Doing nothing all day make you tired?

Have you ever felt lethargic after doing absolutely nothing all day? Does it feel like lying on the couch, binge-watching your favorite show for hours on end drains more energy than running a marathon? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then worry not! We have all been there. But the question is: does doing nothing really make us tired? Let’s take a closer look.

The Myth vs Reality

Some say that if we don’t exert ourselves physically or mentally, our body and brain start to rust away. But this might not be entirely true. Doing nothing can indeed cause boredom and restlessness, but fatigue isn’t always because of lack of action.

Contrary to popular belief (or should I say myth), our bodies require adequate rest time for optimal functioning. This includes relaxation and idle periods during the day when we do not engage in any physical activity actively.

Our brain needs breaks too! Our mental health directly influences our physical wellbeing; thus taking short naps or having casual conversations with friends are vital components that help relax your mind muscles.

So nope! Doing nothing doesn’t necessarily make us feel drowsy as compared to those long workdays where by 5 pm making it home seems impossible due to sheer exhaustion (ugh!)

Why Do We Feel Tired After Staying In?

Now one could argue how come laying in bed watching TV makes me feel exhausted; well mate let me ask YOU something:

When was the last time you were so invested in a series as soon as quarantine hit??

Hard-hitting questions apart (sorry about that), bouts of laziness often result from excessive screen exposure such as social media scrolling internet surfing video streaming etc., which can overstimulate your senses causing headaches without keeping track of time spent online.

On contrary, napping or engaging in non-screen activities facilitates dopamine release in the brain. Our body’s natural “feel-good” chemical is produced without overstimulation supporting lowered stress levels reducing inflammation one of the primary causes behind fatigue (Wowzers!)

How to Combat Tiredness

No need to fret if you’ve been excessively lethargic lately a few changes can refresh both your mind and body; follow through! Optimizing such routines helps keep energy levels stable throughout the day.

Quick Nap Times

Short and sweet power nap sessions can work wonders! Take 20 minutes out of your busy routine at some point during your day it could be post-lunch or mid-work time whenever but make sure it’s not longer than 30 minutes as quality sleep after lunch hours lets you digest food properly so that productivity doesn’t suffer covering up lost morning task progress (Yay multitasking)!

Limiting Screen Time

We’re all guilty of scrolling through social media profiles endlessly which eventually leads to eye strain headaches sleeping disorders hypertension weight gain, etcetera etcetera (The list goes on..). However, staying away from electronics for an hour daily or setting weekly limits on usage timings help eliminate dependency helping improve attention span cognitive abilities and relaxation starting unattended leisure conversations helps too turning interactions into negotiations learning novel skills hence decreasing anxiety overall invoking good mental health status making everything seem more refreshing rested N revitalised!(Aeroplane rhyme what??)

Now don’t go cancelling those Netflix subscriptions just yet relax things are under control.

Engaging In Activities That Relax You

Keep yourself occupied with non-electronic items – this includes reading painting gardening exercising meditating taking care of literally anything serves a purpose long walks deep breathing exercises going out shopping anything works really one has no shortage of possibilities look around ! Get creative with self-entertainment give yourself mini-challenges (no chores allowed) and see for yourself how refreshing boredom can help you break through that rut allowing natural creativity to fuel instead.

Balancing Your Diet

Last but certainly not least a good diet is key. Don’t forget (“write it down in your notes app RIGHT NOW!) maintaining the right amounts of iron B12 riboflavin complex carbohydrates and Omega-3 fatty acids. Lack of these essential nutrients often leads to low energy levels tiresome daily routine heart palpitations headaches mood swings leading up to bigger mental problems which could have been avoided so save yourselves – take care!

To Wrap It Up

So does doing nothing all day make us feel tired? No, it’s not like we’re fighting Obesity Epidemic or something! We do need regular breaks from constant work pressure screen exposure overindulgence whenever needed if anything lethargy is our body’s way of warning us towards those undesired patterns.

After all One must learn some pre-requisites before embarking on this legendary path – CR shall be given only when applied sensibly implementing every aspect aiding as an expected outcome, thus ensuring wholesome wellbeing hereby increasing productivity happiness ultimately both mental stability overall physical health.

So let’s get out there and counteract that couch potato syndrome while indulging in healthy lifestyle choices. The resting time between activities plays an equally crucial role for optimal functioning; hence the key takeaway here: walk away from devices at times; imagine simpler scenarios sometimes just relaxing taking things slow rejuvenates N renews energies preparing one more efficiently managing broad landscape challenges life throws at ya!

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