Doterra immortelle before and after?

Are you tired of trying out skincare products that promise the world, but leave your skin feeling like a wrinkly old prune? Well, look no further because I have discovered the holy grail of anti-aging – Doterra Immortelle. In this hilarious article, we’ll take a closer look at the before and after effects of using this magical potion.

What Is Doterra Immortelle?

Before diving into its miraculous benefits, let’s get to know what it is. Essentially, Doterra Immortelle is an essential oil blend made from some pretty impressive ingredients such as frankincense resins, rose petals and sandalwood amongst others. This powerful concoction promises to reduce wrinkles, boost collagen production and overall rejuvenate dull-looking skin.

How Does It Work?

How could something so small pack such a punch? Well first off – don’t let its size fool you! A little goes a long way with this product due to its concentration level. Not only does it contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin but also promotes healthy blood flow which brings life back into your complexion.

My Initial Skepticism

To be honest with y’all for a second – I was very skeptical about giving Doterra Immortelle a try since there were countless Internet trolls swearing by it left right & center (and trust me when I say those guys would swear by anything). As much as deep down inside I hoped their claims were indeed true…I couldn’t bring myself to fully commit without seeing actual results.

But alas! Little did I know that once I finally did bite the bullet…I found myself thanking those trolls for saving my face from becoming lizard-like in texture.

The Time Has Come For Some Real Evidence

Let’s dive straight into how using Doterra Immortelle has changed my skin game for the better. After 2 months of religious usage here are some pretty impressive changes I’ve noticed:

Bye-Bye Wrinkles & Fine Lines

I know you might be thinking this is purely an optical illusion but trust me when I say even deep-set wrinkles have no chance against Doterra Immortelle‘s magic powers. My forehead wrinkles specifically have eased up significantly and don’t look nearly as prominent as before.

So Long, Dull Complexion!

Say goodbye to days of slathering on foundation to hide a lackluster complexion because after using Doterra Immortelle, my overall skin tone looks much more radiant and vibrant! No longer do I shy away from makeup-free selfies since there’s nothing to hide anymore.

Redness Be Gone

For those with sensitive skin like myself who constantly gets red splotches randomly popping up everywhere – Yes! You heard it right, Doterra Immortelle helps significantly reduce the appearance of redness thanks to different plant oils that soothe bothersome inflammation naturally.

Coconut oil may cause blackheads (oh no!), shouldn’t apply in or on mucous membranes or areas with thinner layer epidermis.

The Little Things Are What Matters Too

In addition to its visible benefits within just two months – what makes me even happier is the fact that other minor issues such as dryness around my nose and rough patches along my cheekbones also disappeared without any extra prep work required. With obsessive-compulsive hand washing due to Covid-19 leaving our hands bone-dry…this potion worked its magic on them too by keeping them moisturized all day long which was a pleasant surprise!

Final Thoughts?

Well, folks! If anything at all can convince you about how useful Doterra immortelle is then it’s probably just knowing how happy your wallet will be – you heard that right, a two months supply comes at an extremely affordable price!

I hope this article got you laughing as much as it has helped your skin. When the wrinkles start creeping in and cold cream isn’t doing the trick… know what to do 😉

Remember ladies (& gents), only use high-quality essential oils such as Doterra Immortelle on your skin because just like fish oil supplements, using low-grade or synthetic oils could ruin allthe benefits for you. Until next time….may your ageing process be fun-filled & fabulously hilarious!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice; consult with professional before self-diagnose or treat any specific condition. Essential oils are meant to complement – not substitute – standard treatments prescribed by healthcare providers. Be mindful of allergies and individual tolerance levels especially when applying topically through diffusers/diffuser necklaces/room sprays etcetera!

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