend effectively:

  1. Begin by washing your affected area with warm water; pat dry
  2. Apply 4-6 drops combination blend onto clean palms
  3. Gently massage around sore armpit region in circular motion starting w/passive strokes then gradually go harder once rub-in oil begins permeating.
  4. Leave overnight to ensure maximum absorption

It’s imperative not to apply too much pressure or rub violently over inflamed region even during recovery period which prevents further scarring/friction injury due excessive tension.

  • Always perform an allergy test before using mixture for safety/maintenance reasons.
  • If pregnant/new-borns/sick- make sure consult with professional medical advice.

## Final Thoughts

Tennis elbow is no match against Doterra Tennis Elbow blends! This powerful formulation can provide fast relief from chronic pain caused by repetitive strain injuries like those pesky ones elicited via volleyball spikes/thundersome ace serves rising-and-falling baseline rallies frequently encountered hyperbolic force rear-leg-pushing associated upper-limb stressors unbearable /wrist rotation strains originating wrist snap acceleration needed if indeed keen on amassing records out on the court.

After a few applications, tennis elbow may be a thing of the past – allowing for full immersion back into your preferred sport and goals!

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