Doterra ashwagandha?

All hail ashwagandha, the ayurvedic herb that’s been known to help people in a myriad of ways. This queen promotes good health, reduces stress, aids weight loss and has plenty more up her sleeve! Don’t believe us? Just ask Doterra’s ashwagandha oil.

We know what you’re thinking- “Wait…what? Ashwa…who?” Take a seat my friend because we’re about to deep dive into this magical herb with some added hilarity.

What is Ashwagandha?

Ash-whyt now? We hear you loud and clear. Welcome to the land of ayurveda friends, where everything sounds like someone put their face on a keyboard.

To give credit where it’s due – it means “the smell of horse”!! Yeah right…thanks for nothing Sanskrit!

Jokes aside though, ashwagandha is an Indian plant that’s all about balancing your body out aka adaptogenic (you can use this word later when bragging at drinks). It contains active constituents called glycowithanolides which helps combat our old nemesis – stress by calming down those pesky hormones cortisol and adrenaline in turn helping anxiety levels decrease woohoo seriously these are good things…not even joking!

Ashwanghanda also encourages better sleep patterns making sure your mind isn’t running around wildly trying to relive every embarrassing moment from 5th grade while simultaneously praying Mother Nature forgot how periods work! PMS be gone! Which leads us on very nicely onto its next cool feature – hormonal balance!

Hormonal Balance

If there was ever a metaphor for life itself – it would be hormone imbalances amirite ladies!? Mood swings one minute but then staying vegative pizza with no cheese convinced Adele personally wrote ‘Hello’ just for you.

The good news? Ashwagandha is here too help! It supports healthy thyroid function and encourages hormone balance. This means that it helps your body reduce prolactin levels, and can even aid in increasing testosterone production (yes, this herb isn’t just for our ladies).

In short; ashwagandha is a miracle worker when it comes to making sure all those sneaky little hormonal influencers aren’t ruining the skin we’ve been spending COVID-lockdown trying to maintain – Thank you Doterra come through!

Weight Loss

Now let’s talk about what everyone wants to chat about but no-one admits right away…We know weight loss can be hard work but Doterra’s ashwagandha oil may help change that around tosses hair like a Pantene Ad.

It gives holistic support by helping control stress eating urges and stabilizing blood sugar levels. It also has cortisol-reducing power which decreases abdominal fat deposition Yeassss

Gone are the days of tempting office snacks being downed while screaming free training wheels across zoom calls..well maybe not entirely but we believe this queen herb will make life easier one BMI at a time slow clap

Immune System Support

With coronavirus still knocking on doors left, right, center and entire family reunions – You might want some immune system support…Doterra delivers yet again.

Ashwagandha contains key nutrients such as withanolides & sterols which promote strong immunity against environmental toxins..Holy mother giving us energy Mr MIYAGI style – Yes pleaseeee #Protectthishouse

Moreover; It provides antimicrobial functions so if there’s any foreign bacteria or viruses wandering around unchecked they’re going have another thing coming! Your body becomes an MRI defense system ready for whatever the world throws its way cue Avengers theme song here

Brain Clarity

It’s time to throw away that second coffee jar on your desk because ashwagandha here helps with our brain clarity (and not just for remembering you have a dentist appointment).

Ashwanghanda improves cognitive ability by being a natural stress reducer and nourishing the nervous system which leads to better coordination, concentration and focus hands up in prayer mode.

Doterra Ashwagandha Usage & Dosage

So now we’ve sorted your entire body’s health out (you can thank us later) but let’s get down ‘n’ dirty into how this wonder herb functions!

Doterra provides 60 capsules of veggie-friendly capsules already ready for consumption. Each capsule comprises of 500 mg ashwagandha root extract – Yes, that much power is held within these little bodies! Scientific woohoo

We’d recommend taking around two daily before meals with water or make tea out of it (but honestly imagine drinking Ponies’ sweat laughs in Sanskrit) No – We jest if tea floats your boat then go ahead but don’t say we didn’t warn you about Fido’s armpit odor! #JustSayin’

For maximum support; take Dottera ashwangdaha continuously for at least eight weeks and witness the magic unfold.


In conclusion, people unite; let us emit positive vibes to Dotterra as they provide not only some teasy tongue-twister herbs names but also life-changing gummies. Their mission is simple; providing quality plant-based products while helping customers improve their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Now sit-back relax chuckle along savouring each moment knowing that guaranteed-with-doterra-ashwandgha are mental calmness, hormonal balance…No..Not Brendon Urie levels energy , weight management(because who needs food when you’re relaxed!), strong immune system aka iron-man-ish qualities + greater cognitive capabilities to take on whatever life throws at us cue superhero music

You can thank us anytime!

Peace and Happy Vibes,
Doterra’s Ashwagandha Amigos!

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