Doterra essential oil supplement?

Are you tired of feeling like a walking pharmacy with all your over-the-counter supplements? Want to spice up your health regimen and try something new? Look no further than Doterra essential oil supplement – the answer to all your household needs, whether it’s aiding digestion or brightening up your mood.

What is Doterra Essential Oil?

Essential oils have been around for centuries, but if you haven’t tried them yet, allow me to enlighten you. Essentially (pun intended), they are highly concentrated oils derived from plants which contain various therapeutic properties and fragrances. They can be used both aromatically and topically depending on the desired effect.

In the case of Doterra essential oils, their products are pure and extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing guaranteeing only natural ingredients in every bottle produced.

The Benefits of Using Doterra Essential Oil Supplements

From headaches to acne breakouts, there seems to be an endless list of ailments that doterra helps treat. Here are just a few benefits:

1) Improved Skin Health

Whether it’s alleviating eczema symptoms by adding tea tree oil drops into your lotion or smoothing out wrinkles using frankincense oil as part of skincare routine, improving skin health has never felt better.

2) Mood Enhancement

Feeling down in the dumps lately? Boosting up one’s spirit by diffusing Lemon oil around house proves effective not just for scent alone but also help uplift moods at home!

3) Respiratory Help

A runny nose calls for eucalyptus drops added into vaporizer conveys much needed relief during those days where bathroom tissues feel all too little absorbent!

These benefits barely scratch the surface when it comes utilizing dottera essentials oils as an alternative source for optimal well-being! Trust us when we say: you won’t regret this purchase.

The Different Types of Doterra Essential Oils

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all in health supplements. With the wide variety of dottera essential oils available, it’s important to find the right one(s) that will work best with your specific needs! Here’s a rundown of some popular products:

1) Lavender Oil

Most well-known benefit includes using its calming properties for peaceful sleep. But more importantly: added benefits include reducing anxiety and easing headaches!

2) Peppermint Oil

Commonly known for relief from digestive issues such as bloating or constipation.

3) Copaiba oil

A lesser-known addition into already trusted family; but this tropical product provides comfort and healthy digestion levels whilst being diffused through aromatic use!

These are just three examples – definitely not an extensive list either! Find out what works best for your lifestyle by talking to friends who swear by them, experimenting until comfortable or even observing response rates via online forums – don’t knock it til you try it (it could be life-changing!).

How to Use Doterra Essential Oil Supplements

Once you’ve found the perfect blend suited to your lifestyle, learning how to apply/use them may seem like a task. Fear not- we have got you covered!


This method involves using a diffuser emitting therapeutic fragrance throughout air around us allowing constant exposure enough go about treating certain ailments depending on scent chosen.

Recommended amount?

Can vary largely depending on size/make of type used – thus highly advisable too carefully read instructions provided within purchased package prior diffusion usage!

Some prefer starting with four drops citrus additions but spicier blends tip at two drop mark only – experiment and observe effects over time which quantity suits personal preferences and response histories.


Essential oils can also be applied directly onto skin (rarely starting with size of a quarter) allowing for the right absorbance rates to take effect. Some oils do require carrier oil such as coconut notes mixed in small bowl beforehand which enables even more effective results!


Picking and choosing what products can make its way into body’s system via oral type use (introduced by healthcare practitioner’s advice only, mind you!). Careful labeling reminder ensues recommend usage guidance lest misunderstanding usage guidelines eventually lead down dangerous paths.


By no means are we suggesting throwing out all those over-the-counter essentials – just don’t underestimate the potential benefits Doterra essential oil supplements have to offer! After giving it a chance, there is potential that they could be your new saving grace – like Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar or Harry Potter’s wand. Trust us: colds will feel less daunting after lemon tea tree drops; headaches won’t last long following lavender scents and your roommates may act nicer thanks frankincense transforms domestic spaces!

So put away supplement bottles in cupboard; coat wrists lightly combined blends or diffuse tropical mixes during late night study sessions – whatever technique chosen: one thing rings true, utilizing dottera essential oils provides an unspoken sense of ease synonymous with luxury life-affirming essence often overlooked daily routine considerations. Don’t wait until sore throat persists longer needed- enjoy using alternative options until expending other vital resources on first resort treatments!

Thank goodness for Doterra Essential Oil Supplements: “Transform lives by adding pure natural aroma extracts from plants native environment assisting optimal wellbeing levels embracing lifelong vitality choices!”

As read within their website offered summaries… if that doesn’t convince folks to try these amazing fragrances nothing else ever will!

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